Mississippi Gov. Barbour, a Former Dirty-Energy Lobbyist, Compares Being Drenched in Oil to Being Dipped in Chocolate

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (R) is a Big Oil apologist who raised $2 million in oil money for GOP governors.  That’s probably why he doesn’t draw a big distinction between oil and chocolate.  For him, they are both a treat.

On TP Green, CAP’s Kristen Bartoloni discusses Barbour’s amazing testimony Thursday before the House Oversight Committee on the recovery efforts after last year’s BP oil spill.  Barbour blamed the economic devastation in the Gulf Coast not on BP or the other companies responsible for poisoning the region, but on the media, for  supposedly showing a “chocolate pelican“ over and over again:

So people saw on TV the same brown pelican coated with looked like 3 inches of oil, I mean, looked like a chocolate pelican. And they showed it every hour, every day, 24 hours a day for weeks and weeks and weeks. And the news media, particularly 24-hour cable TV, gave citizens the impression the whole Gulf Coast was coated in oil. People deduced from that that it was unsafe, unpleasant, don’t want to go there. They canceled their reservations, they canceled their contracts to buy condominium and not just in Mississippi, but all across the gulf coast.

The President, to his credit, actually it got so bad that the president came to Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and held news conferences on the beach to say, look, the beaches are clean, the water is clear, it’s beautiful down here, come on down here. But that one news day can’t compete with what was being seen every day, every hour for weeks.

[Note:  C-SPAN  has a nice feature now where you can go to their video of the hearing (click here), choose the speaker (Barbour), search for a word (‘chocolate’) and  the video segment where  the speaker start using that word turns up in the search engine.]

For the record, this

is not the same as this

If it were, then  I hardly think that the media supposedly showing it over and over again, would have lead people to believe the beach was “unsafe” or “unpleasant.”

It is worth noting that last year, Barbour compared small animals suffocating from oil to people covered in toothpaste:

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Director Trudy Fisher said samples of what was apparently the same oil slick, taken when it was farther south of the barrier islands, were “nontoxic.” Fisher said water and weather had helped all the volatile chemicals in the oil evaporate. Barbour described the oil as “weathered, emulsified, caramel-colored mousse, like the food mousse.” “Once it gets to this stage, it’s not poisonous,” Barbour said. “But if a small animal got coated enough with it, it could smother it. But if you got enough toothpaste on you, you couldn’t breathe.”

Memo to Barbour:  Oil is not edible!


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Colorado Bob ·

Even Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s Yazoo home is not immune to the flood waters of the Mississippi River.

Governor Barbour says there is about six to seven feet of water in the home and they’re just hoping it doesn’t reach the second floor, but they are prepared to deal with whatever comes their way.

Water is closing in towards the second story of Haley Barbour’s home in the Wolf Lake community.​2011/may/19/governors-home​-floods-ar-1865370/

June 5 at 11:10am

Climate Chaos

June Rain in San Francisco Shatters Records.
A stubborn storm system parked off the California Coast is dumping record rainfall over portions of the Golden State.

June 5 at 11:45am

Sonni Will

Is he serious?

June 5 at 12:28pm

Peter S. Mizla

Barbour is in a state that still is living environmentally in the 1940s- what does one expect?

June 5 at 12:46pm

Mike Roddy

Another jaw dropper from a politician who is himself marinated in oil.
We need a movie about these guys, along the lines of Doctor Strangelove, which.
would show just how insane our leaders really are.

June 5 at 12:59pm

Leif Erik Knutsen

Once the oil turned green Barbour likes it just fine. Coat him in the brown with no where to turn he might sing a different tune.

June 5 at 7:08pm


Hard to argue with such eloquence coming from the Barber. He is almost Palinesque in his pronouncements. The people get this kind of leadership when they refuse to get involved or at least get informed before voting for such idiots. Perhaps it will be different in 2012, but I doubt it. Money talks and it speaks loudly.

June 5 at 2:20pm


Monday Morning and another GOP (R), removes brain, opens mouth, inserts foot and promptly proceeds to embarrass not only himself but the American people.

June 6 at 4:17am

Amanda Kennerly

Oh, it’s toxic all right. I invite everyone to the barrier islands off the MS Gulf Coast. Maybe we can find a dead baby dolphin. Or, like I did, a banded brown Pelican (5K7), weak and starving to death. If I beach my boat, there are oil stains on the hull.

June 6 at 10:36am

Kimberly Booth

I think maybe a demonstration is in order…I’d love to see Barbour coated in toothpaste until he couldn’t breathe…then I would hose him off at the last second with one of those big fire hoses. I think that would get the point across…nothing like a good role play to help solidify a lesson learned.

June 7 at 9:45am

Lori Meshulam Fohrman

better yet…lets dip him in oil….

June 7 at 5:16pm

Harrison Saunders

If you got enough Barbour on you, you couldn’t breathe.

June 7 at 11:31am

Chuck Ludwig

I would still like to see all the people who claim there is nothing wrong with all the beaches the water and the seafood playing on said beaches swimming in said water and eating said seafood. If everything is so honky dory as they claim why aren’t they out there proving it?

June 7 at 11:43am

Tauna Jean

What a small minded idiot. Just because something LOOKS “clean and beautiful” doesn’t mean it’s safe. Nobody goes swimming in the Tar Pits do they? Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and we all know what that can do to someone. Rattle snakes are clean and beautiful, we don’t go playing around with them though. Antifreeze tastes sweet and delicious, but you only get to drink that once. Nuclear waste looks very “clean” too… it’s heartbreaking that such short-minded people, who can only see in superficial light, are making major decisions for the masses. Hey Barbour – there’s a reason the Earth has oil buried so deeply (and safely) beneath our living and breathing areas! If it were beneficial to our aquatic habitats it would already be there!

June 7 at 12:20pm

Joanne Stewart

How many people in Government? How many people not in Government? Its about time to get these ass-holes out of their so-called “jobs” and let the people decide how to run this planet….I, m sure a bunch of high-school students could do a great job as its their Earth too and their future. It needs saving from these brainless immature power crazy people!

June 7 at 12:38pm

Maureen Sullivan

instead of dippin barbour in oil, how bout tar and feathers!

June 7 at 6:47pm

Paul Artz

– Dusan Makavejev’s Sweet Movie, what a picture.

June 8 at 5:58am

Sean T Durham

Disgusting man!

June 10 at 3:50pm

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