Stop the Presses! Climate Progress is getting an Extreme Makeover, home-page edition

I believe a blog should get a big shakeup every two or three years, so Climate Progress is due.  The change-over will occur this weekend.

On Tuesday, the new, improved Climate Progress will debut — fully integrated with my (big) sister blog, Think Progress, which itself is getting an extreme makeover.

Here are some details:

  1. The blog is going down at 3 pm on Friday. At that point, comments (or any posting) will no longer be possible. But you will still have access to visit the old site in a read-only mode.
  2. The new site will be live early on Tuesday morning. So after enjoying the Memorial Day holiday, be sure to come and check us out early the next day.
  3. The new relaunch will be highly integrated with the main page — and indeed every page! — of Think Progress.  This is an opportunity for CP to reach a much bigger audience.
  4. The individuality of CP will remain.  It will clearly be “Climate Progress, edited by Joe Romm.”  The core blog of CP will be the same, though I will have some extra functionality for highlighting major new (and old) posts at the top of the page for an extended period of time.  Categories will be replaced with tags.
  5. There will be a new commenting system.  There may be some growing pains in the first few days, and I apologize for any disruption that it will cause. But it is supposed to provide better controls to filter trolls, promote interesting comments, and allow commenters to share and interact with one another.
  6. The website is going to look prettier.
  7. The website will also be better integrated with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

I will put up a post on as soon as I can on Tuesday explaining more of the thinking behind the changes with opportunity for feedback.  I appreciate your patience.  I am confident that this is a major change for the better.

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