Attack of the climate zombies!

Anti-science syndrome goes viral within the GOP

securedownload[1]They mindlessly deny the science of climate change….
And if they win, humanity loses.

R L Miller is tracking Climate Zombies:  Every Republican candidate for House, Senate, and Governor who claims that global warming is a hoax, doubts the science of climate change, and wants a new Dark Ages for America.

Below are extended excerpts of two posts, with permission, from her Daily Kos diary.  See also Diagnosing a victim of anti-science syndrome (ASS).

After researching the causes of temperature fluctuations on earth, I found the largest factor to be the sun. The earth’s orbit changes. Also the earth’s spin and axis change over time. When areas of the earth are closer to the sun, the temperature is hotter and when they are further away, cooler. The sun also has more activity at times and less at other times. They have been able to map out large changes in the earth’s temperature over time to the sun. Times with no polar ice caps have corresponded to times when we were closer to the sun. Ice ages have corresponded to times when we were further from the sun. We should not punish the people of the United States financially by legislating on pseudo-science that has not been proven.

That’s no ordinary tea partier.  That’s a candidate for Congress.  And she’s not alone.

Meet the Climate Zombies.

A couple of weeks ago, the Wonk Room had a story: Every GOP NH Senate candidate is a global warming denier.  At a candidates’ forum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, “all said man-made global warming hasn’t been proven.”

The epidemic next appeared in New Mexico, where all three Republican candidates for Congress, and the GOP candidate for governor, all denied the existence of man-made climate change.  The candidates for Congress gave waffling, but cool answers on a questionnaire, but subsequent digging revealed that all flatly deny the science.

Intrigued, I began to poke around other states.  Virtually all Republicans criticize what they call “cap and tax” as too expensive, but how many actually deny the reality of climate change science?  How many have been infected…?

A lot.  A real lot.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

I started with two states whose candidates for Senator have made headlines for their statements on climate.

In Alaska, Joe Miller, running for Senate, attributes warming to “cyclical warming patterns.”  So does Don Young, incumbent Representative, which he derides as the “biggest scam since the Teapot Dome.”  Governor Sean Parnell, running for reelection, hasn’t said anything, although he dislikes polar bear protection.

In Wisconsin, Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01) confuses climate and snowstorms; candidate Chad Lee (WI-02) dismisses “junk science”; candidate Dan Sebring (WI-04) speaks of “the fraud of cap and trade”; and Rep. Jim Sensebrenner (WI-05) praises “Climategate” for raising “legitimate questions.”  Only Rep. Tom Petri (WI-06) may be reasonable. (I don’t have information regarding climate-related positions of a number of Republicans running in WI-03, WI-07, and WI-08, and for WI-Gov, all facing a primary Sept. 14.)

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin’s GOP challenger to Senator Russ Feingold famously blames sunspots for climate change: “I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change,” Johnson said. “It’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination.”

What of other states?  eKos leader extraordinaire Patrickz checked out Oklahoma. John Sullivan (OK-01) complains about fraudulent data; James Lankford (OK-05) complains about the global warming myth; by contrast, Charles Thompson (OK-02), Frank Lucas (OK-03), and Tom Cole (OK-04) merely complain about the cost of cap and trade.  Mary Fallin (OK-Gov) thinks global warming is caused by nuclear attacks.  Tom Coburn (Ok-Sen) considers human-caused climate change to be malarkey.  By contrast, James Inhofe (OK-Sen) is a paradigm of reason.  One of these statements is false.

Does the virus only spread from Senate candidates?  I turned my attention, randomly, to Arizona. Sadly, the Grand Canyon State is completely overrun with Climate Zombies.

