Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow want to destroy tomorrow for their fellow collegians


How self-destructively anti-science are the next generation of conservatives? The New Republic‘s Bradford Plumer visited the booths at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in DC and reported this:

The Collegians For a Constructive Tomorrow let passersby hurl eggs at pinup photos of Al Gore and Penn State paleoclimatologist Michael Mann; I saw one girl chuck an egg so vehemently that she has to leap back to avoid the splatter.

Yes, not content with being a small part of the most successful disinformation campaign in human history, CFACT delights in throwing eggs at photos of our Nobel prize-winning former vice president and one of the country’s top climatologists — two much-vindicated climate hawks whose only crime is trying to provide accurate information to the public and policymakers in an effort to preserve a livable climate for the next generation, including the ignorant young woman depicted here.

I saw this item at The Hill and figured somebody over at the CFACT website would have gleefully have tweeted some photo.  Sure enough, “CPAC attendees are having a blast egging Al Gore”  I guess they don’t call it “twitpic” for nothing.

The group is more properly named Collegians For a Destructive Tomorrow because once you ruin a livable climate, you pretty much start to destroy all other living things:

48 Responses to Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow want to destroy tomorrow for their fellow collegians

  1. Dano says:

    Some people are dumb, some ignorant. Some have their ideology and self-identity swamp their cognitive function. News at 11.



  2. Joan Savage says:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Bob Doublin says:

    I know it’s not true but every once in awhile I just can’t help obsessing on the phrase “Never trust anyone UNDER 30.” Aren’t those “activists” who targeted ACORN and just recently Planned Parenthood under 25?

  4. denim says:

    “phytoplankton” Shades of Charlton Heston’s 1973 movie “Soylent Green”. As I recall the science fiction plot was that the future food supply was plankton. However, it died off. The solution was a new food called Soylent Green. That was made from the bodies of citizen’s who chose euthanasia rather than eat their friends.

  5. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I’m afraid that this is simply a little manifestation of a truly sinister and threatening development. The Right has gotten its way for years, through violence and intimidation where necessary, and through the weight of money power transmitted by media and political control. Societies have become crueler, more punitive, more unequal, the rich have grown vastly richer and business prerogatives have expanded relentlessly and become humanity’s de facto New Commandments. But, of course, one thing that the Right cannot abide is being resisted and being shown up as the intellectually bereft and morally insane bigots that they are. And anthropogenic climate disruption is the cause that has brought this intolerable insubordination to a head. The science is as well established as any, the evidence of disruption mounts and mounts, and the public, despite incessant brainwashing by the Rightwing media, is aware that something hideous is afoot. So how does the Right react to these set-backs. Just as you would expect, with growing hysteria and mounting abuse and rhetorical violence. I find it tremendously relaxing coming here, because every other blog that covers climate disruption, particularly those ‘moderated’ by the MSM, are very quickly over-run by screeching, demented, histrionic denialists. The ABC ‘The Drum’, in Australia, is a perfect example, where the most lurid denialist idiocies are routinely published, like the claim that CO2 levels in the 19th century were actually as high as 500 ppm, and that claims that they were just 280 ppm are ‘warmist’ lies. I know that at times 90% of my contributions are censored, but denialist trolls get post after post of concerted imbecility and mendacity. Of course this soon drives people away, no doubt the intention of the ‘moderators’ who, like the rest of the ABC, are invariably of the Right, following the Great Purge that Howard inflicted on the organisation in the 1990s. I’d say that the dawning of the age of irrefutable evidence of climate disruption will see a turn by the Right to yet greater levels of invective, coercion, censorship and brainwashing. It is the only way they know how to act and it has always worked for them in the past.

  6. Jay Alt says:

    Telling people they must change their lifestyle can make them angry. It’s a common response.

  7. George Ennis says:

    Most people are fearful of change and that is more the case for those who are privileged. They are not cognitively able to accept that the way many of us live our lives in the developed economies is simply not sustainable.

