Tea Party played for suckers by their Big Oil backers

The Tea Party tries to portray itself as a legitimate grassroots movement.  But in fact it is backed by Big Oil and the corporate polluters (like the Kochs).

If it is real movement, then it’s one that is easily duped and manipulated by their corporate sponsors.  That’s clear from this Think Progress repost, “VIDEO: Tea Party Activists Oppose Billions In Taxpayer Subsidies To Big Oil.”

During the budget debate, Republicans raised concerns about the deficit to slash spending on financial regulators, the EPA, food stamps, Pell grants, Metro funding, and dozens of other programs that either protect consumers or provide assistance to middle-class Americans. However, when given a chance to end $4 billion a year in taxpayer subsidies to big oil companies, Republicans, along with a few conservative Democrats, voted to extend them. At the sparsely attended “Continuing Revolution” Tea Party rally last Thursday, ThinkProgress spoke to a number of attendees about the GOP’s decision to give over $40 billion over 10 years in taxpayer subsidies to oil companies. A few Tea Party members refused to comment, but every person who was willing to go on record voiced opposition to the oil subsidies supported by the GOP:

FANG: A few weeks ago there was a little known vote, and the House of Representatives voted to extend forty billion dollars in taxpayer money, money that is basically borrowed from China and other countries, to give subsidies to the big oil companies. Forty billion dollars over ten years. What do you think about that?

TEA PARTIER 1: I don’t think the oil companies “” we don’t need to subsidize them […]

FANG: Do you think those taxpayer subsidies are justified? […]

TEA PARTIER 2: No, we’re not happy about that. […]

TEA PARTIER 3: No, they should not have given big oil, big oil has enough to do their own.

TEA PARTIER 4: Let’s cut that, the subsidies, sure.

The real Boston Tea Party, as Thom Hartmann has explained, was a revolt against the East India Company corporation and its oligarchical control over the American colonies. The GOP leadership has hoped that oil company-funded groups, like FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity, can fool current Tea Partiers and other Americans into supporting more giveaways to big oil companies. But when you actually talk to rank and file members, they too are disgusted with the GOP’s loyalty to massively profitable oil companies.

— Lee Fang, in a TP repost.

5 Responses to Tea Party played for suckers by their Big Oil backers

  1. BBHY says:

    The Tea Party folks need to read “The Shock Doctrine”. It might pry open a few of their eyes to the real world.

  2. Wally says:

    I think Tea Party people are primarily white reactionaries who were distressed by the perceived cultural shift in American politics. I suspect that they are afraid of losing their “most favored persons” status in a strange and different new world that Obama represented. Change can be scary for those not prepared for it – and the power elite has played them like a bunch of chumps to gain support for their clandestine purposes.

    The Tea Party has no moral compass.

  3. Mike Roddy says:

    Not all Tea Partiers are dumb- I know a few. Let’s hope that they wake up, and figure out that they’ve been played for suckers.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I reckon that the Tea Party are basically suckers, played along by business controllers, whose egos were fed by all the attention that the Rightwing MSM gave them. I really doubt that there can be many intelligent and informed members as their manipulation by elites who basically despise them just as much as all the other ‘little people’ has been as plain as the nose on your face for some time. Perhaps that is why they are evaporating. Hopefully a few might learn from their experience, but such is the ubiquity, uniformity and intensity of brainwashing in capitalist states to love the rich and despise the rabble (even when you are one of them) that I doubt that their minds are capable of the effort.

  5. Triton says:

    Tea Party members generally don’t read in-depth articles with factual documentation. Talk radio and targeted spiteful blogs generally account for their information base.