Pachauri debunks right-wing myths about IPCC

Right-wing opponents of climate action such as Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and Koch Industries’ Americans For Prosperity have attempted to demonize climate scientists as part of a corrupt, conspiratorial United Nations bureaucracy trying to accumulate money and power. In an interview on Friday with the Wonk Room, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), explained the reality of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization.

Since its founding in 1988, it has functioned as a grassroots, volunteer organization of the world’s top climate scientists, working gratis to synthesize their research for the public interest:

The beauty of the organization is that all the scientists the best scientists all over the world volunteer their time, without a single penny being paid by the IPCC.

“We are a very lean organization,” Pachauri explained. The entire annual budget is on the order of five to six million dollars a year. He grinned as he described that the “bureaucracy” of the IPCC Secretariat “” the paid staff of the organization “” has ballooned, after 17 years of having only five people, to ten people. The thousands of scientists who volunteer their time and effort have committed their lives to research, he said, and they want to be part of the “great mission” of the IPCC to make the science of climate change clear to the world.

In remarks delivered earlier in the day at the Climate Change Communication Forum, Pachauri said that one of the tasks the IPCC needs to take on in the future is to be able to effectively counter disinformation spread by hostile interests. “There is clearly an attempt in some cases to spread information that is far from the truth, which is inaccurate,” he said. “It is the responsibility of the IPCC “” as a body serving the larger interests of society “” to be able to take care of that reality. So I think that our challenge is cut out for us.”

— Brad Johnson, in a Wonk Room cross-post

5 Responses to Pachauri debunks right-wing myths about IPCC

  1. Dean says:

    While an effort to “counter disinformation spread by hostile interests” is critical, I’m not sure the IPCC is who should do it.

  2. caerbannog says:

    Faux News headline:

    “IPCC Bureaucracy Doubles in Size!!!”

  3. OregonStream says:

    Wouldn’t be surprising, caerbannog. I wonder if anyone has badly taken his remarks from last week out of context yet. “There are huge gaps in the research” (in terms of the oceans and potential of amplifying carbon feedback), and we need to “get a handle” (better handle?) “on how much and how quickly the world will warm in decades to come”.

    The denier spin machine should be calling for more research sans action, and simultaneously complaining about the expense.

  4. Ed Hummel says:

    Koch industries, et al. have no concept of what it means to do something without making a lot of money from the enterprise. It is just beyond their comprehension that someone would do anything and not get paid, or get paid very little. That someone would do anything simply for the love of it never seems to cross their minds, or if it does, such a thought would immediately make them label such a person an idiot who doesn’t understand the value of anything. To them, value means $$$$$$$. Anyone who doesn’t agree with such a concept is not deemed worthy to be taken seriously, and must be crushed completely before such blasphemy gets into general circulation among the bamboozled masses. Therefore, any potentially altruistic and powerful group must be completely discredited and destroyed by all means necessary. Accroding to this view, the IPCC is just such an organization and so cannot be allowed to exist as a viable entity that can actually do what it was set up to do, especially if doing it leads to less money and power for Koch Industries, et al. And since the bamboozled masses have been hypnotized into believing that the only thing that has value in our “modern civilization” is $$$$$, they can be easily manipulated into believing such crap as Al Gore and the IPCC scientists are just out to get rich off the great Global Warming Hoax, and that the Nobel Committee is in on the conspiracy because they gave out the Peace prizes to these individuals, etc., ad nauseum.

    Pachauri is completely right to say that the lies and misinformation need to be immediately refuted when the Kochs and their ilk spread their garbage to the unwitting masses. Too bad he didn’t come on strongly years ago; but better late than never. And it is very important especially that little snippets taken out of context are immediately refuted and clarified before they can go viral. In fact the media campaign to refute such garbage must be even stronger than the original misinformation. Maybe George Soros and others likel him would be willing to fund such counterattacks.

  5. Raul M. says:

    Not to mention how the senator could
    afford 2+ homes + multiple extras if
    They were to actually pay proportional
    amounts in taxes. Yep, big gaps in
    research and debate time.