Tom Toles climate humor

Cartoonist Tom Toles has two environmentally-themed cartoons today.  The first is “Arrows of time”:

The second is from his Sketchpad:

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8 Responses to Tom Toles climate humor

  1. Leif says:

    Perhaps one more arrow should be aimed at the cloud.

  2. Prokaryotes says:

    Dodos one of the first modern species, now extinct thanks to human hunters

  3. dp says:

    earlier this year me & a US timber industry fan had a long public argument. what can i say, he hooked me w/ some badly distorted statistics about economic development.

    anyway about halfway through, i said we were in the midst of the sixth great extinction, right, and he demanded back instantly for me to show him some great tide of animals disappearing in the modern era. a pro-extraction activist using conservationists’ big victory — protecting endangered species — to prove that no species were endangered! i had NOT heard that one before.

  4. Brooks Bridges says:

    Read of two bears found recently that are crosses between grizzly and polar bear.

    Some think there are humans who are crosses with Neanderthal. So, extinction, but some genes live on. Not an option for many species.


  5. Brooks Bridges wrote:

    ‘Some think there are humans who are crosses with Neanderthal.’

    Rather partial to teas and parties so I hear and vacationing in, or retreating to, Dubai.

  6. Paulm says:

    Perhaps it should be aimed at his foot!

  7. Leif says:

    Maybe just turn the bow around and give the rest of the world a chance to reboot.