Trent Franks (AZ-02) has yet to see clear and convincing evidence that global warming exists; Ben Quayle (AZ-03) states that the planet has warmed and cooled since the beginning of time; Janet Contreras (AZ-04) believes that the science has been called into serious question; Jeff Flake (AZ-06) identifies himself as a skeptic; and Ruth McClung (AZ-07) is tied with Wisconsin’s Johnson in the Stoopid Contest for her comment, above, regarding earth spin.  I don’t have quotes from Paul Gosar (AZ-01) or David Schweikert (AZ-05) yet, but the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity will be pouring money into their races.  Jesse Kelly (AZ-08) founded the Arizona Tea Party, so is presumed zombiefied.  Scorecard: five out of eight GOP candidates have gone on record as doubting the science, and the other three probably will.

Gov. Jan Brewer has been silent on the subject of climate, apparently because zombies can only be killed by becoming headless.

Is Senator John McCain transmogrifying into a Climate Zombie?  Long a self-proclaimed maverick who sponsored climate bills, he now tells the Arizona Republic that “there are dramatic environmental changes happening in the arctic region — whether one believes they are man-made or natural.”  Uh, Senator?  Suddenly the cause of change is in doubt?

In conclusion: We sampled four states with a total of 22 Representatives, 3 gubernatorial candidates (excluding WI), and 3 Senators up for reelection.  Four Representatives (OK-02, OK-03, OK-04,600px-Zmobie.svg[1]and WI-06) seem to accept the reality of climate science, if not the solution; two (AZ-01, AZ-05) have been silent to date; three (WI-03, WI-07, and WI-08) haven’t been selected yet; and thirteen express skepticism/hostility. Of the three candidates for governor, one is openly hostile and two are silent.  Of the three candidates for Senate, two are openly hostile and the third is John McCain.

Climate zombies are now the Republican party norm.

This past summer, climate peacocks like Lisa Murkowski succeeded in killing the Kerry-Lieberman bill by preening their sincerely held, beautifully articulated concerns about the horrors of climate while simultaneously refusing to find solutions.  Those peacocks are going the way of the polar bear.  Instead, climate zombies like Joe Miller mindlessly replicate.  If you listen carefully, you can hear them moan: “caaaash!” Or maybe they cry “kooooch!”

Climate Zombies in IA, MO, UT, VT, and WA

First, a brief note on why.  During the Bush years, most Republican politicians ducked questions on climate change, professed a desire to do something vague and unspecified about energy independence, and derided cap-and-trade.  Only a few, led by James Inhofe (R-River in Egypt), openly mocked science.  The emergence of the American Taliban has changed that.  The respected science journal Nature, in a piece entitled Science Scorned:

Denialism over global warming has become a scientific cause c©l¨bre within the movement. Limbaugh, for instance, who has told his listeners that “science has become a home for displaced socialists and communists”, has called climate-change science “the biggest scam in the history of the world”. The Tea Party’s leanings encompass religious opposition to Darwinian evolution and to stem-cell and embryo research “” which Beck has equated with eugenics. The movement is also averse to science-based regulation, which it sees as an excuse for intrusive government. Under the administration of George W. Bush, science in policy had already taken knocks from both neglect and ideology. Yet President Barack Obama’s promise to “restore science to its rightful place” seems to have linked science to liberal politics, making it even more of a target of the right.

US citizens face economic problems that are all too real, and the country’s future crucially depends on education, science and technology as it faces increasing competition from China and other emerging science powers. Last month’s recall of hundreds of millions of US eggs because of the risk of salmonella poisoning, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, are timely reminders of why the US government needs to serve the people better by developing and enforcing improved science-based regulations. Yet the public often buys into anti-science, anti-regulation agendas that are orchestrated by business interests and their sponsored think tanks and front groups.

So how infected … is the GOP?  Last installment looked at AK, AZ, NM, NH, OK, and WI.  This time, five smaller states throughout the country.

Climate Zombies in the Heartland

Senator Chuck Grassley has waffled, but sounds infected:

“But the scientific aspect that I still reserving judgment on is the extent to which it’s manmade or natural. And it’s reasonable, considering that there’s at least a natural factor in it, because historically, and you can go to the core drillings in the glaciers to get proof of this, that we’ve had decades and decades, and maybe even centuries of periods of time when there’s been a tremendous rise in temperature, and then a tremendous fall in temperature. And all you’ve got to do is look at the little ice age of the mid-last millennia as an example. And so we’ve got to single out what’s natural and what’s manmade before you can make policy.”

