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facebook_iconClimate Progress is now on Facebook. Help build our community of people like you who are passionate about climate and energy issues — “like” us and pass the word onto your network of friends and colleagues.

Also, you can connect with us on Twitter and join the nearly 14,000 people who get a steady stream of updates on climate science, policy issues and development of clean energy technologies.  In addition to tweeting the CP headlines with shortened urls as articles are posted, like an old-fashioned news teletype, we’re going to do more direct tweeting, led by clean energy reporter Stephen Lacey.

And on May 31, Climate Progress will be unveiling a major new site redesign that will open up CP to a whole new set of readers while hopefully solving some of the problems folks have been having with comments, among other improvements.  More on that in the coming days.

Thanks for connecting!

NOTE:  I’m bringing this post back up for reasons that will become clear shortly.

13 Responses to Join us on Facebook (and Twitter)

  1. paulm says:

    Yeah, at last!

  2. catman306 says:

    My local paper has a commenting feature allowing readers to + or – any comment. There’s many times when reading ClimateProgress that I want to click on the + because someone has written a really good comment. Or a denier has muddied the water with some nonsense. Adding that feature here would allow some feedback from readers that didn’t involve making another comment.

  3. Peter M says:

    FB wall looks real good! Added some comments.

  4. Mike # 22 says:

    Thanks for the very good news re site growth.

    I have a suggestion on readability. The scientific information presented here is a) essential to understanding the dire situation and b) insufficiently labelled for the average non-scientist new visitor. For example, the first figure here is not readable to most, simply for lack of a clear text (text box?) explainer.



    [JR: Not clear what isn’t clear.]

  5. Mike Roddy says:

    I vote against Facebook and Twitter for this purpose, which are trendy and awkward. Communications here via your posts plus comments and links work fine.

    Those two social media reward vanity and punish complex content, and should be restricted to lonely teenagers, faux cool athletes, and politicians angling for the youth vote. Plus, I’m getting old, and have barely adapted to the internet.

    [JR: If you were my only reader, that would be fine. Gotta reach people multiple ways. Twitter is another ‘feed’ as much an anything else. Facebook as half a billion members.]

  6. Will G. says:

    “Shared” CP on my fbook status.

  7. talonpoint says:

    “Get off my permacultured xeriscaping, you damn kids!” – Mike Roddy

    Just kidding :) Seriously, though… Twitter has shown that it can be used to bring down governments. And although I dislike Facebook intensely, it’s the direction the internet is taking. The youth must be involved with this message, it’s their planet we’re destroying. I have confidence in Joe’s ability to maintain integrity while tipping his hat to modernity. The medium is the message. I am fine with this current site, but it took me a couple of visits to realize that it is in fact the best climate site on the web. The design does not do it justice, I’m really looking forward to seeing it evolve.

    BTW, I’ve noticed that Joe’s posts are more readable on Grist, I think it has to do somewhat with the differences in block indentations. FWIW.

  8. Mike # 22 says:

    [JR: Not clear what isn’t clear.]

    The figure is clear for persons with some science and the time to RTR. It shows that the sea ice in a particular area is shrinking in a remarkably noise-free, second order trend, by month. Who needs models, look at the ice.

    [JR: OK. I added some words. This blog, though widely read, still serves under 0.01% of the population.]

  9. Christopher S. Johnson says:

    Hey, welcome to Facebook! As a visual person may I advise another attempt at the fuzzy profile logo? I want you guys to come across as well as possible!

  10. catman306 says:

    I could listen to this commercial for hours.

    Koch Bros – It’s the evil thing.

  11. Stephen says:

    Christopher — we’re in the process of a re-design, so we’ve had some issues with the logo. We’ve got a new one in the making right now!