Environmental humor

Graphic designer and cartoonist Tobias Lunchbreath lampoons all of those tags made of recycled cardboard telling us where our money goes:

Via Treehugger, who notes, “More at Lunch Breath, found on Core77.”

3 Responses to Environmental humor

  1. Jeff Huggins says:

    Montaigne and Marketing

    They who in my time have attempted to correct the manners of the world by new opinions, reform seeming vices; but the essential vices they leave as they were, if indeed they do not augment them, and augmentation is therein to be feared; we defer all other well doing upon the account of these external reformations, of less cost and greater show, and thereby expiate good cheap, for the other natural, consubstantial, and intestine vices.

    – Montaigne, Selected Essays (Of Repentance), translated by Charles Cotton, p. 267

  2. lizardo says:

    Too funny. By the way, those nasty re-usable grocery bags from your local supermarket, Wal-Mart, big box and even local health co-op etc. aren’t all particularly useful. I got one from an auto repair shop in return for a huge bill and it split the first time I used it (nasty material anyhow). It was less effective than re-using a paper sack (though I take canvas totes I get for a buck or so from my local PTA thrift shop etc.).

    Sorry, off topic but really this part-of-the-proceeds has been jumped on big time by all kinds of malignant marketing..

  3. Rattus Norvegicus says:

    This reminds of a street musician who used to perform on the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz back in the 1980’s. He was a pretty fair banjo picker and performed dressed in a nice white suit.

    He had a pie chart in his banjo case which described “where your money goes”. Categories included fancy clothes, fast women, liquor, with a small slice dedicated to banjo strings.