Faith leaders, industry Leaders, Al Gore, and Barack Obama: NO on Prop 23 CAP’s Jorge Madrid.

Polls show momentum is growing for the No on Prop 23 campaign, which seeks to defeat a November 2nd ballot initiative — sponsored by two Texas oil companies — to repeal California’s landmark clean energy and climate law, AB 32.

Yesterday, religious leaders representing a wide spectrum of faiths and regions across California announced they are joining forces to defeat Proposition 23:

We have a moral responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us – our children, the elderly, the poor – who suffer the most from air pollution,”  said Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, President of the California Interfaith Power and Light.

Church councils find a deeper unity in our common concern for the stewardship of God’s creation. We want clean air and a healthy environment; therefore we recommend a no vote on Proposition 23,” said Rev. Albert G. Cohen, Executive Director of the Southern California Ecumenical Council.

Gates and Innovators of the New Economy Join the Fight

This week Microsoft founder Bill Gates joined the fight against Prop 23, with a $700,000 donation to the campaign.  This support comes a week after Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin contributed $200,000 to the No on 23 campaign, and Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore contributed $1 million.

This shows that the leaders of the new economy realize just how important clean energy and clean air are to competing in the world economy,” said Steve Maviglio, spokesman for the No on 23 committee.

Obama: No on Prop. 23 and ‘corporate polluters’

President Barack Obama and former Vice President Al Gore rounded out this week’s impressive list of AB 32 supports (and Prop 23 opponents).

The president is opposed to Prop. 23 — A veiled attempt by corporate polluters to block progress towards a clean energy economy”¦ If passed, the initiative would stifle innovation, investment in R&D and cost jobs for the state of California,” announced White House spokesman Adam Abrams.

Finally, in a video message this week, former Vice President and Al Gore urged California Voters to reject Prop 23:

The fight for America’s clean energy future is taking place right now, and it’s come to California”¦. This is a fight we simply cannot afford to lose.

No on Prop 23 Momentum is Gaining

This wave of support for California’s clean energy and climate laws are putting the pressure on Texas oil companies and the proponents of Prop 23 – who have seen support for the measure continue to slip, according to recent polls.

With less than two weeks until the election, the stakes are higher than ever!

Jorge Madrid.


6 Responses to Faith leaders, industry Leaders, Al Gore, and Barack Obama: NO on Prop 23

  1. Esop says:

    Nice to see the polls going in the right direction.
    I would not be surprised if the record smashing heat in LA a few weeks ago has changed some minds.
    Meanwhile, over here in northern Europe, it seems that we are in for a repeat of the 09/10 winter. Temperatures dropped to around 20F and we got some snow as well. Normal temp for this time of year is low to mid 40’s. Same pattern as last year.
    It won’t be a shocker if the AO turns massively negative again, warming the Arctic and chilling Europe and NA, providing fuel for the anti-science hordes.

  2. BostonBiker says:

    Don’t forget prop 26, it also needs a no vote, and a lot more media attention. Prop 26 would make it nearly impossible to put fees on pollution would would also destroy ab 32’s (what prop 23 is trying to kill) ability to work.

    No on 23
    No on 26

  3. Leif says:

    “It won’t be a shocker if the AO turns massively negative again, warming the Arctic and chilling Europe and NA, providing fuel for the anti-science hordes.” offers Esop, @1.

    The earth on average has warmed ~ one degree C. If an area the size of the Arctic is going to be a few degrees warmer than average then some large areas must become significantly colder than average to meet the world average of one degree. The ocean heat sink prevents them from serving as a cold reservoir unless it is covered with ice. Guess what, that leaves only one place to get cold, continental land masses.

    So on the contrary a cold winter over the continents is not fuel for the anti-science crowd but in fact more conclusive evidence of climatic disruption.

    I would add, with more energy in the system, keep an eye out for larger systems than we are used to seeing.
    Bigger and more persistent lows and highs. Mind boggling systems of Biblical extremes… This is not a prediction but an observation, humanity is already seeing these systems. Pakistan floods, Russian heat wave, Frankenstorm, Megi,… a whole new class of weather event that will earn a new name for themselves. “Inhofe Events” perhaps.

  4. Rev. Albert G. Cohen, Executive Director of the Southern California Ecumenical Council.

    Rev. Cohen sounds like a pretty ecumenical name.

  5. Esop says:

    Leif @#3:
    Absolutely correct regarding the average temperature and that the heating of the Arctic has disrupted the pressure systems, causing Arctic air to drop down to parts of Europe and NA. However, very few regular folks are aware of this connection, mainly because the press hardly writes anything on it. They sell more newspapers touting headlines with cold temperatures and attacking climate scientists.
    For the typical uninformed citizen, an ice cold winter is an indication that the climate isn’t warming after all. The cold weather returned, so that must mean that this AGW thingy wasn’t real…
    This is especially true for northern Europe, where a string of close to 20 very mild winters meant that a large percentage of the population noticed first hand that the climate was indeed changing. This lead to widespread acceptance of climate science and the predictions. However, a single, extremely cold winter last year caused this understanding/acceptance to virtually evaporate. Another bout with the negative AO this winter, and public support for CO2 reducing measures in the Scandinavian countries will be reduced greatly. In the eyes of most folks, if the climate turned to “normal” here, it must have done so everywhere, especially since the press hardly mentions the extreme weather events that have occured this summer. Climate change denial is spreading like wildfire in large parts of Europe, and another cold winter will do nothing to slow it down.

  6. anonymous says:

    It bothers me that it took so long for these people to come out against this proposition, yet opposition against prop 19 was made clear almost a month ago.