Video: Gulf Coast recovery after the BP oilpocalypse

Is BP following through on its pledge to “make things right” in the Gulf Coast? How has the government response been to the spill and what can be improved? What must be done to ensure a robust environmental and economic recovery for the Gulf?

Michael Conathan, CAP’s Director of Ocean Policy, has the answers in this”Ask the Expert” video repost.

(transcript, mp4, YouTube)

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One Response to Video: Gulf Coast recovery after the BP oilpocalypse

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    Good one, thanks. It’s striking that the $75 million liability cap remains in place, similar to the cap on nuclear power plants. We can’t assume that oil companies are going to put money in escrow after a disaster, as BP did.

    This is a clear case of corruption and crony capitalism, to protect the most cash rich companies on earth. Let’s see if the Democrats are willing to change this law, as well as the nuclear liability cap. It would be a smart political move, but, as we’ve learned, this is not always what motivates them.