Or, in English: Huh?

Rep. Steve King (IA-05) considers global warming a “fraud” and a “modern rain dance.”  Rep. Candidate Brad Zaun (IA-03), a Gingrich protege, was caught on video questioning global warming.

So far, candidate Ben Lange (IA-01) and incumbent Tom Latham (IA-04) have simply complained about the cost of “cap and tax.”  I haven’t found them questioning the science.  Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02) seems to be quiet on the subject.  Yesterday she told the Des Moines Register editorial board that “the ability of biofuels to compete in the future depends on what happens with the price of oil,” which tells me that she has no sense of the massive subsidies already extended to the fossil fuel industry. And I don’t have information on candidate for governor Terry Branstad; governors seem to speak less than Congressional candidates on this subject.

Semi-final score: three Climate Zombies, four unknowns.

Show Me Climate Zombies

Incumbent Todd Akin (MO-02) thinks “climate change” is what happens from winter to spring. Candidate Ed Martin (MO-03) devotes part of his website to bashing “global warming hucksters.”  Candidate Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) tweets about the “hoax” of a “beautiful global warming day.” Candidate Jacob Turk (MO-05) trashes “global warming extremists” and “false science” on his website. Incumbent Jo Ann Emerson (MO-08) has been complaining about “junk science” since 2000.  And Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-09) has drafted, in his own words, a bill that “would prohibit U.S. contributions to the IPCC, which is nothing more than a group of U.N. bureaucrats that supports man-made claims on global warming that many scientists disagree with.”

I haven’t found any specific statement by Robyn Hamlin, candidate in MO-01, but she’s a Campaign for Liberty organizer….  And Rep. Sam Graves (MO-06) hasn’t specifically come out against science, but he lets Peabody Coal write his talking points and claims that the Gulf disaster could have been avoided if we’d only drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Thus, I’m considering them as infected.

Senate candidate Roy Blunt believes that “There isn’t any real science to say we are altering the climate path of the earth.”  More information can be found at Big Oil Blunt.

Semi-final score: a perfect ten out of ten.

Climate Zombies in the Ever-Green Mountains

To keep things fair, I looked at two states with strong blue/green reputations.

In Vermont, Paul Beaudry (VT-AL) considers global warming “nothing but a lie.”  I don’t have any information on the approach to climate science of Senatorial candidate Len Britton.  Gubernatorial candidate Brian Dubie states:

I believe that scientific data clearly show that climate change is real, and as a result of human behavior, the world is getting warmer. Carbon emissions are playing a large role in the warming of our planet.

Vermont has one Climate Zombie, one clearly uninfected candidate, and one unknown.

Washington state looks relatively good.  Candidate James Watkins (WA-01) scores points for believing that global warming is real, and incumbent Dave Reichert (WA-08) was one of the eight Republicans to vote for the House cap-and-trade bill in June 2009.  Jaime Herrera (WA-03) is considered an establishment Republican who won a primary against a global warming denier, and I don’t have any information on her views on science.  Likewise, I don’t have any information on Doug Cloud (WA-06).  Update (h/t Ontheleftcoast): Reichert has questioned the cause of global warming, notably during campaign season 2006.

On the other hand, incumbent Doc Hastings (WA-04) complained about last year’s Copenhagen climate conference: “Instead of allowing all scientific opinions to be heard, this conference was devoid of an honest, comprehensive debate.”  Incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) thinks that Al Gore deserves an A in creative writing and an F in science.  The Facebook page of candidate Dick Muri (WA-09) has a long, rambling statement about “congressional investigation into global warming scientists suppressing data and dissenting opinions,” the “emerging ice age” of the 1970s, and the like.  Candidate John Koster hasn’t said anything that I can find, but he’s been endorsed by Sarah Palin.

