Rosario Dawson hits GOP budget plan, says “immigrants pay more taxes than Exxon!”

Lee Fang, in a Think Progress repost (with video).

On Friday, Politico hosted a star-studded Playbook Breakfast event with the Creative Coalition, an political advocacy organization for the entertainment industry. During the question and answer period, we asked actress Rosario Dawson about the Republican budget plan, which cuts the corporate tax rate and taxes for millionaires.

Dawson, who clarified that she is not a formal member of the Creative Coalition, curtly responded that “no,” celebrities do not need another tax cut. Dawson then followed up and noted that immigrants pay more in taxes than ExxonMobil:

FANG: Hi this is Lee Fang from ThinkProgress. Here in DC after Republicans made large gains in the election last year, the debate started shifting towards giving more tax breaks to large corporations, more tax cuts to the rich. Bank of America for example paid nothing in corporate income taxes last year and now we’re debating the Paul Ryan budget plan that gives large tax cuts to upper income earners. Do you think celebrities or people in the Creative Coalition need another tax cut?

DAWSON: Ok I’m not part of the Creative Coalition but, no.

ALLEN: That’s a lightning round, how’s that!

DAWSON: I will just say immigrants pay more taxes than Exxon!

Watch it:

As we have reported here at ThinkProgress, undocumented immigrants alone paid over $11 billion in taxes into the economy. Tax dodging companies like GE, Bank of America, Boeing, and ExxonMobil routinely pay little to no income taxes at all.

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