Vote to help young solutionaries raise $50,000 for green economy programs

So I was voting for Campus Progress, CAP’s youth arm, which has a chance to win $50,000 to train and support young journalists — by clicking here, which, by the way you can do every day through Tuesday.

And I came across another worthy group in the progressive slate vying for funds in the Pepsi giveaway:

Grand Aspirations prepares the next generation of leaders to create climate solutions that renew local economies and advance social justice. Since 2008, our volunteer youth leaders have reached 11 cities nationwide, training 250+ leaders ages 15-30 to work with their communities as solutionaries.

Idea Image


  • Support and mentor 24 youth leaders to launch summer programs
  • Help them initiate 12 green economy projects nationwide in 2011
  • Assist them to train 150 or more peers as green economy innovators
  • Develop sustainable food, transit, energy, housing, and jobs programs
  • Create a national learning community of youth innovators

Click here to help the young Climate Hawks at Campus Progress AND the young solutionaries of Grand Aspirations.

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