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Breaking: Climate Hawk Jay Inslee to Run for WA Governor

By Joe Romm  

"Breaking: Climate Hawk Jay Inslee to Run for WA Governor"


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U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee will launch a campaign for Washington governor early next week, wading back into state politics after more than a decade in Congress, a Democrat familiar with his plans said Thursday.

Inslee is one of the leading climate hawks in Congress.  Here are two short videos from my March 2010 post, Inslee: “This is a moment for scientists to channel their inner Rambo”:

One of the Congress’s true leaders on clean energy and climate, Inslee, was speaking at the Center for American Progress.

The above video was actually the second half of my (F)lip-camera interview.  Here’s where Inslee explains the science and the need for action on clean energy — in a short elevator ride:

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