Climate Progress is back up

Apologies for the loss of service overnight.  The primary storage system at our Virginia datacenter failed.  CAP’s IT folks worked all night with our storage provider, so kudos to them.  Steps will be taken to prevent this from happening again.  Thanks for your patience!

6 Responses to Climate Progress is back up

  1. Everett Smith says:

    We figured there was a brown out from failed wind turbines.

  2. Larry Coleman says:

    What a relief! I thought a conspiracy of Inhofe, Barton, Beck and Limbaugh had taken you down.

  3. Chris says:

    The tubes were clogged with sludge from the oil spill. It’s amazing the places it will foul up.

  4. Joe,

    Thought maybe the WattsUpHisButters had broken in & absconded with your private emails. But then, those cretins are still busy stabbing each other with pickforks & stumbling over their tar-buckets.

    Glad to see you back underway.


  5. Bravo and deep bows of gratitude to CAP’s IT folks and your storage provider! Late last night we’d wondered what had happened, and we’re really glad it wasn’t a more serious technical problem or meltdown. Climate Progress is a daily must-read — essential for our planetary health and well-being.

  6. richard pauli says:

    A fair time and short duration.

    I would prefer to assign blame… but I guess that eventually everything fails… we should prepare to fail gracefully. Might be a nice time to plan contingencies to adapt and mitigate. You might find it easy to setup a notice page that would automatically display when needed, would minimize speculation. You might seek advice from an information architect.