What was the best climate or energy humor of 2010?

Not counting the unintentionally funny stuff — like Conservapedia, WattsUpWithThat, and Christine O’Donnell commercials — what was the best climate or energy humor of 2010?

I have a collection here you can review and vote on — also the comments section of many of the humor posts have great links.  Feel free to post your own picks.

Here are a couple of my favorite cartoons, starting with the best Toles cartoon ever:

And here’s a great BP Oil Disaster cartoon, though apparently only if you are into gallows humor — which, sadly, will probably be the main form of humor within a few decades:

Other favorites of mine include:

Lastly, I never did get around to posting on it, but the fake BP Twitter feed was brilliant:




29 Responses to What was the best climate or energy humor of 2010?

  1. Colorado Bob says:

    BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — Almost a foot (300 millimeters) of rain in just a few hours renewed flood fears in Australia’s already waterlogged Queensland state Saturday, sending a surging river over its banks and into another large town.

    [JR: Uhh, not funny!]

  2. Robert Brulle says:

    The BP coffee spill video – seconded.

  3. What a difficult task. All we can do is find humorous wrappings that surround and sweeten horrific information.

    Thanks for trying. Yes, I want to find humor in watching our intelligent species as it tries to stop blundering to make a wise decision.

    We are our own clowns and buffoons.

    I guess it is all a parade – and one either marches or watches.

  4. fj3 says:


    Proof of Global Warming in the Adirondacks

  5. Climate Warrior says:

    My absolute favorite this year:

    The global warming jokes begin at 3:40, but it’s worth watching the whole thing for the humor about media coverage of weather.

  6. Esop says:

    I gotta vote for Shimkus. There is no way that guy can be serious. Devolution hasn’t gotten that far yet.

  7. Wit's End says:

    Well, jR, it’s not nearly the “best” of humor but it is my own clumsy attempt made this morning, just for this post:

  8. Wit's End says:

    I forgot the disclaimer, any resemblance the geeky cartoon scientist bears to my ex-husband is PURELY coincidental!

  9. Al says:

    Sorry this is off-topic, but could you provide a permanent open thread for misc. comments/questions, or can I just ask here? e.g. I would like to ask a question about recent flooding:
    I understand Pakistan is 800,000 km^2 and 20% was flooded, and that Queensland is 1.1E6 km^2 with 50% flooded, making it over twice as bad in geographic extent (though not in human suffering). Is it a fair comparison, or is Australia’s flooding less significant, e.g. much shallower, likely to dissipate more quickly, etc?

  10. Anna Haynes says:

    Folks, this is the humor thread; try the open thread (link)
    (and Joe, maybe you should create the wkend’s open thread first?)

    [JR: My bad. Won’t happen again, unless it does….]

  11. BrooklineTom says:

    Thanks for the redirect, Anna.

    I’ll happily resubmit my comment on the open thread if that’s more appropriate, or Joe can of course relocate my comment if that’s easier.

  12. Xela says:

    My favorite is when Bastardi once again shows that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This time he demonstrates that he doesn’t know the difference between temperature and temperature anomaly!

    Really funny! :)

  13. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    1)The coffee spill.
    2)The Daily Show – Unusually large snow storm

    I want to vote for them all, I have had a good laugh today.
    I check this site evey day, but it appears I have missed so much.

  14. Rattus Norvegicus says:

    I would suggest just about anything from:

    The satire is brilliant.

  15. adelady says:

    16 Steve, yes. But remember this is the third in a side-splitting sequence on graphing. (I do realise that the first one is out of the requisite period.)

  16. I’m partial to the “Onion” piece, “Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem.”,18431/

  17. adelady says:

    And may I put in another word in favout of “The Coffee Spill”.

  18. Anne says:

    This is cheating, as it’s a few years old now — but the YES MEN going around getting people to sign a petition in favor of global warming and Bush’s policies on climate change as a US weapon against other nations is, well, just perfect satire.

  19. adelady says:

    These 2 are really in-jokes for those of us who follow the ins and outs of climate blogs, so I wouldn’t expect them to earn a podium result. But the comments on the DenialDepot post are worth the time it takes to read them (if you’re familiar with the topic.)

  20. A face in the clouds says:

    I vote for the look on the face of the blonde headed woman sitting behind Shimkus.

  21. Graham says:

    @27. A face in the clouds
    Is this the link?
    Gawd. Is Shimkus to the sceptics what Flannery is to the alarmists? With friends like that….!