BP and climate cartoon of the day

From Joel Pett, of Lexington Herald Leader and the Cartoonist Group:

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6 Responses to BP and climate cartoon of the day

  1. Chris Goodman says:

    So this is funny but what annoys me is that it was Transoceanic operating their drilling rig (and, from anecdotal evidence, other rigs also) with it’s alarms inhibited. But I guess it’s easier to bash BP…

  2. rpauli says:

    Western industrial civilization seems to have a problem with warning signs leading up to man made disasters. After-the-catastrophe hearings point out that we consistently flaunt safety, ignore clear danger signals and once into the danger condition we are too slow to react.

    There are too many examples: let’s start with the Titanic which ignored fog, icebergs and radio warnings, then the space shuttle Challenger that ignored engineer warnings of O-ring failure, then we blame operator error and bad instruments at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, more ignoring radar and diplomatic advice before Pearl Harbor, overlooking direct CIA warnings days before 9-11, poor engineering and delayed rescue at hurricane Katrina…each disaster has a lesson if we want to learn from it. We seem to learn half and forget quickly.

    I will point to the success of the aviation industry that reacts immediately to fix problems. There is a great process there that could be emulated with global warming.

    We seem to have this attitude of “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” There is a monstrously big torpedo this time.

    With bigger risks – human survival- we should apply bigger safety and system respect.

    It is all lessons. Lessons not learned will be repeated, until we learn or die.

  3. Dave E says:

    #2 Great comment!

  4. MADurstewitz says:

    I worked for more than a decade in aerospace and defense. The aviation industry has come a long way, but it doesn’t have clean hands. Many, many crashes took place that were caused by bad design and poor maintenance because it was cheaper to run the risk of the lawsuit than do the proper maintenance. Many, many crashes took place that were the result of ignored warning by engineers, maintenance crews, etc.

    The problem is more one of large, profit-driven corporations doing whatever they can to maximize profits, than the sins of s single industry.

  5. Kenneth Larsen says:

    This illustrates a Western industrial example of the same pattern that Jared Diamond, in “Collapse,” recounts again and again among the Mayans, Easter Islanders, the Norse in Greenland, the Anasazi in the American Southwest, et. al.. Only now the reach of Western industrial culture is global in scope….

  6. Roger says:

    Great cartoon amd superb comments, rpauli, and others!

    As I’ve said before, we are in big trouble. Why? Because we have evolved to pay attention to visibly urgent threats. It is only through repeated bad experience that we’ve learned to better protect ourselves from harm. Need I say more? (Strike #1.)

    Let’s suppose we get a second pitch. OK, following repeated bad experience, we train people to watch for certain hard-to-see threats in order to be better protected. In the current situation these people would be called ‘climate scientists.’ So, we are ignoring the 98% of them who say we have a serious problem on our hands. (Strike #2.)

    There are too many strike 3s to list, but Nature doesn’t really give you a second or third chance anyway, except in the case of a miracle.

    So, pray for a miracle, and/or, for more concrete steps, visit GWEN at Then follow the links to our new, extremely popular petition to President Obama, asking him to “Please Educate and Lead on Climate Change” (please sign), and/or to our planned “White House Work Party” in WDC on October 10th (please come). We’ll be encouraging President Obama to re-install President Carter’s solar panels on the White House–among other actions to make the First Family green!

    Our fight to preserve a livable climate for ourselves, our kids, and for generations to come, is a huge one, with tremendous odds against winning. Yet it is a fight well worth our effort–a fight to end all fights! So, please sign our petition, and RSVP “yes” to our invitation to come to Washington on ten ten ten. Everyone’s participation helps!