League of Women Voters says McCaskill’s vote to protect coal polluters “endangered the public health”

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), after a recent vote to protect coal polluters at the expense of children’s health, is now attacking the League of Women Voters. Brad Johnson has the story.

The 91-year-old good-government organization is running television spots that hold McCaskill and Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) accountable for voting to block enforcement of Clean Air Act rules that limit greenhouse pollution, threatening the hundreds of thousands of children with asthma in their states. Watch the McCaskill ad:

Brown attacked the League of Women Voters for partisan “demagoguery.” Now McCaskill is also on the attack, accusing the league of being “bad guys,” a “tacky” front group “hiding donors behind the cloak of their good name”:

McCaskill also took aim at the League of Women Voters, who she said is “fronting for somebody who ran the ad.” “At a minimum, I think the League of Women Voters should not hide behind Citizens United and should be transparent about who’s paying for the ad,” McCaskill said. “I think that’s really tacky for an organization who’s prided itself on transparency and good government, for them to become part of the bad guys who are hiding donors behind the cloak of their good name.”

“These are our ads,” League of Women Voters President Elisabeth MacNamara told Politico. “This is about the issue of public health and the public knows who is speaking. We’ve stood behind and fought for the Clean Air Act for 40 years. At issue is Sen. McCaskill’s vote, which has endangered the public health.”

Brad Johnson in a Think Progress repost.

4 Responses to League of Women Voters says McCaskill’s vote to protect coal polluters “endangered the public health”

  1. jcwinnie says:

    Unlikely there are any consequences since nearly all representatives are doing the same or something similar.

  2. Jim Prall says:

    That’s rich, complaining about issue ads from a broad based membership group like LWV. With all the actual front groups out there funnelling billionaire donations to attack ads, maybe some people forget that LWV has been working for decades based on member support and involvement. Forty years ago I helped my mother stuff envelopes for LWV member actions. (She was very pleased by the introduction of he title ‘Ms.’ , as her mailing list always had some names without ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Miss’ and she never knew which one to type for the postal address.)

  3. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Whenever I see this type, who have no conscience over their actions that harm children, and who even descend to slander and Olympian hypocrisy is accusing others of bad faith, I wonder exactly what ‘the sin without forgiveness’ might be. Surely being complicit in harming children in service to money must be a grand contender.

  4. frang says:

    McCaskill just keeps getting worse. I so regret my small contribution to her campaign in 2006.