Granholm: Limbaughs attacks on American-made electric vehicles are ˜un-American

This is a Think Progress cross post.

Last Friday, President Obama visited General Motors and Chrysler plants in Detroit, MI to resoundingly reaffirm the administration’s decision last year “to rescue the ailing auto industry.” While visiting the GM plant, the President test drove Chevrolet’s highly touted electric car, the Volt. In anticipation of Obama’s visit to Detroit, hate radio host Rush Limbaugh launched a campaign to deride Chevrolet’s electric vehicle, attacking “everything from the federal bailout of Chevy’s parent General Motors Corp. to the supposed superiority complex of people who would buy electric or hybrid cars.”

At a Center for American Progress event yesterday entitled “Securing Michigan’s Clean Energy Future,” Think Progress spoke with Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) about Limbaugh’s high-handed criticisms of the Chevy Volt. Granholm “” a passionate advocate of clean energy as an avenue of job growth and economic revitalization “” said Limbaugh’s claims are “just un-American.” She also pointed out that the Volt is a “‘good’ new story” and GM has successfully paid back its loans to the public:

Q: And we know you’ve had the disaster in the Gulf, you’ve had an oil spill in your own state. You know, you guys are doing a lot in making these investments in batteries and in new care. And here you have people like Rush Limbaugh, come out and say that the Volt is an “overpriced lemon.” What do you say to critics?

GRANHOLM: It’s just un-American. I can’t believe that somebody would say this about this American product. He hasn’t even driven it. He hasn’t sat in it. You know, why wouldn’t you be supportive of American manufacturers building American vehicles with American workers, who now have jobs as a result of this. Why wouldn’t you be supportive of that? It is mind-blowing to me. And of course, the public is getting paid back. You know, GM has paid back the loan “” the bottom line is, is this is a “good” news story, and somebody who would twist it to be something negative obviously has another agenda. Which we all know he does.

Watch it:

During his vitriolic attack on the Volt last week, Limbaugh announced “with no small amount of pride that he turned down General Motors’ lucrative offer to continue advertising for the company because his strong principles would not allow him to recommend to people the Chevy Volt.” Last year, however, the hate radio host was singing quite a different tune. As Media Matter notes, when GM’s advertising dollars began flowing to his network in April 2009, Limbaugh eagerly endorsed the auto company’s payment protection plan despite lambasting GM only weeks earlier.

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  1. Secular Analist says:

    Ooops. don’t play the jobs card. GM and Chrysler killed thousands of dealerships and fired thousands of workers. Pontiac, Saturn etc hummer

  2. Colorado Bob says:

    Boom here’s that number –

    Russian heatwave kills 5,000 as fires rage out of control
    Russia’s devastating summer heatwave has cost almost 5,000 lives, according to officials who conceded yesterday that the state was struggling to gain control over the worst wildfires in decades.

    Next up ……… the electrical grid begins to fail.

  3. Mark says:

    And isn’t it a sorry state affairs, deplorable actually, that this man’s nonsense has so much influence in the United States Senate and The President and Whitehouse staff, who whether they want to admit it or not, are, by doing nothing, in effect, agreeing with Limbaugh on climate change.

    that nothing must be done.

    His opinion is clearly more important, more influential, in the halls of the powerful, than the all of the thousands of hours of painstaking research and analysis by the world’s best in the field.

  4. Mark Shapiro says:

    Folks can’t be told too often that Limbaugh and his ilk are selling fear and hatred, with a side of lies.

    It is legal to sell fear and hatred, and very profitable, and probably fun. But it’s important for people to know what he’s selling — and it’s vile stuff, indeed.

  5. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    Limbaugh will not be happy until the US is a third world country, until every last dollar has been sent to countries that hate the US to buy the last drop of oil.

    Say what you will, but world oil production has not noticeably increased for the last five years. The peaked oil fields are so much larger and more productive than the new discoveries.

    Oil can be used to power agriculture and provide the fertiliser or oil can be used to power cars. There will not be enough for both.

  6. Colorado Bob says:

    BBC – Pakistan floods ‘hit 14m people’
    This will be the biggest disaster in the history of Pakistan”

    General Nadeem Ahmed National Disaster Management Authority

  7. Colorado Bob says:

    Islamabad, PK (Airport)

    Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 93 °F .