While Dino Rossi (WA-Sen) was supposed to be more moderate than his tea party rival, he “believes Earth is warming but isn’t sure how much humans are to blame.”  Consider this a low-level Climate Zombie infection.

Semi-final score: two one wholly uninfected Republicans and two potentially reasonable GOPers, one confused soul (Reichert), one potentially infected, and four Climate Zombies.  The Republicans aren’t running a candidate in WA-07.

Zombies in Zion

Zion_canyon_big[1]Utah is one of my favorite states for scenery; its politicians, not so much.  The only surprise here is why I can’t find any denier statements by candidates Morgan Philpott (UT-02) and Mike Lee (UT-Sen).  Philpott is a protege of Rob Bishop (UT-01), whose website mentions that “scientific data underlying the studies of global warming appear to have been manipulated to produce an intended outcome.”  Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) considers global warming a “farce.”

Governor Gary Herbert, up for reelection in 2010, thinks that the science is not conclusive.

Mike Lee ousted, for not being conservative enough, the man who claimed that “greenhouse gas emissions have absolutely nothing whatever to do with clean air. CO2 does not add to pollutants or cause asthma or any of the other things you think of with dirty air.”  Anyone want to take bets on Lee’s thoughts on science?

Final score: five out of five Climate Zombies, with extra bonus points to the state legislature for its joint resolution asking the EPA “to cease its carbon dioxide reduction policies, programs, and regulations until climate data and global warming science are substantiated.”

The rise of the extreme right wing — the American Taliban — means that science, common sense, and logic are falling by the wayside like extras in a George A. Romero movie.  I hear the Taliban isn’t too fond of science either.

This post is a combination of two reposts from RLMiller’s diary via the Daily Kos.

41 Responses to Attack of the climate zombies!

  1. Frymaster says:

    You know who’s not infected? Those crazy hippies over at Deutsche Bank.

    No word of a lie!

  2. richard pauli says:

    It is bad taste to promote the gluttonous over-consumption of carbon energy.

    It is bad policy to ignore climate change caused by human generated CO2 emissions

    But it is beyond bad practice and stupid to stridently oppose science facts… it is treason. It amounts to sabotage of our future. Willful ignorance promotes early death.

  3. Great. I have an upcoming blog post titled: Stephen Schneider in Attack of the Climate Zombies.

    JR is reading my mind faster than I am. :)

  4. These are the candidates… but finding positions of those already elected is a daunting task.

  5. ken levenson says:

    nit pick edit note….last line: it’s not “…via the Daily Kos”. just “…via Daily Kos.” just say’n ;)

    nice to see Kos reposts here.

    On topic, sorta. The Tea Party is either the greatest thing that has ever happened or the worst thing ever…very high stakes election this Nov.

  6. Sasparilla says:

    This is a very nice article Joe and lays out how bad the situation is.

    Basically within the GOP if you are not a climate change denier, you do not get serious funding (if you’re a new candidate).

    If you are an existing candidate and you don’t deny climate change (or work with Dems on the issue) then you will be cut off to large sources of funding which are contingent on this issue – and you will become targeted by one of the Koch brothers political front & funding organizations – they will ensure that a well funded GW denier / tea party candidate will be there to try to eliminate you in the next primary (Sen Murkowski R-AK is an example of this process working and Sen Snowe R-VT has already been publicly targeted for 2012).

    This isn’t up to the individual candidates in the GOP, if they don’t toe the line on this (or are considered moderate) they are targeted for removal by extremely well funded libertarian political organizations, the process of which is eventually successful.

    Long term this will probably do horrendous damage to the GOP, but short term it seems we’re going to see the more libertarianized GOP fruck things up even worse than they did during previous decade. Its going to be rough going for a long time (if the GOP gets any majorities), it would seem.

  7. Don Webb says:

    As far as the GOP goes, it’s not their positions that frustrate me. It’s their unwillingness to act.

