Fox News Launches Assault On Cancun Climate Talks

The Wonk Room will be covering the United Nations climate talks in Cancun, Mexico for their duration, with on-the-ground reports beginning later this week.

At a Heritage Foundation event last month, the head of the Koch Industries front group Americans For Prosperity unveiled a new, focus-group-tested messaging strategy to attack climate science and policy. In a wide-ranging discussion with conservative bloggers, AFP president Tim Phillips said that it was now safe to smear climate scientists “because of the UK email scandals,” and that “the other thing that we’re really pushing with allies is the myth of green jobs.”

With the onset of the Cancun climate talks, hosts and guests on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and Fox Business Network are implementing a furious assault against climate action, using the Americans For Prosperity playbook. On Fox Business Network on Sunday, six panelists agreed that supporters of climate policy are trying to dismantle capitalism, citing the “Marxist” Van Jones and arguing that there isn’t a “single free-market capitalist” that wants to fight global warming (other than Bill Gates, Richard Branson, the members of USCAP, BICEP, BELC, BusinessEurope, and so on):

Global warming “hysteria” is “crap,” Greg Gutfield argued this Sunday on Fox News, calling anyone who disagrees a “racist, homophobic globalphobe.” (On the other hand, comedian Amy Schumer compares global warming denial to ignoring warnings about obesity and drunkenness.) He and his guests cited “Climategate” to dismiss the threat of global warming pollution:

On Monday, right-wing contrarian Bjorn Lomborg agreed with Fox Business Network’s David Asman that “Climategate” delegitimized climate scientists, and argued that we have “twenty to forty years” to spend on researching new technology for global warming:

On Monday, Fox News’s Neil Cavuto hosted stunt climate denier Phelim McAleer, who was upset that he wasn’t allowed to practice “journalism” at the Cancun talks by dressing up in a dog suit:

Meanwhile, extreme storms are leaving a path of destruction from Mississippi to Virginia, and Perth, Australia, has had its hottest spring ever, with its “first November heat wave for 32 years.”

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