    Unfortunately I fear that before we can get them to accept that we are all in the same lifeboat it may be too late to make any difference in outcomes.

  8. Mike says:

    And they wonder why so few scientists vote Republican?

  9. Steve K says:

    Yes, one would have thought that people with a supposedly higher level of education could find more positive forms of self expression.
    I suppose when you have an indefensible position you have to resort to ridicule and aggression, because there is no room for logical debate!

  10. Holly Stick says:

    A new term for deniers – cornered rats.

  11. Scrooge says:

    I have to wonder if they even know who Al Gore or MM are. And if they were asked and they were able to come up with hockey stick, I would ask them which hockey stick

  12. From the crayon markings, this is infantile iconoclasm.

  13. Peter M says:

    All here, we have our work cut out for us. I talked to my state reps office here in Connecticut about a state law- and I dared switch to the subject of AGW- Now this was an aide of my state rep- A Democrat. The Aide was a local member of College Democrats. And this guy still bought the BS, that there where ‘two sides’ to be heard about AGW.

    By the time this young man is informed- it will be in fact over for us. I recommended he read Hansen’s book.

    The American public has been brainwashed CP readers- I feel so disillusioned.

  14. Gord says:

    Say you are a male and 20 years old. How long have your had your adult brain? Some males don’t get theirs until their early 30’s. For women it can be quite a different story. They can get theirs in their late teens.

    So my point is that no matter the college attended, an undergraduate has only had their adult brain on average for a few years.

    Critical thinking is hard to do and take lots of practice and maybe a few courses in Philosophy … whatever, it will not be found in the average student in their late teens in a state that is fully operational.

    College is the place to be exposed to many ‘crazy’ ideas … ideas that are totally out of the range of ideas the student grew up with. To make a college a recruiting ground for minds that have not developed their full slate of critical abilities undermines the function of College and the College experience.

    The CPAC is horribly wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start.

  15. tst says:

    Here’s a link to a great Boston Globe piece that details how the mind works, and that explains why facts can actually be counterproductive when you’re talking about issues like climate change. If you have a second, I highly recommend you check this one out.

  16. David B. Benson says:

    Paul Krugmam’s Eat The Future:
    is indiectly related.

  17. David Fox says:

    Its like being on an airplane and the pilot comes on and says we’re running out of gas. For proof he has the gas gauge, and the plane is on fumes. Pilot tells the passengers that we have to land and fill up, but they are in control and say no his science is bunk.

    THESE people are actively joyous in their denial of the obvious. The engines are faltering and sputtering, yet they throw eggs at the pilot for trying to save them.

  18. 350 Now says:

    Mike @ #9 – I agree and wonder if a right wing bigot can produce anything but rw bigot kids. I hope I’m wrong. I saw similar behavior back in March, 2003 in the run up to the invasion on Iraq. TV news in the south repeatedly ran footage of former fans destroying music CDs of the Dixie Chicks.

    How odd, I thought to spend perhaps $100 or more on all their favorite CDs only to delight in destroying them before RW camera crews. I pinned it off to bigoted parents since impressionable teen girls usually aren’t politically committed at that age. Wonder what the parents promised them to do this. One thing is sure – the music didn’t change overnight. The rw venom was ugly, just as eggs on Gore/Mann photos above.

  19. Zetetic says:

    OK, I can sort-of understand the desire to poke some juvenile fun at a member of the political opposition, especially if one happens to be a ideologue. I don’t agree with it, but I can sort-of understand where the impulse is coming from on an primal “chimp-logic” emotional level of demonizing the “outsiders”.

    But to also target a respected scientist just for coming up with an answer you don’t like?

    It seems that we’re going to be dealing with the Republican party’s war on any science that isn’t related to warfare for quite sometime in the future. That’s not good for either the USA or the planet.

  20. Prokaryotes says:

    Minions of Fascism.

  21. David B. Benson says:

    Prokaryotes @21 — I fear you have the rightwing of it.

