CBS stunner: Climate Progress blogger Joe Romm has joined the Tea Party movement!

Washington, DC, April 1 “” CBS News has obtained exclusive archival footage providing irrefutable evidence that so-called “progressive” blogger Joe Romm is in fact an active participant in the Tea Party movement.

In this shocking video, Romm, a physicist and former astronaut who blogs at, is asked by a fellow Tea Partier to “talk tea party talk.” And he does — suggesting Romm is no stranger to Tea Party events:

At a hastily-assembled news conference, Dr. Romm said, “Yes. It’s true. I’ve been to perhaps a dozen Tea Party events in the past year. But at least my events involve actual tea! And yes, I ‘talk tea party talk’. You try saying ‘no’ to a 3-year-old.”

FoxNews commentor Sarah Palin said,”How’s that climaty-progressy thing working out for you now, doctor?” Palin said that she could look at climate change from her home in Alaska, when she wasn’t looking at Russia, that is, but was pretty sure it was not actually caused by her looking. Palin said she suspects climate change is occurring even when she isn’t looking. But, of course, she couldn’t be sure.

In a related story, CBS News has learned that a new study by George Mason University finds that 80% of all Tea Parties are held by little girls.

UPDATE:  Dr. Romm confirms that he has been to many Tea Parties since that year-old video, including one as recently as yesterday!

14 Responses to CBS stunner: Climate Progress blogger Joe Romm has joined the Tea Party movement!

  1. dp says:

    i’d kiss newt gingrich on the lips if he had pink heart pattern like that.

  2. Scrooge says:

    Oh no its april 1st I gotta get new tags for my vehicles.

  3. John Mason says:

    From the UK:


    An urgent call for a public enquiry was echoing around the internet this morning following the revelation that some simple mathematical equations that guide UK policy across a wide spectrum of areas might be flawed and the flaw deliberately concealed. For many years, it has been accepted by the establishment that if you add two and two together, you get four. But emails hacked from a leading UK university’s maths department show, it has been alleged, that this is far from established fact. “It’s just a theory, nothing more than that”, one commentator said. Another added, “You can do anything with numbers, get any result you goddam like”, whilst a third said “they probably do make four, but it’s only a small number and there are bigger things to worry about”.

    A university spokesman wearily explained to me that the overwhelming consensus among mathematicians was that two and two indeed did make four, had done so for a very long time and that sceptic claims of some of the twos being written in bold or italics had absolutely no bearing on the outcome. Meanwhile, in a related development, the BBC has come in for criticism for giving airtime to a prominent sceptic, who said on this morning’s Today programme that, in the case of two and two, the maths was far from settled and that it could quite possibly make five. The BBC defended their position, stating that their inclusion of the sceptic argument was “in the interests of balance”. But academics say that the situation is too dangerous to allow any more confusion of what should be acknowledged as settled elementary mathematics. One pointed out that this could otherwise have severe and unpredictable consequences for many people, from darts players to banking executives, “and especially darts players, as their ability to add numbers up correctly is an essential skill in their career development”.

    Cheers – John

  4. John McCormick says:

    Joe, a gem and a jewel.

    John McCormick

  5. Leland Palmer says:

    Wow, she’ looks just like you, Joe.

    But MUCH prettier. :)

  6. Climateer says:


    ”How’s that climaty-progressy thing working out for you…”

    is pitch perfect, still laughing an hour later.

  7. catman306 says:

    Here’s a real reason to stop or at least mitigate climate change. It’s for this young tea party activist and millions like her that we do what we do. And we won’t stop. No foolin’!

  8. John McCormick says:

    John Mason

    I am not a scientist nor mathematician but I believe that University spokesman is having a difficult time convincing us skeptics because he has refused to give us access to his codes.

    When I see “real proof” in a reputable and peer-reviewed journal I may come around to accepting that 2 plus 2 equals 4. Perhaps this matter should come before the US Congressional House Committee on Science. They have the expertise to get to the bottom of this.

    After all, the entire capitalist system may be riding on the validation of this “theory”. I would hate to think that university departments around the world are milking this controversy only to gain government funding. Or worse, are they trying to influence our children to take math seriously? More so, by pursuing this “fourgate” conspiracy, are they somehow trying to set us up to believe that the earth is more than 3,000 plus 3,000 years old?

    You see, we are easily misled by scientists who think they know more than we do. Count your change.

    John McCormick

  9. Richard Brenne says:

    What a gorgeous little girl (the most gorgeous I’ve seen since, of course, my own)! Where did she get that amazing hair?

    She gave you a priceless look toward the end there, because in that look were the seeds of how all our kids look at us when they’re teenagers. (“Da-ad, don’t be such a dork. . .”) What’s even more priceless is that within even those looks as teenagers, there are the seeds of their looking at you again like a three-year-old.

    Whenever I’m in public and hear any child of any age or gender say “Dad” I whirl around, because it sounds just like my own daughter (now 18 and in college).

    We’re all Dads and Moms to all the world’s children.

    It’s enough to make you want to save the world for them. . .

  10. 350 Now says:

    Richard Brenne – your posts make me tear up and get goose flesh. Thanks for reminding us that all the world’s children should be constantly on our minds in these climate issues.

    Wondering if any CP posters are involved with the for Mother’s Day in their area.

    I can’t think of a better way to lobby and bear witness for clean energy than by marching with our kids that week. One of Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people… is to “see the road ahead”. I’m trying to envision the tv networks covering iMatterMarches in every major city, hundreds of small towns here and abroad…

    Poo on us all if we let this event go by unnoticed. New info added every few days or so…

  11. Not so much to smile about these days, but I smiled all the way through this video. So funny the way that we can never predict what children will say, especially not our own. She’s beautiful, Joe. And this reminds me that there are times when we have to put all our concerns aside and live in the moment.

  12. Richard Brenne says:

    Thanks 350 Now (#10), I love all your posts as well.

    Joe, I loved how she disagreed with you about the tea at the end. As parents we want out kids to be independent, critical thinkers, and since her Dad is one of the best I know I can see where she gets it.

    My daughter routinely out-debates me about gender and a growing number of issues, and every time she does I smile and tell her that she has. But she’s only been out-debating me since she got language about 17 years ago.

  13. Snapple says:

    She’s beautiful. I am sure the scientists are thinking of their children and grandchildren when they do their research.

  14. Drew Jones says:

    LOVE this, Joe. Hilarious.