Bill Daley: Obama won’t sign anti-EPA bills

There’s no way a bill to stymie EPA climate rules is getting past the White House, President Barack Obama’s top aide said [last] Thursday.

No, we’re not going to allow any legislation that impedes the need to improve our health and safety,” Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley said Thursday when asked whether the White House would consider legislation to block or delay EPA climate regulations.

This is a Politico Pro story (subs. req’d) from last week, and so only got limited coverage.  This is the strongest statement to date from the White House they will defend science-based standards to protect clean air, clean water, and a livable climate.

Here’s more:

Daley spoke to reporters after defending the administration’s regulatory policies to industry representatives at a National Association of Manufacturers meeting.

The White House and congressional Democrats have thus far fended off congressional efforts to hamstring the EPA’s controversial climate regulations, but some supporters of the EPA’s rules fear that the administration could give in to pressure to delay climate rules as the 2012 election draws closer.

Daley said that many of the “overwhelming” number of rules and regulations from federal agencies lately –- EPA in particular — are a result of litigation against the George W. Bush administration, while touting the Obama administration’s efforts to ease burdens on industry.

“There is a lot of scientific evidence that in our opinion was ignored,” he said. “We can debate scientific evidence but a lot of it may have been ignored over a certain period. That’s at the heart of a lot of these rules.”

Let’s hope the White House backs up this talk with serious behind-the-scenes pressure on wavering Democrats and, if necessary, an actual veto.


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Chris Heckman

Some good news for once! I knew there was a reason I voted for him +.

June 24 at 12:24pm

Will Greene

This doesn’t mean anything unless the President actually uses the EPA rules to shut down coal. Two of three bodies of government have ruled he has the right to do just that (Supreme Court and Congress…twice). Now it takes leadership from that third body of government. This is a good sign.

June 24 at 11:19am

Larry Chamblin

Anything less than Obama’s total support for the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases would be unacceptable. On the other hand, the president’s vigorous support for the EPA against the House repubs (including my congressman Jeff Miller) would provide me the reason I am looking for to support Obama again.

June 28 at 1:43pm

Marsha Fulton King

Thank goodness!

June 28 at 11:52pm

Mike Roddy

newsflash to supporters of the EPA rules: they are popular as hell, even in states like Missouril. Let’s hope the Republicans try to gut EPA next year, because it would become a great campaign issue for the President after he vetoes their efforts.

June 24 at 10:22am


Of course they are and since the Supreme Court’s decision that last week, the EPA better hurry up!

June 24 at 10:40am

Richard Monroe

long live our.

June 24 at 4:59pm

Shawn M Nestor


July 11 at 9:37pm


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· June 24 at 11:12am

Adam Stallings

The EPA needs to be strengthened, not weakened. The potential for green jobs is tremendous, but we have to dislodge the dirty energy stronghold in Capitol Hill. The GOP keep calling the EPA “job killing”, but the truth is that it COULD be “job creating” if they supported it.

June 24 at 10:34am


I’m looking forward to see bolder steps.

June 24 at 9:48am

Peter S. Mizla

Glad to see Obama come as ‘far left’ as Nixon.

June 24 at 11:56am

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