Oil Subsidies-Denier Rep. Rob Bishop Finally Acknowledges Some Special Giveaways To The Oil Industry

Earlier this year, we reported on video that showed Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) denying the existence of billions of dollars in special oil industry tax subsidies. While many Republicans have protected the special giveaways in vote after vote in Congress, Bishop’s denial of their very existence marked a peculiar type of oil industry promotion.

Since the story, Bishop has received further scrutiny. The activist group “Bishop’s Blunders” has caught more video of the congressman, this time finally acknowledging at least some of the industry’s targeted tax breaks. Watch it:

As the video notes, while Bishop has inched closer to the truth, he still isn’t telling even a fraction of the full story. Bishop, who has received hefty donations from oil and gas companies for his campaign committee, omitted subsidies like the deduction for “tertiary;” the enhanced oil recovery methods subsidy ($67 million over ten years); and the percentage depletion allowance for owners of oil wells ($10 billion over ten years).

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