  8. John Mason says:

    I do not think the stakes could be higher – not only are they hell-bent upon throwing away the future of your country, but mine too, and those of many other innocent folks.

    cheers – John

  9. Daniel Ives says:

    OT – The Guardian is reporting that the White House said no to solar panels.

  10. toby says:

    I am appalled at the stupidity of these GOP candidates.

    Look at Australia – Tony Abbott started out declaring that “Climate Change is a load of crap” and took advice from Lord Monckton. He has since softened his stance considerably. Enough greens deserted the Labour party to elect their own candidate to Parliament, who promptly gave his support to Abbott’s rival, Gillard. Gillard herself had to scramble for votes, but has managed to keep Abbott in the cold (pardon the pun!).

    Of course, Australia is not like the US, but the GOP are giving hostages to fortune. When Climate Change comes home to roost, they will be like the isolationists after Pearl Harbor – without a constituency. We can only hope they will not have done much damage by then.

  11. SolarMom says:

    Ostensibly they’re afraid to invoke Jimmy Carter.

    Lots of really useful analysis here. Thanks for posting it.

  12. mike roddy says:

    Sasparilla has it right. This is not about “opinions”. GOP candidates are groveling to RNC and their enforcers, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.
    It may not even bite them too much later, and they don’t care- it’a an oil and coal rearguard action.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff–the Climate Zombie project, not the actual Zomgies.
    This resource needs a permenant home.

  14. Peter says:

    The GOP will be hurt the longer they deny climate change- when extreme weather begins to multiply causing loss of life, economic implosion, property damage and agricultural failure.

    The outrageous hate & violence inspired ‘loony Tune fruit loop behavior’ will eventually backfire on them. By then it will be too late for us to change the disaster they helped create.

  15. Dan B says:

    What’s most disturbing to me is these candidates have no idea how much the last IPCC report UNDER-estimated the speed of global warming.

    It appears there’s the potential this decade, with Arctic ice loss, Siberian methane releases, and loss of carbon sinks (ocean, forests, soil) that we will pass a threshold where total catastrophe is inevitable. This decade.

    One election may be enough time to ensure that the door is slammed behind us as we enter the era of civilization-destroying drought, mega-storms, and famine. Two election cycles are almost certain to seal our fate.

  16. RedLogix says:

    So what is the rest of the world going to do when Sarah Palin is the US President, a GOP ruled Congress demolishes clean energy initiatives as ‘un-Amerikan’, and mandates the US auto industry builds bigger thirstier behemoths in order to increase oil company profits?

    And then launches with real force the criminal investigations on climate science that that it clearly wants to?

    A few years ago I could never have asked this question, the scenario would have been too mad. But now it just seems like we just hopeful it won’t come to pass.

    So I’m serious. Faced with a USA that has clearly lost it’s way, what are the rest of us to do? How long should we allow this corporatist facism to remain unchallenged?

  17. BobbyBob says:

    Some “scientists” aren’t helping either:

    “Today’s carbon-spewing power plants and vehicles won’t raise the global temperature to dangerous levels by 2060 even if they’re allowed to keep operating to the end of their normal lifespans, a new study predicts.”

  18. LT says:

    Thank you, Frymaster, for that fantastic link!

  19. Donald Brown says:

    I think “zombie” is not quite the right metaphor. I am not sure what the right metaphor is, Joe, and I would like to see your commentators search for the right kind of beings these politicians are. This is a moment when only comics and poets can get close to the depth of the absurdity. These politicians are some kind of being that is part puppet(with ExxonMobil, API, and Koch Industries pulling the strings) and part some kind of Shakespearean blind fool. Where is Monty Python when we need them?

  20. catman306 says:

    Mesmerized by their own lies. They are sleep walking. Dreaming instead of experiencing. In desperate need of Zen therapy. Group hypnosis. Spellbound zombies. zombi: a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force
    zombi: a god of voodoo cults of African origin worshipped especially in West Indies
    automaton: someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way; “only an automaton wouldn’t have noticed”
    several kinds of rum with fruit juice and usually apricot liqueur

  21. BBHY says:

    I’m still hearing them say that warming ended in 1998. The deniers are absolutely impossible. I am getting a whole lot better at pointing out how completely wrong they are, but it doesn’t seem to stop them, or even barely slow them down.

