FLASHBACK: Michele Bachmann’s Goofy Global Warming Denial

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who revealed Thursday plans to run for president, is no run-of-the-mill global warming denier. Rather, she is what one might call a climate fantasist, tinged with an element of evangelical certitude, with a side of word salad. On the House floor on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, Bachmann argued that the threat of manmade global warming doesn’t make any sense because “carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of nature“:

Carbon dioxide, Mister Speaker, is a natural byproduct of nature. Carbon dioxide is natural. It occurs in Earth. It is a part of the regular lifecycle of Earth. In fact, life on planet Earth can’t even exist without carbon dioxide. So necessary is it to human life, to animal life, to plant life, to the oceans, to the vegetation that’s on the Earth, to the, to the fowl that — that flies in the air, we need to have carbon dioxide as part of the fundamental lifecycle of Earth.

Her speech only gets better from there.

Watch it:

Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR), later in the evening, demolished Bachmann for “making things up on the floor of the House.”

Full transcript at the original 2009 Wonk Room post.

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