˜U.S. Chamber of Commerce pro-GOP, pro-pollution ad blitz is fueled by foreign oil

The United States Chamber of Commerce is running an unprecedented $75 million campaign to unseat progressives from Congress, in defense of a big-oil agenda.  The oil-fueled Chamber has hammered candidates who voted to limit our dependence on oil, falsely claiming they supported a “job-killing energy tax” (like Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH), Rep Joe Sestak (D-PA), Rep. Betsy Markey (D-CO), Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), and Rep. Harry Teague (D-NM)).

As a ThinkProgress investigation has learned Chamber’s donors “” who send their checks to the same account from which the political campaign is run “” include multinational oil corporations, and even oil companies owned by the Kingdom of BahrainBrad Johnson has the story.

The Chamber has repeatedly questioned the science behind climate change, even calling for a “Scopes monkey trial” in 2009. Numerous companies, including Apple, Exelon, PNM Resources, PG&E, and PSEG, quit the Chamber because of their reactionary opposition to climate legislation, determined by right-wing board members like coal giants Massey, Peabody, and Consol. Multinational oil companies BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Hess, and Shell Oil fund the Chamber of Commerce through its Business Civic Leadership Council. The Chamber’s anti-clean-energy agenda serves not only domestic coal barons and oil majors, but also the following foreign oil and coal companies, who are some of the dozens of foreign corporations that pay member dues to the Chamber of Commerce’s 501c(6) account, which is used to fund its political ads:

Avantha Group, India (at least $7,500 in annual member dues): power plants

– The Bahrain Petroleum Company, Kingdom of Bahrain ($5,000): state-owned oil campany

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, Kingdom of Bahrain ($5,000): state-owned oil company

Essar Group, Mumbai, India ($7,500): oil & gas, coal power

GMR, Bangalore, India ($15,000): coal power, mining

Hinduja Group, London, UK ($15,000): the Gulf Oil group

Jindal Power, New Delhi, India ($15,000): coal power

Lahmeyer International, Frankfurt, Germany ($7,500): power plant engineering

Punj Lloyd, Gurgaon, India ($15,000): offshore pipelines

Reliance Industries, Mumbai, India ($15,000): oil and gas, petrochemicals

SNC Lavalin, Montreal, Canada ($7,500): mining, power plant, and oil & gas engineering

Tata Group, Mumbai, India ($15,000): power plants, oil & gas

Walchandnagar Industries, Mumbai, India ($7,500): power plant, oil & gas engineering

Welspun, Mumbai, India ($7,500): oil & gas exploration

“To secure America’s long-term energy security, America must reexamine outdated and entrenched positions, become better informed about the sources of our fuel and power, and make judgments based on facts, sound science, and good American common sense,” the Chamber argues. America will be insecure as long as the Chamber is spreading lies about science and energy supported by foreign polluter cash.

— Brad Johnson, in a ThinkProgress cross-post.

8 Responses to ˜U.S. Chamber of Commerce pro-GOP, pro-pollution ad blitz is fueled by foreign oil

  1. Hey, wait a minute… who re-defined the nation state?

    Now how does one define citizenship?… I’m confused.

  2. I wonder how much of the national debt accrued by western governments e.g. US, UK, GDR and France in order to bail out the bankers was financed from such as these?

    Was it entities such as these that stoked the fires of (ahem) ‘leverage’, I wonder?

    Is it now a case of ‘the pipers calling the tune’?

  3. Leif says:

    A quick tally of the above 14 Foreign Corp/people’s donation shows a total of $145,000 to influence American elections to their advantage. This contribution is not only to my disadvantage, but to the determent of the majority of humanity and earth’s life support systems as well. It would take 5,800 people with my $25 donation to counter those fourteen Foreign Corp/people’s influence.
    I suggest that the whole election cycle be declared null and void due to illegal foreign intervention!

  4. Jeff Huggins says:

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is headquartered right across the small park that the White House overlooks. At least one hundred people should demonstrate there, daily, to express disapproval at the Chamber and draw responsible attention to the problem.

    The Chamber of Commerce has no more credibility with me, and I’ll start mentioning that to each and every merchant I visit and company I deal with.


  5. Peter M says:

    The Chamber of Commerce and Oil companies can have their fun (while it lasts) However one dos not need to have the Gift of a Genius to see what happens a few years from now when the planets Central air at the pole has no ice in September.

    What that will do to us will be a grim window to a torturous future for us all-it seems likely the Chamber will be totally discredited- as well as the far right conservative movement.

  6. Edward says:

    Add the evidence then paste it into the FBI tips site:

    Also publish in all the letters to the editor you can.

  7. Jeff Huggins says:

    ExxonMobil Ads

    Joe and CP, I’ve seen ExxonMobil popup ads on my computer the last five times I’ve come to Climate Progress. Is that anything happening on your end, i.e., CAP and your website provider, or what? Did I miss something? Has there been a philosophical change regarding your views on where to accept money from?



    [JR: I haven’t seen them, but I don’t look at my ads much. Get me a screen capture and I’ll ax it IF the pop-up is on my end.]

  8. SunMan says:

    Do dues from local community chamber of commerces who display the ‘U.S. Chamber’ plaque also go to this anti-science political slush fund?

    How do I know if my local chamber is using my dues to fund their big-oil GOP agenda?