Right wing freaks out over Tea Party tracking effort

Tea party extremists backed by Big Oil and corporate polluters want to stop and then reverse all efforts to advance clean energy or avoid catastrophic global warming (see “New Yorker exposes Koch brothers“).

It is crucial that their self-destructive ideas and plans be made as widely known as possible, if we are to have any chance of preserving the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren and countless future generations (see, for instance, Ohio Tea Party survey to candidates: “The regulation of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God and not government and I oppose all measures of Cap and Trade as well as the teaching of global warming theory in our schools”).

While the right wing supports monitoring the activities of pretty much everybody all the time, even the most private activities, they can’t stand it when progressives merely hold up their own wacky ideas for everybody to see.  Think Progress has the amazing story:

Just before Glenn Beck’s “non-political” tea party rally on the National Mall less than two weeks ago, the NAACP “” in collaboration with ThinkProgress, Media Matters, and New Left Media “” launched a site called Consistent with the NAACP’s stated desire to expose the intolerant elements of the tea party, the new site will aggregate and filter content produced by its partners that is related to the core mission of holding the tea parties accountable.

The tea party tracking site has spawned a conspiratorial fit from the right wing. The conservative blog Gateway Pundit sees the effort as a “smear” against the right. Glenn Beck’s new site cautions, “Tea Partiers beware “” the NAACP is watching you.” This morning on Fox & Friends, contributor Andrew Napolitano said that because Glenn Beck has assembled “the largest political gathering in the past 40 years,” “suddenly, the left is worried.”

Appearing on CNBC to discuss the CAPAF-sponsored Clean Energy Summit, John Podesta was asked about the tea party tracking effort by conservative host Joe Kernen. Podesta responded, “What we’re trying to do is just really focus on the facts, talk to people, see what they’re for. “¦ We want to have an open dialogue.” Referring to Fox News, he added, “There shouldn’t just be one source of information about the tea parties coming from one of your network rivals.” Watch a compilation:

As frequent readers of our site are well aware, tracking the tea party movement is not something “new” for ThinkProgress. We’ve been monitoring the growth of angry right-wing activism, prior to when it was calling itself the “tea parties.”

This new TeaPartyTracker site will simply aggregate the content that ThinkProgress is already producing. As I explained to the Daily Caller and the Washington Post last week, ThinkProgress will continue to do what it has always done. We aren’t changing our focus or receiving any new resources for this specific effort. We’ll simply produce the content we always have, and the NAACP will select pieces of it that they feel deserve more attention.

Astroturf corporate front groups are already planning a response in reaction to our efforts to hold the tea parties more accountable. FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe said his organization will roll out “Diverse Tea,” a campaign that will showcase diversity in the Tea Party movement, sometime this week or early next week. “The idea is to create a platform for African-American Tea Party leaders, Hispanic Tea Party leaders and Jewish Tea Party leaders to get out there and talk about why they’re involved and why these issues matter so much to them,” Kibbe said.

Update: Fox also called the Tea Party Tracker site a “sneaky new campaign” by “left-leaning media” to “paint” tea party “as racists.”

Featured Comment:  Lynnehs says: “So let me get this straight. The Tea Partiers go out in public doing protests and demonstrations designed to attract public attention. And now they are upset that while they are out in public trying to drum up attention, other people are paying them the attention they so desperately crave. Does that about sum it up?”

I like this “Featured Comment” feature.  I may try it here.

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18 Responses to Right wing freaks out over Tea Party tracking effort

  1. catman306 says:

    The Tea Party is a resurrection of the Know Nothings for our Information Age. That reminds me of a little billboard in front of a church seen many years ago: “The man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

    Know nothings of the Information Age who stand for nothing and will fall for anything. Programable humanoid robots.. Who would do that to fellow human beings?

  2. Koch = big oil
    Koch = tea party
    tea party = big oil
    Get the word out.

  3. Ben Lieberman says:

    It’s time to track all politicians for their views and even more so for their action or inaction in fighting climate change.

  4. Peter says:

    Something interesting from MarketWatch
    Owned by Newscorp

    “The Earth Doesn’t Care If You Drive a Hybrid!” Or recycle. Or eat organic food. Or live in a green house powered by solar energy. Or squander commodities. The Earth just doesn’t care how much you waste.

    Was that a cover story in Mother Earth News? Or The Onion? No folks, it was the cover story in the elite American Scholar Journal by Nobel physicist Robert B. Laughlin of Stanford University. I bring it to your attention because in today’s resurgence of Know-Nothing party politics few care what scholars say about anything.

    But you better care. Laughlin pinpoints the key reason a global crisis is coming soon: What he says has everything to do with America’s global warming policies, our deficits, hot commodities, investment strategies and how to live in an age of increasing warfare.

  5. mike roddy says:

    The time is right for a boycott of Koch Industries by setting up tables outside big box consumer outlets and asking shoppers to refrain from buying products from the Koch’s Georgia Pacific subsidiary. Their value is from brand recognition, so boycotting Brawny, Stainmaster, Dixie Cups, Lycra, GP truss joists (containing formaldeyde) would land a blow.

    Koch paid $21 billion for GP in 2005, and the common thread for both companies is to sell products made from the destruction of pristine environments- Tar Sands oil for the Kochs, and boreal forests in the case of GP (not to mention both companies’ heavy use of carcinogenic industrial chemicals).

