Cartoon: Santa Claus’ counterproductive coal policy

Human-caused global warming is poised to sink anything that happens to be residing on the North Pole into the chilly Arctic deep– see The war on Santa Claus (and Superman)

And that suggests Santa needs to rethink his policy for dealing with naughty children — as Non Sequitor makes clear:

Of course, I’m sure the climate-destroying conservatives would try to block any such change — see “Right wing bullies Build-A-Bear into removing videos about manmade climate change.”

6 Responses to Cartoon: Santa Claus’ counterproductive coal policy

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    Anyone who remembers bullies from his schoolyard days will also recall that they were punks, trying to compensate for their wasted lives. Kind of like the oil and coal companies.

    The real tough guys are Romm and Hansen. It’s nice to know that you won’t give up. Merry Christmas to you and everyone else here.

  2. Robert says:

    How about replacing the lump of coal with a lump of biochar?

  3. Ziyu says:

    How about organic broccoli? For all we know, lots of chemicals may have been used in normal broccoli that may have released tons of greenhouse gases.

  4. OregonStream says:

    Coal is a fossil shill’s best friend, so how about some coal ASH in their stockings instead?

  5. Russell says:

    Coal continues to outperform broccoli as an inflation hedge, and being 100% organic and pesticide free deserves equal billing on school lunch menus.

  6. Julie K. says:

    That is a hilarious idea.You could put something like spinach in, it would put off children from being bad because they usually do not like it and you would still be green, literally ! You’ve made my day with this picture.