  22. dbmetzger says:

    Meanwhile South Korea is being snowed in as the cycle of extreme weather continues…
    South Korea Buried Under Heaviest Snowfall in 100 Years
    Various regions in South Korea were struggling on Monday with waist-high snow that blanketed the country’s east coast. The record-breaking snowfall stranded hundreds and caused severe damage to local agriculture.

  23. GFW says:

    And on top of it all, they’re wasting food.

  24. Steve says:

    Meanwhile pollinating insects are in accelerating decline all around the world with many species of bumblebee in North America now on the verge of extinction. One out of every three bites of food we put in our mouths comes from a pollinator. There is nothing that focuses attention more than a hungry belly. I fear that’s what it will take to bring people to their senses. I am pessimistic that meaningful action to save our climate will be in time.

  25. Steve says:

    I forgot to include the link for decling bee populations:

    “Bees in freefall as study shows sharp US decline”

  26. Same Ordinary Fool says:

    Hopefully the Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow will have their names, with a group photo, recorded in the school Yearbook for…posterity.

  27. Sou says:

    People are wired to expect life will get better. Each generation works to make life better for them and their children than it was for their parents and grandparents. The baby boomer generation and, more particularly, their children were the ‘peak’ generations in the last century, in that the baby boomers’ parents suffered the depression and a war and their grandparents suffered two world wars and a depression. The children of the baby boomers had the best time of anyone, benefiting most from the boom of the second half of the twentieth century.

    With the population having grown to an unsustainable level, resources no longer increasing and the climate changing for the worse, it is quite unrealistic for anyone to think that future generations will continue to have a steep rise in health, wealth and prosperity. Health will suffer because of overcrowding as people migrate from areas no longer liveable. Personal wealth will suffer as people need to pay the cost of adaptation to a more densely populated world and to cope with weather disasters and the changing climate.

    The actions of these young people is a mindless attack on the messengers. If their efforts went instead into working towards a sustainable future, they may find that living standards will improve rather than diminish, and their children and grandchildren will once again look forward to a better life than their antecedents had.

    I place a lot of hope in the youth of today, viewing the people in this article as the minority. Young people today have the benefit of unparalleled information and, except in some countries, vastly better education than previous generations. The signs are there that young people are taking their responsibilities very seriously. As they mature and take on positions of responsibility, I have hope that they will continue to work to improve the world as many of their parents and grandparents have done and are still doing.

  28. Ziyu says:

    @ #23 dbmetzger
    Luckily, South Korea is becoming one of the leaders in clean energy.

  29. AA says:

    Meanwhile, New Zealand is having its hottest February, and probably hottest month, ever recorded.

  30. Zetetic says:

    @ Villabolo:
    Hopefully there will still be some courts left by that point….

  31. Len Conly says:

    I tried contacting CFACT at the email address provided on their website this evening

    The email was returned with message “No such user here.”

    “Contact Us

    If you are interested in starting a chapter, please email us at

    We’ll get you the tools and information you need to succeed on your campus!”

  32. Richard Brenne says:

    The young woman pointing looks on with no evident moral compass.

    Growing up in the 1960s and early 1970s I had teachers with strong critical thinking skills who help pass those on to me and my friends. They didn’t comment on this directly but I thought all cars and especially the biggest status symbols like Cadillacs were jokes (a friend of mine called them high-cost, low-value ego-transporters) when I was in my middle teens, so if the circumstances are right one can develop critical thinking skills at any age.

    Bob Doublin’s comment is interesting, because other than Ian (who famously asked “What should I do with my life” on this blog) and Some European, who is 26 and very wise, most of the wisdom about what’s happening to our planet, species and all other species has come mostly later in life, usually not until one’s forties and often not until one’s fifties. I’ve noticed that the conversations I seek about the really big picture with a true holistic view are rarely with anyone much under about 50. Maybe there is something to that wisdom thing after all, which every society in human history has known except ours, because we’re so obsessed with selling everything, including our souls, that we’ve told young people who buy infinitely more than old people that they’re all and always smarter than old people, when they’re not.

