Polar explorer who worked with Pawlenty “baffled” by his “reckless” flip-flop on climate threat

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) was once a champion of policies like cap-and-trade to combat global warming pollution, but he now calls his past climate leadership “stupid” and a “disaster.”

The polar explorer who worked with Pawlenty to “convince the skeptics” and find solutions to greenhouse pollution from oil and coal, Will Steger, is now “baffled” by Pawlenty’s reversal. Brad Johnson has the story.

In an interview with Mother Jones, Steger says that he believed “morally we were on the same level” when they met in 2006, and praised the governor’s acts of leadership in 2007 to build “unity in this community” around a clean energy economy. Now, however, Steger “” who has conquered both the North Pole and Antarctica “” feels defeated by Pawlenty’s “reckless” abandonment of our children’s future:

“I’m baffled by that””did he actually say that?” says Steger, when asked about Pawlenty’s recent statements. “I’m baffled by that. But I think he’s getting information from the wrong source and it’s really too bad for our children. It’s reckless.”

“A lot of environmentalists think I want to dump on the governor because he changed around,” Steger told Mother Jones. “No, I respect the governor and I’m thankful that he did what he did do. It’s too bad that he couldn’t carry the flag, but in that party, you don’t carry that flag.”

Brad Johnson, in a ThinkProgress repost.

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4 Responses to Polar explorer who worked with Pawlenty “baffled” by his “reckless” flip-flop on climate threat

  1. Jim Groom says:

    Pawlenty lives in a world of self-absorbed, self-serving, adolescent twaddle created to satisfy his political base of small minded members of the Tea group. Tim and his minions who can’t, or won’t, distinguish between reality and illusion will continue their headlong retreat into fantasy. These types who continue clinging to fantasy are drawn to demagogues and charlatans to reassure them and share a conforting illusion. As usual these charlatans, as they have thoughout history, lead the mob, blinded and amused further into fantasy. Pawlenty surely knows reality, but he must follow the playbook of GOP politics if he expects any support. It’s unfortunate since he appears reasonable compared to the rest of the field of dreamers being put forth by the GOP.

  2. Simple. Follow the money:

    “And so while the end-of-the-world scenario will be rife with unimaginable horrors, we believe that the pre-end period will be filled with unprecedented opportunities for profit.” – Robert Mankoff (CartoonBank)

  3. Chad says:

    There is no reason to be baffled. Politicians take whatever position they need to in order to win, and right now for Republicans, this means groveling before the idiocy of the Tea Party and the money of corporations who benefit the most from lightly-regulated markets.

  4. Richard Brenne says:

    There’s an ice floe with Pawlenty’s name on it (actually “Tim” is easier to pee into the rapidly melting snow) at the North Pole in September of 2025 or so. . .