Climate hawk Schwarzenegger says Prop 23 fight sets national example: “Stand up against the oil companies”

In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) said he believes politicians in Washington need to fight the “people that have polluted the world, who have enriched themselves in doing that,” and defend climate action, as California is now doing. Schwarzenegger has joined with California’s cleantech community, the climate movement, and economic justice groups to “wipe out Proposition 23″³ “” the oil-funded initiative to kill the state’s landmark global warming legislation, AB 32.

Brad Johnson has the story — and must-see video — of a man who epitomizes the term ‘climate hawk:

He believes that politicians who support our soldiers who are “risking their lives to defend this country” should “stand up against the oil companies.” Those who have instead conceded to the flood of dirty cash from polluters “” at least $69.5 million in ads alone this year “” are “disgusting” “wimps”:

What would help is if we are now successful in beating back the Texan oil companies, the same players that have been there for decades ruining everything. You know, trying to get rid of our light rail in 45 cities. And so now the important thing is we push back, wipe out Proposition 23. And in doing that, it will be one of the first times in a long time where oil companies “” rich people that have polluted the world, who have enriched themselves in doing that “” have been pushed back. And it will be that momentum.

We need to go to Washington and say, “Look what happened. You, because oil companies have spent money against you, they have threatened you, you backed off the energy policy and the environmental policy in Washington.” What wimps. No guts. I mean, here, you idolize and always celebrate the great warriors, our soldiers, our men and women who go to Iraq and Afghanistan, and they’re risking their lives to defend this country, and you’re not even willing to stand up against the oil companies? I say, “That’s disgusting.” You promised the people you’d represent them. You didn’t promise the people you’d represent the oil companies and the special interests.

Watch it:

Schwarzenegger is right “” America needs more climate hawks.

Brad Johnson, in a WonkRoom cross-post.

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37 Responses to Climate hawk Schwarzenegger says Prop 23 fight sets national example: “Stand up against the oil companies”

  1. Josh Kaplowitz says:

    Can someone post the full video of Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN) being shouted down by Tea Partiers at a recent event for having the nerve to talk about the risks of global warming (and then calling the hecklers flat-earthers)?

  2. Curtis Grinn says:

    Can’t help with that video but, here is one that can help with the movement:

    The voters have a clear choice – Tomorrow or Yesterday! Funny about video is it could actually happen… well to a certain extent.

  3. Mike Roddy says:

    Thanks to Arnold Swartzenegger for being the only politician I can think of who actually has a set. Your words lately have been inspiring more of us than you realize. Let me know how I can help- your neighbor Jon S has my info.

  4. Peter M says:

    One question- what is Arnold doing still in the republican party?

    He stands further with us then almost half the Democratic party does.

  5. neot says:

    Way to go Arnold. He has consistently “gotten it” for a long time, despite what one may think of his other policies. The epitome of a climate hawk. It will be interesting to see what he does once he leaves office, hopefully he keeps calling out the “wimps.”

    His Hummer fetish is going to come back to haunt him, however. ;)

  6. Prokaryotes says:

    Climate change makes people Dumb.

    If the oil companies are not stopped, civilization will collapse.
    It’s a slow cancerous collapse from the inside which will lead to anarchy, misery and breakdown. One degree temperature rise considerably increases violence at the same time people tend to drink more alcohol when it’s hot. Then you have all the health impacts which stress people further. Studies have shown that illness particular spreads when the climate is bad.

    Most of society not even notice the slow motion change and the illness which grips everybody. All this contributes to a fall of intelligence throughout the population.

    A 2007 Harvard School of Public Health study found that children between the ages of eight and 11 living and attending school in areas of Boston with higher levels of traffic pollutants scored an average of 3.7 points lower on IQ tests than children living in less polluted areas

    Unlike short-term exposures, chronic or long-term exposure to ozone may cause irreversible changes in lung function that may become a concern for respiratory health later in life. In one scientific study, Yale College students who had lived for four years or more in areas with high summer ozone levels (AQIs above 100) showed decreased lung function. Similar effects were seen in first year students at the University of California at Berkeley. Scientists are also looking into a possible causal relationship between asthma and ozone exposures. In the Children’s Health Study conducted in southern California, children who competed in three or more sports over several years were compared to children who played no sports in communities with seasonally high ozone. The more active children were more likely to experience symptoms of asthma and develop new cases of asthma.

    Human beings are exposed to climate change through changing weather patterns (for example, more intense and frequent extreme events) and indirectly through changes in water, air, food quality and quantity, ecosystems, agriculture, and economy. At this early stage the effects are small but are projected to progressively increase in all countries and regions.

