Mike Keefe climate cartoon

“Looks like Greenland’s arrived earlier than expected” — from the winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning:

Mike Keefe Editorial Cartoon

It would appear Keefe has been reading about this:  Arctic Assessment bombshell: “Global sea level is projected to rise by 0.9-1.6 meter by 2100.”³

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6 Responses to Mike Keefe climate cartoon

  1. Solar Jim says:

    Meanwhile corrupt greed-heads at the World Bank are lending almost four billion dollars for a monster coal burner in South Africa, where the next IPCC climate conference is meeting.

    Can you say existential discontinuity?

    Can you say white man crazy, whose fundamentalist religion is economic exploitation and contamination? Condemnation coming soon, some places already arrived. Homes that are financially underwater are now actually underwater.

    I predict one American state completely underwater within ten years.

    See the president ride his jumbo jet, spewing carbonic acid gas, to visit the poor suffering flood, fire, whatever victims. We shall soon all be victims, of the galloping horsemen. I think I hear something.

  2. Jakob Wranne says:

    Climate Change arrives early this spring.

  3. Jeandetaca says:

    Excellent cartoon, that I publish immediatly on our french web site because the translation is easy.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Solar Jim #1, it’s the same in Australia and the UK. In Victoria, in Australia, the new ‘Liberal’ (ie far Right) regime, is reneging (as is now absolutely standard practise, election campaigns having become simply gigantic lie-fests)on an undertaking to downsize the Hazelwood Power Station, which burns brown coal, the most CO2 intense form of coal. And in the UK, the Cameron regime, which lied with practised (Cameron was a PR functionary)aplomb for years concerning its intentions and ideology, has shown, quite audaciously and arrogantly, that its pledge to be ‘the Greenest Government ever’ was perhaps the biggest of all the ‘Big Lies’ it spread over the years. Unless we realise that the Right has NO intention whatsoever to do any environmental good that threatens one cent of business profits, we will get nowhere. There can be no compromise with nor any hope of converting these forces to sanity and moral decency. They only ever get worse, year after year, generation after generation.

  5. sailrick says:

    Check out the latest in coal industry smaltz pretzel logic, at Get Energy Smart! NOW!

    Their PR campaign involves giving $10 inhalers to children suffering from asthma due to coal. Apparently, the follow up to their Christmass caroling coal routine.

    This time, it’s – Coal Cares
    That’s why they are handing out inhalers.

    but – then they have this to say….

    ““Coal Cares™ is emblematic of the return to self-reliance that healthy entrepreneurship demands,”

    “Costly ‘scrubbing’ technology, on the other hand, is an untested and heavy-handed intrusion into our still-vulnerable economy. At Peabody, we’re thinking globally but acting locally, and locating preventive action at the point of consumption, where it belongs.”

    Yeah. Now listen up children. Be responsible and use those inhalers, and never mind what we do.