After voting to keep them, Rep. Joe Walsh tells town hall we ˜absolutely should get rid of oil subsidies

Conservative members of Congress have been feeling the heat all over the country, as a Main Street Movement of everyday Americans have been protesting their efforts to cut crucial services and public investment, including their vote to effectively end Medicare.

Last week, during a town hall in Schaumburg, Illinois, Walsh came face to face with this public anger.  Think Progress has the story and video.

A video of the town hall posted on YouTube shows that a constituent asked why we aren’t reforming the laws that give tax dollars to oil companies that are making huge profits.  Walsh replied by saying that he “absolutely” wants to get rid of subsidies for oil companies:

CONSTITUENT: You say you want reform, how about reforming the banking system that got us into this mess? How about reforming the laws that give away our tax dollars to giant oil companies making record-breaking profits? And gives tax breaks to multi-millionaires. Your constituency wants Social Security, Medicare, and universal health care including the right to women’s health. […]

WALSH: The tax code is a convoluted, complicated mess that members of both parties have created, and the only ones who make out like bandits are big corporations and wealthy Americans because they can pay high-priced support from Congress and high-priced lawyers to find every loophole and they end up like GE not paying any taxes. Give me a simple flat low tax. (mix of booing and cheering) Hold on, hold on, raise your hand you can go at it. Energy subsidies. Absolutely. Absolutely. Get rid of subsidies for oil companies.

Watch it:

Unfortunately, the House Republican caucus voted unanimously last month to protect these very subsidies. Joining Walsh in now condemning the subsidies is Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), who now says we should end them. The question is whether these members of Congress are really serious about ending these giveaways to the oil industry and would change their positions if they once again came up for a vote. (h/t: McGonagleProductions YouTube account)

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5 Responses to After voting to keep them, Rep. Joe Walsh tells town hall we ˜absolutely should get rid of oil subsidies

  1. Some European says:

    The key to being able to pull this off, is having a compliant media. Tell tour voters that you’ll do what they want, do exactly the opposite and get reelected. Only possible in a propaganda-based regime.

  2. Undergrad says:

    Widespread disinformation and a sufficient number of sheeple.

  3. Mike Roddy says:

    Some European is correct. The media does not hold politicians accountable when they just get up and lie like hell, as Walsh did here.

    They think we’re a bunch of suckers.

  4. Carl Schwab says:

    The GOP. The party of lies, blatant lies and more lies. And they will keep it up until the electorate holds them accountable for lying. I’m not holding my breath.

    Another little gem in his response that really gets under my skin is the comment that he supports a simple, flat tax. The Repubs have been very successful in getting the public to accept that a simplified tax code and a flat tax rate are the same issue. Effectively selling a flat tax rate under the guise of tax simplification. Of course that’s a load of BS. We can have a flat tax rate with the same loopholes for those who can hire the best accountants/attorneys and complicated rules, which is probably what we’ll end up with if the Repubs have their way. We can also have a simplified tax code without the loopholes and keep a progressive tax rate. Sadly lots of people who are in favor of simplification term it as being in favor of a flat tax.

  5. Merrelyn Emery says:

    The more I hear about these little incidents, the more convinced I become that there is a crack in the extremist egg. People have an intrinsic sense of fairness and when the economy is bad as it seems to be over there, this sense is going to be amplified, ME