World Series and Prop 23 update: Californians want to defeat both Texas Rangers and Big Texas Oil

sites/all/files/1bog_mascot.jpgSo far, the San Francisco Giants are pounding the Texas Rangers in the World Series.  As a Yankee fan — there, I said it, but I was born and raised in a small town in New York — I wouldn’t normally care much who wins.

But there is a delicious coincidence in this series that might get you rooting for the Giants, as California’s headquarters explains:

sites/all/files/giants_crowd.jpgWe’ve got election fever here at 350 HQ in California, where all eyes are focused on saving our state’s landmark global warming law. In recent months, people all over the country have tuned into the battle over Proposition 23.

We’ve also got, well, Giants fever. The San Francisco Giants are in the World Series, facing off against the Texas Rangers. Pitting these two states against each other is quite the twist of fate, as Texas oil money is the reason we’re having to defend our global warming law in the first place.

Yesterday we teamed up with our friends at Greenpeace, Credo, Rainforest Action Network, Vote Solar, Mainstreet Moms, and Sierra Club, to pass out fliers making the Texas/California connection. We headed to the ballpark with banners, flyers, rally towels, lollypops, and just about anything orange and black we could find. Thousands of people poured into the ball park under our giant No on 23 and 26 sign

(for more on the dark horse 26, check out RAN Executive Director Becky Tarbotton’s blog)

We also got lots of help from local clean tech companies, who certainly don’t want to see Prop 23 pass. Six of these companies put giant banners in their windows, like the one above.

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16 Responses to World Series and Prop 23 update: Californians want to defeat both Texas Rangers and Big Texas Oil

  1. John Hollenberg says:

    > for more on the dark horse 26, check out RAN Executive Director Becky Tarbotton’s blog)

    Looks like there should be a link here, but there isn’t.

  2. Bob Doublin says:

    My niece was handing out fliers at the first game. Go Ashley!!

  3. Gary says:

    A very good day…Gary

  4. Dana says:

    Yeah we do. Go Giants, screw Texas, and kill Prop 23!

  5. A Siegel says:

    What a wonderful combo … Thanks for calling this out … Did it make the World Series coverage?

  6. AACK! It’s a Creeper! Run!!


    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  7. dp says:

    also, mays field is very transit-friendly, while rangers ballpark is… easy to get to on the highway.

  8. Owen says:

    Union of Concerned Scientists noted that 89% of the funding to block California’s Global Warming Solutions Act is coming from outside the state and 97% from oil companies. 90% of the funding support for clean energy (No on Prop 23) is coming from within California.

  9. Tim says:

    Both expensive teams’ ticket prices are ridiculous, but the Rangers are more ridiculous.

  10. You would appreciate this letter to the editor in today’s Los Angeles Times, Joe:


    From my home on the other side of the country, I have been following the debate in California over Proposition 23.

    I am writing to simply give the heartiest endorsement of a vote in opposition to Propositon 23. And the reason is simple: We need the jobs here in Virginia.

    Ken Cuccinelli
    Richmond, Va.

    The writer is attorney general of Virginia.

    [JR: Link?]

  11. dp says:

    virginia’s inquisitor general, not being much of a numbers guy, wishes ill on the california economy, because the titanic sinking will ‘lift all boats.’

  12. Richard Brenne says:

    I told Molly Ivins that I saw the movie “National Treasure” because I thought it was about her, and I feel the same about Jim Hightower and many other Texans. In fact I’ve long wanted to congratulation those in Austin for being the most progressive place that’s not within 650 miles of another progressive place. So what I say below doesn’t apply to all Texans – just about all of the wealthiest and most powerful ones.

    When George Bush “owned” the Texas Rangers (if owned = having Daddy’s influence allow him to head a coalition of wealthy Texans) he would hand out business cards with his name on them as owner that set all-time Major League records for restroom litter.

    Also that was when Jose Canseco probably had as many or more Texas Rangers than the players of any other team taking steroids without the owners caring in the least.

    This is consistent with the boldest, most heinous and unrepentant cheating by Texan Roger Clemens and many other athletes from there. In fact Southern Methodist University in Texas got the most severe sanctions in NCAA football history for their cheating.

    This is also consistent with the tactics of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney (the president and vice-president are not supposed to reside in the same state, but Cheney cheated and pretended to live in Wyoming, which he only visited occasionally), George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush (who Nixon gave the ultimate Nixonian compliment about how vindictive she is), Tom Delay and many, many more.

    We might consider getting our presidents from states that don’t rate at or near the very bottom for education, health care, pollution, etc.

    In my talk about the History of Civilization and Energy when I’m talking about Ancient Sumeria in the Middle East I say, “But let’s talk about the current situation for a moment. What we have is a war-like, misogynistic people who commit public executions who just had the geologic and geographic accident of having oil under their feet that’s given them wealth and thus power disproportionate to their current intellectual, moral and cultural development.” Then I continue, “But that’s enough about Texas. . .let’s return to the Middle East.”

    You should hear the roars from audiences in other states.

  13. This link should work for the LA Times letter from Ken Cuccinelli (I had typed it from my paper). It’s the fourth letter down.,0,3445840,full.story

  14. Not A Lawyer says:

    What no link to all the fans singing Journey songs while Steve Perry is in the stands?

    fine, here:

  15. Chris Winter says:

    Nice video, N-a-L. Just to avert anyone else jumping to the false conclusion as I did, Steve Perry is the frontman for Journey, not the son of Texas governor Rick Perry.

  16. Whatshisname says:

    Even the California press played along and helped create the political myth of Dubya “The” owner of the Rangers. In reality he was little more than a ceremonial minority share holder. However, he did have enough influence to turn the Rangers into perhaps the world’s first sports victim of pollution by insisting the new stadium not be domed. In fact, one of the primary reasons the team wound up being literally auctioned this past season was the effects of the heat on attendance.

    The fact the team managed to survive 81 home games (plus between game workouts) in these conditions and finally get to the World Series can only be appreciated by real fans, especially those who played the game. (If anyone is wondering, the heat does not have equal effects. On average, other American League teams only play about a half-dozen games a season at Arlington, and those are divided into two or three visits. In other words: You never get used to the heat, it wears you down in the long haul of a season.)

    In the meantime, don’t hold wipes like the Koch Brothers against all Texans and we won’t generalize about the time some San Franciscans tried to keep Willie Mays from buying a home in a White neighborhood.

    Stop Prop 23, but Go Rangers!