  22. homunq says:

    I agree: zombies are those who have died but now mindlessly live. Pre-Keynesian economic ideas, for instance, are zombies. But denialism was never alive, it is entirely a construct.

    I vote for “orcs”. They are clearly minions of some great evil, twisted by their servitude away from true humanity. They fight alongside trolls, think that the sun is too bright, and rejoice in causing their enemies pain.

    Also, Ents may be slow to wake, but have the strength to kick orc butt.

    (Seriously: I think that supply-siders, for instance, are actually misguided/a few mouthfuls short on brains; whereas deniers are more malicious than misguided. Not that they don’t believe their crap, just that the reason they believe it is the kick they get out of pissing us off, not some misguided chain of evidence.)

  23. adelady says:


    The deniers we generally see may get a kick out of pissing us off, but they do believe a lot of their crap. In particular, they may like putting down the “Catastrophic AGW” theory, but they swallow whole the “Catastrophic Global Financial Meltdown” theory with relish.

    I personally might prefer the “Wrong Catastrophe Zombies”. But that’s too clumsy for general use.

  24. Timothy Chase says:

    Toby wrote, “I am appalled at the stupidity of these GOP candidates.”

    I doubt they are all that stupid. Doesn’t take that much intelligence to get the basics. Uneducated? More likely. But I suspect most are hypocrites and cowards running scared of the Koch-financed hordes.

  25. Tim says:

    Sasparilla has it right. These candidates neither know nor care whether global warming is occurring or whether it is anthropogenic. They don’t care how many millions of people had no health insurance. They don’t care that the wages of the poor and the middle class have been stagnant at best for 30 years. They don’t care about the environment as long as the residents of the gated communities where their money comes from keep the money coming. It is the way the GOP has been for decades now: the leadership calls the tune, and the candidates sing their sour notes. There’s a stock answer for everything and apparently on climate change, the Koch brothers are telling the leadership what the GOP policy on climate change now.

  26. What I find really frightening is that these zombies (or orcs) won’t just negatively impact the United States but basically the whole world with their anti-science stance and denial of global warming. What will it take to keep them from winning in November? Looking at this from the outside (Germany) I don’t understand why there isn’t yet a full-blown “attack of reason” against the tea-partiers and others suffering from ASS (anti-science-syndrome). Somebody who denies science should not be eligible to hold a political office (just like somebody not passing a driving test is denied a driver’s licence).

  27. Colorado Bob says:

    (CNN) — A massive ice island four times the size of Manhattan that broke off the Petermann Glacier early last month has split in two.

    Satellite images show that the ice island broke in two after repeatedly smashing into Joe Island, a small rocky outcrop in the Nares Strait, west of Greenland.

  28. William P says:

    Much of what Republican politicians say is motivated by them trying to get in sync with their voters. They know these voters are “educated” on things like climate change by one source only: right wing media like Limbaugh and Fox “News”.

    If these politicians uttered anything but what the right wing media says, their voters would turn on them. Look at what happens when a politician criticizes Limbaugh or disagrees with him. That politician immediately is inundated by hate calls from his voters and has to meekly recant his heretical statements entirely and apologize to the offended right wing media personality.

    Right wing media drives Republican politics completely. Bitter partisanship in Washington can all be traced right back to Limbaugh, Fox, Savage, Levin and the whole sorry pack of propagandists.

    A country can be completely destroyed by such right wing propaganda. Joseph Goebbels used techniques very much like Limbaugh and Fox, and took that country down to utter and complete destruction. One can see we are on the way.

  29. Colorado Bob says:

    Help solve the global water crisis by leaving your laptop alone for a few hours and letting it join the millions of other computers on the Worldwide Community Grid.