    Violence in Human Beings- Adverse effect of Global Warming

  7. Jeff Huggins says:


    I haven’t seen the video yet (I’m in a quiet place right now), but based on the text and feel of the post, Bravo to Arnold! We need more people to tell it like it is. I would only add this: They are not merely “disgusting” “wimps”. They are disgusting immoral wimps.


  8. Solar Jim says:

    Thank you Governor Schwarzenegger for speaking the truth, and standing up for American democracy against some of the most ecologically and economically damaging, yet subsidized, special interests on earth.

    Perhaps, if US and world governments were not handing out financial encouragements on the order of one-half trillion dollars per year, by means of fossil fuel direct and tax subsidies (International Energy Agency 2010), we could proceed apace with the imperative of distributed clean energy economics and its universal benefits, including expanding “green” jobs, reducing health impacts, and improving national and international security.

    You have spoken with the best interests of the people of your state at heart, and that is the use of your position for true leadership.

  9. Until Big Oil and Big Coal recognize that if they don’t clean up their act it will hurt the bottom line, they’ll continue this game.
    I think we need to engage the courts. This planet belongs to all of us. If a few think they can ruin it with impunity, they need to think again!

  10. Colorado Bob says:

    Companies fight to keep global warming data secret

    WASHINGTON — Some of the country’s largest emitters of heat-trapping gases, including businesses that publicly support efforts to curb global warming, don’t want the public knowing exactly how much they pollute.

    Oil producers and refiners, along with manufacturers of steel, aluminum and even home appliances, are fighting a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency that would make the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that companies release — and the underlying data businesses use to calculate the amounts — available online.

  11. Lee says:

    Just a reminder of the post about climate heroes.

    Some these races have become toss ups, some for good Bill Foster and Leonard Boswell have close the gap from that original post (Boswell is now slightly ahead). Some not so good Phil Hare and Ron Klein have fallen behind, but it is still very close. Not on the original list Ann Kuster in New Hampshire has move into a slight lead.

    If we want to make progress on the climate and energy front, supporting these close races can make a difference.

  12. Colorado Bob says:

    ScienceDaily (Oct. 27, 2010) — A doubling of abnormally wet or dry summer weather in the southeastern United States in recent decades has come from an intensification of the summertime North Atlantic Subtropical High (NASH), or “Bermuda High.”

    And that intensification appears to be coming from global warming, according to a new analysis by a Duke University-led team of climate scientists.

  13. peter whitehead says:

    I award Arnie the title DAYWALKER. A conservative who still wants to slay the Climate Vampires.

  14. Colorado Bob says:

    Pacific fisheries face collapse by 2035: study

    by Staff Writers
    Wellington (AFP) Oct 27, 2010
    Pacific island fisheries face collapse in the next 25 years as overfishing, population growth and climate change threaten one of the region’s main economic resources, a study warned Wednesday.

  15. Sailesh Rao says:

    Bravo, Gov. Schwarzenegger! Here’s his speech at the Commonwealth Club:

    It’s not as pithy as the ABC News clip, but it’s just as inspiring.

  16. Not A Lawyer says:

    The Oberstar comment is nice in light of a Pew poll that came out yesterday. One of the findings was that Republicans who agree with the Tea Party movement are much more likely not to believe there is evidence of global warming.

  17. Colorado Bob says:

    MOSCOW — Famished bears in northern Russia have resorted to digging up graves in cemeteries – and reportedly eating at least one body – after a scorching summer destroyed their natural food sources of forest berries and mushrooms, officials said Thursday.

  18. Prokaryotes says:

    Keith Olbermann: Schwarzenegger attacks Big Oil, Prop 23 & GOP Lies! – Countdown

  19. When it comes to climate, Arnold is my kind of politician!

  20. Chris Winter says:

    Josh Kaplowitz wrote: “Can someone post the full video of Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN) being shouted down by Tea Partiers at a recent event for having the nerve to talk about the risks of global warming (and then calling the hecklers flat-earthers)?”

    I guess this is the debate you want — 19 October.
    Cravaack and Oberstar debate in front of uncivil crowd
    By Jacob Kittilstad and photojournalist Harry Baker, FOX 21 NEWS
    Tue, 10/19/2010 — 9:40pm

    A little more coverage. Guard your irony meter!
    Duluth paper backs Cravaack over Oberstar in Minn.
    Associated Press – October 24, 2010 1:34 PM ET

    The paper says Oberstar has had “enormous, life-changing and positive impacts” on the 8th District, but adds “Washington doesn’t need another insider.”