    Thunderstorm. Partly Cloudy. High: 111 °F

    Chance of a Thunderstorm. Partly Cloudy. High: 114 °F

    Chance of a Thunderstorm. Overcast. High: 113 °F

    Scattered Clouds. High: 107 °F .

    ” Get ready little lady, hell is coming to breakfast ”
    Lone Watie

  8. Colorado Bob says:

    The State Historical Museum, on Red Square was forced to close because it couldn’t stop its smoke detectors from going off.

  9. Nick Palmer says:

    How many people here think that people like Limbaugh truly believe what they say – or do some believe that, in their heart of hearts they know that what they are saying is malicious destructive propaganda. In short – do they know if they are lying or are they self deluded?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised but I am because Limbaugh could legitimately argue that the entry price of the Chevy Volt is a real loser. He resorts to hysterics and emotional tripe when the game he should be playing is with the numbers.

    Even with the federal subsidy ($7500 IIRC) you would be better off buying a $16K honda civic and realize the savings right now. Having saved nearly $20K you can invest in one of those battery companies in Michigan and pay for the civic in 30 years.

  11. BB says:

    Didn’t GM pay back this loan using some of the other billions the government gave them (in exchange for company stock — a majority stake). I’m assuming they want to pay back the rest of it, or have the gov’t sell its share back to the public…

    But I think that just flatly stating that “GM paid back its loans to the public” is a little misleading or semantic, and conveys that they are even-steven with regard to public money.

    Also…with regards to the Volt…Isn’t “40-miles per day” also a threshold line for qualifying for much-cheaper auto insurance?

  12. Colorado Bob says:

    “40-miles per day” also a threshold line for qualifying for much-cheaper auto insurance?

    See average American commuting distance.

  13. Colorado Bob says:

    The Canadian and Polish embassies have started evacuating their family members from Moscow as thick smoke from wildfires blanketed almost the entire city. The embassies started the evacuation on Friday after Russia’s Surgeon General advised those who can to leave the city, Xinhua reported citing
    the Business Special Report Russia magazine.

    A top environment agency in Moscow said the air quality was so bad that “walking outside without a mask is equivalent to smoking two packets of cigarettes a day”.

  14. John Mason says:

    Limbaugh is a traitor, not just to the American people but to all of Humanity.

    Cheers – John

  15. villabolo says:

    John Mason says:
    August 7, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Limbaugh is a traitor, not just to the American people but to all of Humanity.

    ;) You bring the beer and pretzels, I’ll bring the rope. :D

  16. Hector says:

    Great post above Richard C. You’ll find that a lot of that oil is still in the ecosystem in underground plumes, and under the sand, not to mention the destruction the released methane has caused. But obviously, if you can’t see it in a couple of photos in the Daily Mail, then it isn’t there.

  17. Jim Groom says:

    Limbaugh and most who agree with him have a great problem accepting the future. As much as most of us would like to return to simpler times, they actually did not exist as in our minds, it is impossible. Irrational fears of the future, what it means and how we will fit into it accomplish little or nothing. Limbaugh takes it further by demonizing that which he fears and in so doing hopes to suspend the march of time. He will ultimately fail as all such as he have always done. In his case it is taking decades, which speaks volumes about the state of America and a portion of its citizens.

  18. Glenn Magus Harvey says:

    Limbaugh is about as bad as Pigma Dengar when it comes to loyalty to a cause.

  19. At #10 anonymous, the discussion is lifted to a meaningful level. The economic viability of the plan for the Volt is a serious question.

    Also, there is some real basis for concern that American tastes in vehicles leads to high rate of energy consumption, and design of the Volt caters to that American taste, perhaps more than GM would like us to think.

    GM does of course have to sell cars, and they know how to do it. Making a car that people do not like is quite pointless. But we might hope that the Volt evolves into something that actually consumes less energy.

  20. geotrick says:

    Please stop giving any thing that comes out of his corporate backed mouth any attention; you just give him credibility. He is just a distraction.

  21. ToddInNorway says:

    Limbaugh has admitted long-term abuse of prescription pain killers. His brain is mostly likely damaged and or his cognitive ability significantly degraded, and he should be declared legally incompetent and removed from public life both for our benefit and his.