    This was one of the projects announced on September 7 by IBM which sponsors a global community of personal computers known as the Worldwide Community Grid. Scientists can tap into the idle processing power of computers on the grid and then use it to develop water filtering technology, research into treatments for water-related diseases and clean up polluted water sources.

  30. Prokaryotes says:

    Scenario I – Denier Lies keep spreading from the usual suspects, eventually from the next leading USA party. Which likewise means manifestion of a mid/long term catastrophe of apocalyptic porportions. Plus you have the chance to hit the methane tipping point. No matter what, this scenario has no winners.

    Scenario II – Deniers update their corporate technologies and how they treat the hand which feeds literally everyone “conservation base in jeopardy” and after successful upgrades made – keep leading the industry.

  31. Colorado Bob says:

    It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

  32. Wit'sEnd says:

    I love the zombie analogy. For 10/10 I plan to go to DC dressed as a zombie, with big fake $100 bills, to ask my congress if I could buy their vote like the Koch brothers do. KOCH KILLS. Fellow zombie wannabes welcome.

  33. mike roddy says:

    RedLogix, #16:

    Your point is an important one. The rest of the world has been pretty polite so far about the greed crazed insanity in DC that is masquerading as “politics”. This is going to change in a big way, especially if, as is likely, the Republicans regain complete control in 2012. We’ll then see EPA crippled, and more tax breaks for oil and coal companies.

    American hubris could doom us. We can’t even defeat a bunch of tribesmen with Kalyshnikovs, and people like Palin and McConnell still seem to think the United States is the all powerful center of the universe.

    I look forward to your posts on the mood of people living outside the United States these days when it comes to these issues. The Republicans won’t care, since they are essentially crazy, but this information may influence some fence sitting voters.

  34. Ben Lieberman says:

    Placing the information in a permanent site will magnify the effect.

  35. dbmetzger says:

    and to go along with the zombies and deniers are the growing dead zones.
    Dead Zones In US Waters Rise Dramatically
    According to a new Federal report, dead zones have increased dramatically in U.S. waters over the past 50 years, threatening ecosystems and fisheries nationwide.

  36. free transit says:

    Republican candidates are willing to risk political careers for the sake of their fossil-fuel bosses. Where are the candidates who will take the same risk for the future of humanity? You can count them on one hand.

  37. Pangolin says:

    Re: “Times with no polar ice caps have corresponded to times when we were closer to the sun. Ice ages have corresponded to times when we were further from the sun. We should not punish the people of the United States financially by legislating on pseudo-science that has not been proven.”

    It appears that conservative private schools teach the concept of orbits with a tetherball. Eventually we will have to return to teaching solid science in schools, or at least Congress.

  38. Benito says:

    In the last four months Jan Brewer has been caught lying, three times and counting.

    The comments made on June 16, 2010, and June 27, 2010, clearly indicates that the Brewer says that immigrants are beheading people in the United States desert. She first ran away from the question and the press when confronted with the question. She finally when to FOX/ FAKE News to recant her lie.

    When Brewer was confronted with the fact the two of her top Advisors (Paul Senseman, Chuck Coughlin) are lobbyist for “Private Prisons” giant CCA she first ran away from the question and the press.

    In an attempt to gain sympathy, she first said her father had died in Germany fighting the Nazi in World War II (which ended 1945) but of course we find out the truth that her father was never in Germany and died in California in 1955. Do you see a trend here?

    Brewer signed into law SB 1070 Bill (Did she even read it?), lied about the crime rates in AZ (even Janet Napolitano knows that all crimes rates went down), and now we find out that she is in the pockets of PRIVATE PRISONS who stand to benefit with the increase Federal jailing, and thus they will pay her back, I wonder if it has to do anything about the fact that her son was transferred to a brand new prison, he was convicted for rape and sexual assault, I guess the fruit does not fall far the tree.

    “Private Prisons Lie”

    “AZ Crime Rates”

    “Father Lie”