Upton’s constituents oppose anti-EPA legislation

Pete Altman, reposted from NRDC’s Switchboard blog.

Several media outlets covered the poll we released yesterday.  Politico Pro (subs. req’d) wrote:

Poll: Upton’s constituents oppose anti-EPA legislation

“Sixty-two percent of Fred Upton’s constituents oppose the House Energy and Commerce chairman’s attempt to thwart EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases and other pollutants…”

And the National Journal reports


“Sixty-two percent of House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton‘s Michigan constituents oppose his bill to handcuff EPA’s climate rules…”

And E&E News did a great in-depth story on the polling:

“Environmentalists today released polls that found a majority of independent voters in the swing districts of nine House Energy and Commerce Committee members oppose legislation that would halt U.S. EPA action on greenhouse gas emissions.”

And goes on to discuss poll results by party (all of which is available through my initial blog on this), including this great comment by Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling which conducted the research for us:

“…For newly elected lawmakers such as Gardner and Kinzinger, Jensen added, alienating independents is “something they have to be very careful about if they want to be around for more than one term.”

And The Hill zeroed in on the questions showing that the public puts a priority on protecting our health:

“When presented with arguments by the manufacturing industry that EPA climate regulations threaten American jobs as well as arguments that efforts to block EPA climate rules would harm public health, the majority of those polled said they oppose legislation by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and others to take away the agency’s climate authority.”

— Pete Altman, reposted from Switchboard

7 Responses to Upton’s constituents oppose anti-EPA legislation

  1. Scrooge says:

    Does it matter what the poll says. We will find out if he works for michigan or Koch.

  2. John McCormick says:

    The repugs are automatons.

    They are not programmed to read poll results.

    Note the House votes in last congress when ALL repugs voted against something. Strange, these elected representatives. They do not represent.

    John McCormick

  3. Prokaryotes says:

    Why again we are Flip Flopping?

  4. 350 Now says:

    Send your legislator the link below. Who knows – they or a staffer might even view it. It’s worth the half minute effort.

    Thanks to the CP poster yesterday who suggested the Skeptical Science website to me. I have the SS iphone app but was unaware of the marvelous, easy to understand info on their site.

    There I discovered a link to John Price’s 6 minute video which is plainly spoken (in a Sean Connery-like voice), beautifully presented, and scary as hell.

    More at

    The YouTube has been up a year and has 52 views. It should have 52,000,000 views. Let’s help promote it.

  5. rickstersays says:

    i didn’t get polled but i called fred and complained. he has sold his soul and gone over to the dark side and i told him so. also sent a letter to the editor over the issue.

  6. Scrooge says:

    Scrooge watched and thought he was looking in a mirror.
    Scrooge doesn’t sound like Sean Connery but like many who watched James Bond he has a son named Sean.

    I will make sure my kids see this and they can determine if the grandkids do.

  7. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Upton’s real ‘constituents’ are not the ‘little people’ who cast their votes, but the business plutocrats whose dollars’ cast their votes in a shadow election where the motto is ‘One dollar, one vote’. If Upton gets into trouble, electorally, his business masters will rush to his rescue, with some loose change to run propaganda campaigns to paint him as a cross between Jesus and, say, Chuck Norris, and any insurgent opposition as the spawn of Satan. I mean, it’s just like shelling peas.