Georgia Republican State Rep. Compares Tornado Victims To Idolaters Praying To FEMA

Our guest blogger is Brett Johns, a contributor to Georgia Politico, where this post originally appeared.

On Tuesday, Georgia Republican State Representative Bobby Franklin compared the victims of the massive super cell tornado system that ripped across the southern United States over the weekend to idolaters that “pray to their god, FEMA.” See it in his own words, from his Facebook page:

The death toll from the tornado system is over 340 people, and property insurance companies are estimating the total property damage in the range of $2 billion to $5 billion. The storm system was one of the largest and most powerful seen in the South, and the magnitude of the storm has overwhelmed the resources of many local communities. While FEMA certainly has flaws in its responses, it provides a vital service in times like these.

In Alabama alone, nearly 18,000 households have applied for aid from FEMA. The agency has approved more than $2 million in housing aid and repairs, and another $1.1 million for personal property. Victims of the storm system have praised the response from charities and federal programs.

Franklin’s remarks are not only offensive to the people who are working hard to help people put their lives back together, but also his fellow Christians across the south who have had their houses blown away and are accepting help from their fellow Americans. I wonder what Representative Franklin is doing to help?

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