    Oberstar is seeking a 19th term. He heads the influential House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Cravaack is a former airline and Navy pilot making his first run for office.

    Oberstar says he’s “disappointed but not surprised,” given what he says is the News Tribune’s conservative editorial trend since its purchase by Fargo. N.D.-based Forum Communications.

  21. David Smith says:

    Speaking of Climate Hawks, as requested, I created a logo. I am presenting it here to see if anyone thinks it might be useful in support of the cause.

    [JR: I”ll post this over the weekend.]

  22. Prokaryotes says:

    When accessing the link from David Smith my security suit reports dangerous web content.

  23. Colorado Bob says:

    David Smith –

    My 2 cents , stick the the earth in that black field .

  24. Scrooge says:

    Amazing how good public officials can be when they no longer have to worry about party bosses.

  25. Paul Klemencic says:

    I sent the Pittsburgh Post Gazette this letter early this morning: It is a bit long for them to publish, but maybe it will engender a story:

    Subject: Steel for America… Letter sent to Pittsburgh Post Gazette today

    From: Paul Klemencic
    Subject: Solar Thermal Industry Needs Steel, but Republicans plan to block development
    Date: October 28, 2010 2:18:25 AM PDT

    Vote to rebuild the steel industry and save the planet.

    Too bad the people of Pennsylvania aren’t going to give the US Congressional Democrats enough time to clean up after Bush. But out West, something good is happening because of the stimulus package, which in turn will be good for the Rust Belt. In spite of the oil refiners and right-wing super-rich pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the California elections through front groups and through the oil refining industry funded Tea Party, the Democrats will take the governorship, hold the Senate seat, and Prop 23 will be beaten. This means the surge in construction of solar power plants that just started in California, Arizona, and Nevada should continue.

    Why should you care? I am an engineer from Carnegie-Mellon, I grew up in Plum, and I worked in the oil industry for over 15 years, and am currently working on solar thermal and geothermal power technology developments, so I know a bit about this.

    The new concentrated solar power projects that were made possible by the stimulus package will break ground by the end of the year. An average project in this industry costs over $2 billion, and much of that money is spent on boilers, pumps that could easily exceed 10,000 HP, tens of miles of pipe, and large quantities of structural steel.

    The relatively small Solana project (250 MW) will use more steel than used to build the Golden Gate bridge (over 83,000 tons). The Blythe project (1000 MW) using similar technology is over four times that size, with Chevron-Texaco as a major investor in the $5 billion project. The Ivanpah project (390 MW) uses power tower technology, and the tallest tower of the three in that project has a 400 foot steel tower carrying a boiler weighing ten of thousands of tons. Ivanpah will cost about $2.2 billion. The billion dollar Calico and Imperial projects use thousands of Stirling engines mounted on dish concentrators.

    In order to generate 80% of electricity from renewable sources within 30 years, will take a massive continuous build-out. To take a 25% market share, the solar thermal power industry will need between 20-30 million tons of steel per year during the build out. US Steel only produced slightly more than 15 million tons last year, and the United States as whole only produced 58 million tons in the 2009 recession year.

    Not one of the Republicans supported the stimulus package, and only one of the thirty-nine Republicans running for Senate seats this year, believes action on global climate change is necessary. If the Republicans take the Senate as well as the House, they will be able to stymie President Obama and block the build-out. Another setback in building this industry would hurt. The industry could have begun building 25-30 years ago, but instead we elected Reagan, Bush, and Bush, and nothing happened as we poured trillions of dollars in securing foreign oil sources. Who knows how much of the steel industry we could have saved if we had followed a different path? And it isn’t just steel, but finished products such as pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, steam turbines, and generators, and massive amounts of glass and concrete.

    Your vote can make all the difference. Send Sestak to the Senate. And if the CEO of US Steel has any sense, he and the head of the steelworker union should jointly endorse Joe, and then get on a plane and get out to Nevada and save Harry Reid’s seat. Every vote in the Senate counts.

    Remember, real men don’t burn all their coal to make electricity; real men use coal to make STEEL, and then use steel to build a nation and save the world. Pennsylvania and her neighbors did it once before, and can do it again. But they need your help; they need your vote.

    Paul Klemencic

  26. Jeff Huggins says:

    Regarding Comment 25 by Paul Klemencic

    That’s a great letter, Paul, and thanks for sharing it. Bravo!

    Please let us know if the paper runs it. They should!

