The most viewed ClimateProgress post of the year

You probably won’t be able to guess which one it is, but here’s a hint.  It’s currently somewhere on the front page of ClimateProgress.

For the answer, click here.

If I’m reading my Webstats correctly, that video has been played several hundred thousand times this year, so you can expect it to stay on the front page for a long time.

By way of explanation, the only word that comes to mind is schadenfreude.  Still, the world needs to laugh, now more than ever….

5 Responses to The most viewed ClimateProgress post of the year

  1. Anderlan says:

    This may be somewhat due to a glitch. Sometimes I would scroll back in order to peruse older posts, and that would show up way out of order, or be the first in a large set of posts rendered out of order. Then I would have to scroll through half a year before I got back on track to the more recent posts. Maybe something about the way it was re-posted from the archive periodically, it took some other posts with it. In future, create a new post, and re-link the video in the new post, maybe.

  2. Michael says:

    I actually guessed correctly; I had previously noticed that the front page lists the most recent posts, back to December 24, then older ones (presumably listed by popularity since they are out of order); the one you mention was the first such older post after the last of the recent posts.

  3. You may want to scrutinize your stats a little more. How long do people stay on the page? It is much longer than the duration of the video? Or much longer than the average duration for CP?

    I would be curious about a few other stats:

    What is CPs strongest referring page?
    What countries view CP?
    What percentage of views from .gov and .mil computer systems?

  4. Ominous Clouds Overhead says:

    I’m not surprised. It’s hilarious, and I myself have watched it several times.

  5. paulm says:

    It’s a gas!

    So what was the 2nd most viewed page?

    Why not publish as many sats as you feel comfortable doing….I for one would find it interesting and informative.

    [JR: I will.]