Federal, state, and local leaders unite against Prop 23

Guest blogger Jorge Madrid is a CAP Research Associate.

No to Proposition 23!“Go home Texas oil companies!” exclaimed Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at a No on 23 rally this week.  He joins numerous prominent California elected leaders in denouncing the dirty air initiative, including Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, US Senator Dianne Feinstein, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, and current and former speakers of the California State Assembly: John Perez and Karen Bass.

Individual cities are also displaying bold leadership and uniting against Proposition 23 – like the Sacramento city council who this week voted unanimously to oppose the November ballot initiative, calling it “a false choice between economy and the environment.”  The city council hailed the California’s landmark environmental policy (AB 32) as an economic driver for the city, generating $4.7 million in investments that will “save the city money, improve local air quality and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Our nations’ appointed federal leaders have also come forward to express their concern about Proposition 23, and implore Californians to vote no.  These include Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who holds a Nobel Prize in physics and calls the measure a “terrible setback” for California’s clean energy leadership.  Likewise federal EPA Administrator Jared Blumenfeld has urged Californians to vote against the measure, stating that the passage of Prop. 23 would send a “terrible and false” message to the rest of the country by linking climate change mitigation legislation with a poor economy.

A rare alliance of numerous federal, state, and local leaders have come together to oppose proposition 23.  Voters will ultimately decide the fate of the November 4th ballot initiative – but in addition to voting no, and taking action, Californians can also encourage their local city councils and leaders to take a bold stand against this harmful dirty air initiative.

— Jorge Madrid

Here are five things you can do to win this fight:

  1. Visit the “No on 23″³ website, learn the facts & sign up:
  2. Educate yourself on how California’s climate & energy laws have created companies & jobs:
  3. Tell your friends by email, on Facebook, at work, & everywhere else.
  4. Participate in the debate. Write letters to the editor and post comments on blogs & websites.
  5. Contribute (click here). The other side’s leader, right-wing California Assemblyman Dan Logue, has publicly said he expects the oil companies to spend $50 million.

2 Responses to Federal, state, and local leaders unite against Prop 23

  1. BillD says:

    With so much negative political news on the environment, it’s great to see some positive action. I hope that the Californians and people from the rest of the country come to realize that much of the advertising against taking action on Climate change is being funded by the fossil fuels lobby, especially big oil.