    It would be great to have industry-focused posts, periodically, to inform us about what the necessary energy transition could and will mean for the relevant component and raw material industries — steel, aluminum, glass, concrete, pumps, pipes, etc. And, it would also be helpful for some of those posts to let us know the relevant considerations: e.g., how much CO2 is actually produced (e.g., in the making of cement/concrete) and how to manage that as well as possible. Of course, I’ve probably missed some of those posts.

    In any case, great letter, and thanks for sharing it!

    Be Well,


  27. Susan Anderson says:

    Alert: I understand that
    **Prop 26**
    is a real danger, and as far as I know a bit under the radar, so they’ve shifted to it which will also do harm.

    I read about Oberstar working to get solar panels on the Energy Dept. for 30 years years ago, and he’s been “my hero” ever since!

  28. Artful Dodger says:

    neot #5:

    “His Hummer fetish is going to come back to haunt him, however. ;) ”

    The governor, seeking the votes of green-minded Californians, championed fuel efficiency and began converting his Hummers to run on alternative fuels. (He currently has four Hummers, three of which run on vegetable oil, biodiesel and hydrogen, respectively, according to a spokesman.)

  29. Michael T says:

    Clemson breaks ground on wind turbine facility

    Posted: Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

    NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. Clemson University broke ground Thursday on a nearly $100 million center to test wind turbines, a facility that eventually could lead to thousands of new jobs for South Carolina.

    A crowd of about 500 looked on as officials inside a warehouse at the old Charleston Naval Base dug into mounds of orange-dyed dirt as the university fight song played.

    Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democratic U.S. Rep. James Clyburn joined Clemson University President James Barker and other officials for the event.

    Read more:

  30. Mike Roddy says:

    I agree with Jeff, Paul, good post.

    I’ve got a lot of information about steel that will interest you, from design/building with it for many years, and writing about its impacts. I’ll try to reach you tomorrow.

  31. Jim Jenkins says:


    Excellent letter! With your permission I’d like to reference your details in a similar letter I would like to submit to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.



  32. MF says:

    Both 23 AND 26 are examples of Big Oil bullying people in order to protect their profits!
    This video is a pretty funny take on these props

  33. Paul Klemencic says:

    Jim Jenkins… go ahead and use it.

    Here are some quick numbers to support some of my estimates in my comment.

    US electricity consumption in 2009 = 4,120,000,000 MWh, and in 30 years will double; growth due to higher GDP, less improved efficiency, increased consumption by AC as the climate warms, and energy substitution due to shift to PHEV and EV vehicles; growth of 2.5% per year could be low.

    Assume 25% market penetration by solar thermal, which would require 2.16 x 10^9 MWh.
    Assume a capacity factor of 25% for CSP plants… higher cap factors could attained, but would require larger solar fields, with correspondingly higher steel use. I used a 250 MW project with a 25% cap factor, with minor transmission loss and 2% downtime which means the effective annual output is 20% of nameplate capacity. Thus, the market share in 30 years can be met by about 5000 CSP modular trains, of 250 MW each.

    Each 250 MW plant would likely use about 200,000 tons of steel and steel products, with some of the demand being indirect use (such as transmission lines, etc.). So in the next 30 years, solar thermal could use 990 million tons of steel.

    Assuming a linear ramp, starting at 5 million tons a year, we would hit 20 million tons annually in ten years, 40 million in twenty years and hit over 60 million tons annually in thirty. Clearly front loading this ramp makes sense, in order to use surplus steelmaking capacity earlier in the ramp. (Also good for mitigating climate change.) This is why the stimulus was such a good idea, and we can easily see that by looking at the rebound in steel prices since early 2009.

    I am astonished the Democrats had enough guts to vote for the stimulus, and then aren’t broadcasting loud and clear, the resulting recovery in steel demand and the pipeline for industrial products they are building with the investment in the new green energy industry.

  34. Anna Haynes says:

    CliProg website issue –

    re David Smith’s above “Speaking of Climate Hawks, as requested, I created a logo” – we asked him to do so back in comments to this post:
    – but there’s no way to append a comment there now, to say where the logo is.

  35. Anna Haynes says:

    also for David Smith – if you’re still monitoring this thread (another website issue – wouldn’t it be great if we had threaded comments and you could subscribe to replies to (only) your comments?) is there a “Made by Koch” logo, for a shelf label for this list of products?

  36. Anna Haynes says:

    I created a SourceWatch page for “Climate Hawk”, with the logo.

    But we really do need an “Another product from Koch” logo…if I had an ounce of artistic talent, I’d do it.