Cartoonist Tom Toles on the Republican roadblock:


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9 Responses to Tea-Totaled

  1. Rob Honeycutt says:


  2. Worth 10,000 words, easy!

  3. MapleLeaf says:

    We can only hope that that is the outcome (with no-one hurt mind you).

  4. catman306 says:

    That’s what happens when you drink the Kool aid and try to drive.

    And this is what you might see along one road to the extreme right. (how can the logical message of global warming compete with the fantasy and emotional messages embedded in productions like this.

    Iron Man 2: AC/DC Highway to Hell Music Video

  5. Peter M says:

    I just saw the latest AP Poll- and it looks increasingly better for the GOP.

    If Obama was elected this year- he would have been better off- the nation was just entering this ‘depression’ in the fall of 2008-

    The Democrats will likely take massive losses in the house- and if they are lucky hold on to the Senate.

    Obama and his advisers did not understand the seriousness of this economic implosion 2 years ago. Paul Krugman did- also Henry Paulson – and many did out there in the blogosphere warned of a collapse as early as 2006.

    Essentially what Obamba got was a ‘1930-31 Herbert Hoover scenario’
    The republicans may win- but their options to deal with the grim economic situation are no better then Obama’s.

  6. Mike says:

    In “Naked Lunch” William S. Burroughs tells the tail of a man who taught his rear orifice to speak. People think this is funny and the man starts using his trick to put on shows. But slowly the rear orifice gains more and more power and control. In the end it takes over and the man’s month seals shut.

  7. Jim Groom says:

    Nice cartoon. However, one should never underestimate the voting practices of citizen Americanas. Delaware comes to mind along with a few others. I’m becoming more discouraged each and every day at the political direction the nation seems to be heading. People scream and moan about the inactive congress, and yet they seem to be supporting folks who can only add to the problem. A few months ago I believed the adult citizens would see the folly of the tea bunch and that a wave of sanity would begin to replace the nonsense. I’m still waiting.

  8. Keith says:

    A majority of Germans thought the Nazis were a bunch of clowns in the early ’30’s, and the German industrialists (think the Kochs) thought they could be controlled. Are we in a parallel Weimar Republic right now?

  9. James Newberry says:

    Look Daddy, coal is a mountain not an energy resource. Daddy: yes it is sweetheart, all we have to do is destroy the mountain and destroy the coal by rapid oxidation. Daughter: I could do that with the Mona Lisa or our house but I wouldn’t call them energy resources (although they will fuel a fire).

    Look Daddy, atomic fission is not economically feasible under free market enterprise since assurance (risk assessment) is indemnified by the nation-state.

    “Nothing in history assures the success of our civilization”
    Herbert J. Muller