    Free canvas shopping bags would be passed out emblazoned with the corporate logos, along with satirical portraits of the Kochs. Inside the bags would be background information on both firms.

    It’s time to get out in the streets. The media is too timid, and not enough of us read blogs like this one.

    Ideas or funding can be directed to me at All contributors’ checks will be made out to suppliers of canvas bags, printed materials, gas for the van, and related hard costs.

  6. cervantes says:

    Yeah, they get all bent out of shape when people simply repeat what they say. Weird.

  7. Lore says:

    quote cervantes: “Yeah, they get all bent out of shape when people simply repeat what they say. Weird.”

    That’s because what they say is really only meant for each other. Bogus conspiracies usually only make sense to those inclined to listen and believe in those conspiracies. Sixty five years ago a whole nation of people in the middle of Europe were convinced by their leaders of their innate superiority over others.

    Of course what they hope is that everyone outside of their circle will fall in love with their same beliefs and ideology and are quickly surprised when they find out that they don’t. After all, one man’s pleasure is often another man’s pain. Standing on a street corner and shouting out the sermon everyone enjoyed hearing at your local church on Sunday may get you hauled away.

  8. DRT says:

    With apologies to Neil Young

    Tea soldiers and Palin coming
    not in it for you and me
    This party, it has been payed for
    by the Koch industries

    Tea soilders and Palin coming
    not on there own really
    Koch brothers are doing the funding
    trying to by the country

    Time to know all about it
    Koch brothers are funding it all
    Spreading their money around
    how can you vote for them
    knowing they’re running it all
    Let’s all boycott brawny

    Time to know all about it
    Koch brothers are funding it all
    Spreading their money around
    now that you know this
    you can have some thoughts of your own
    not the ones they have for you

    Tea soldiers and Palin coming
    not in it for you and me
    This season there’ll be some voting
    Don’t vote for tea party

    mo momomo money money
    money from Koch Indtustries
    mo momomo money money
    trying to buy the county

  9. Rupbrecht St. John Smythe IV says:

    The Tea Drinkers are absolutley crazy. As everyone that pays attention can see, they are racist ideologues bent on tking us back to the 1950s when Big Polluters had free reign to poison our children.

  10. Dan B says:


    When the culture says it clearly, and it goes viral, the culture will change.



  11. _Flin_ says:

    What exactly are you expecting from people who think that all one has to know has been written in a book that was finished 1800 years ago and received the final edit in 397 in Carthage? And since it says in Luke 11:23 “Whoever is not with me is against me” they have every right to Ezekiel 25:17 all of
    – the infidels (oh, sry, must be heathens)
    – progressives
    – Mexicans (illegal ones, of course)
    – Muslims
    – French
    – Vegetarians
    – Bicycleriders

    Or people who dare obstructing their heavenly mission to ventriloquate everyone scrupulous enough to capitalize on the Sunday Flock.

  12. _Flin_ says:

    Sorry for doubleposting, of course that should have been unscrupulous.

  13. Raul M. says:

    ventriloquate everyone?
    I thought the trend was to become evermore
    exclusive. As in the important thing is that
    homo sapians evolved. Is that to say that
    evolution is a main stream premise. Or only
    to point to exclusivity. I think that to
    ventriloquate would be to rely on exclusivity.

  14. GregWHoward says:

    This Twitter account consists of only “retweets” of these right wing freaks. Read their own words (if you have the stomach for it): http://

  15. Anonymous says:

    Folks, the Tea Party has little to do with climate change, so I’m not sure why people here are even talking about it. Fundamentally, it’s about a vast, silent American tribe who has come to feel under-represented and even threatened in their own country. This is a 100% predictable reaction to many of the forces at work in American society for the past 50 years, which have had one general aim: to decrease the power of the white majority. There is an effort to make the Tea Party PC, but that kind of defeats their purpose.

    When you see stories like this you realize just how dangerous the current political climate is in the US, and how easily it could tip over into revolution and civil war. These are primitive, visceral political forces which understandably terrify certain segments of the globalist elite, but again, it has little to do with climate change.

  16. Leif says:

    #15, …”but again, it has little to do with climate change.” Quite the contrary, it has everything to do with climate change. The science is strong, the prognoses of inaction is dire. If a large segment of society feels unrepresented by reality then that segment has a responsibility to learn the facts and join the battle for the continued survival of humanity and Earth’s life support systems, If sustainable solutions jeopardize the status quo, so be it. Reality bites and it cares not if you believe in it or that pigs can fly.

  17. Mike#22 says:

    ..”Folks, the Tea Party has little to do with climate change”

    The only way a construct like the Tea Party can exist is if a) you have a large number of people who are too DKE’d to recognize that everything they are being told about American politics and Global Warming is BS and b) there are the people who are cynical enough to wind them up.

  18. Northeast Elizabeth says:

    The NAACP admitted last night that the only objectionable thing they’ve seen at a Tea Party rally was a single t-shirt, probably worn by a left-wing plant. So much for the Tea Party Tracker. It’ll get as much attention as the Coffee Party.

    But you be sure to keep up trying to whip people into a frenzy about the Koch brothers. Yeah, them Koch brothers is what’s on everybody’s minds. Concerned moms sorting out the bills on the kitchen table are thinking about the Koch brothers. If you want the Democrats to sweep the elections — and by sweep I mean get all 100 Senate seats and all 535 House seat, even the ones not up for election — just get some college kids to walk around with t-shirts with the word “Koch” on them. That’ll do the trick!