    Everyone panders to young people, telling them lies about how brilliant they are when compared to people of all ages often their wisdom and perspective is mediocre at best. They can do brilliant math and physics calculations in their twenties, but knowledge and computational skills and even creativity are not wisdom, which requires experience, perspective and morality in addition to knowledge.

    The latest and best scientific knowledge about the myriad aspects of climate change includes the work of top physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians and virtually every other academic discipline. If you reject the latest and best science without counter-evidence, you are simply, completely and merely an uneducated person, no matter what your age, title or accomplishments.

    If I were made King of the Universe (this is only in the discussion stages), not only would I not award a degree to anyone who willfully, wantonly and ideologically disregards evidence of all kinds, I would take away all credits for high, middle and elementary school as well and start over.

  33. Al says:

    CFACT: Conservatives for a Climate Tragedy

    I think it’s a fitting name.

  34. E.A. says:

    Ha, guess who she worked for before she was throwing eggs during a CPAC conference?????:

    KAP Associate
    Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
    (Non-Profit; Philanthropy industry)
    June 2009 — June 2010 (1 year 1 month)

  35. 350 Now says:

    What is more scary than a climate zombie congress?

    An entire generation of them, too immature to think critically and working feverishly to protect their wasteful, high carbon lifestyle (funded by Mum and Dad, by the way_)

    If you have ginger ale nearby for nausea, poke around this site:

  36. Scrooge says:

    I understand there are two conflicts here. One scientific and one political. I want to call these kids Koch youth. But if they were pictures of Inhofe, Paul, Rubio, Koch, etc I wouldn’t be upset. So let’s accept the political challenge. The political challenge may have to be fought like the civil rights movement.

  37. Christopher S. Johnson says:

    #35 EA,

    Wow! Thanks for the find.

  38. Mike Roddy says:

    The foot soldiers are usually more fanatical than the leaders, since they are the ones who have to commit the atrocities on the ground. People like the Kochs are actually quite cynical, and delight in getting others to do their dirty deeds for them.

  39. Mike says:

    Someone should do a little photo shopping and replace the photos with MLK and Einstein and put a white conical hat on Michelle’s head. It will help her understand her roots.

  40. Colorado Bob says:

    To be a winger, one must be forever stuck in middle school.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The person in that photo is Christina Wilson. She works for CFACT. I can attest from personal experience that she is not only ignorant but also a bigot. What a combo!

  42. Mickey says:

    Actually this is pretty tame for the right. Using Al Gore and Michael Mann’s posters as targets at a shooting range seems more like your right wing thing to do. After all, the right loves their guns. Not that I would suggest doing this, but I can just imagine the right firing shots at the supporters of climate change action they despise.

  43. Deborah Stark says:

    Lovely young woman. Her parents must be very proud of her.

  44. Mickey says:

    #46 I am sure her parents are proud of her. Its pretty rare for parents to be supporters of AGW while their children are skeptics. If anything its usually the other way around. For one those in their 20s will actually experience the negative impacts if changes aren’t made while those over 50 will probably be dead by the time the worse happens.

  45. Deborah Stark says:

    Mickey, I hope you detected the high level of sarcasm in my remark. After some 10 years of being sucked into “debating” these freaks I am instantaneously (and permanently) repulsed by the sight of them. I got the hell away from attempting to civilly engage with them two years ago. My sanity was most definitely at stake and my patience just plain ran out.

  46. Girma says:

    In science, if recent observation is nearly identical to past observation, no new theory is required to explain the recent observation.

    This axiom applies to man-made global warming:

    Recent observation: Global warming of 0.48 deg C in a 30-year period from 1970 to 2000
    Past observation: Global warming of 0.45 deg C in the a 30-year period from 1910 to 1940

    As the recent observation is nearly identical to the past one, man-made global warming is not supported by the observed data.

    Note that from 1940 to 2000, human carbon emission increased by 235 Billion metric tons (current annual human carbon emission is about 8 Billion metric tones).

    Recent observation: global warming plateau since 2000