Ceres: Stronger Fuel Economy Standards will Save Consumers $150 Billion, Create 700,000 Jobs by 2030

“Less money spent at the pump means more money for the U.S. economy and more jobs. The weaker the standard, the fewer the jobs that will be created.”

That’s according to Peyton Fleming, spokesman for the NGO Ceres.

Preliminary data by Ceres finds that a 6% annual increase in the fuel economy limits would save Americans $152 billion over the next two decades at the gas pump compared with status quo regulations.  The full report is set to be released in late July.

In a press release, Ceres reports:

“Tough new fuel economy limits could help create 700,000 full-time jobs by 2030, including 60,000 in the auto industry, according to early findings from a coalition of green-minded investors and environmental groups.”

The projected job creations would be accomplished by a mandate from the Obama adminstration to increase the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards by 6 percent annually through 2025, eventually reaching a 62 miles per gallon standard. The report follows closely on the heels of the letter released by 15 prominent Republicans, including former EPA administrators, Governors and Congressmen, who urged the Obama Adminstration to adopt stricter fuel economy standards to save fuel.

Ceres released these initial findings to agencies involved in crafting new CAFE standards, including the White House, EPA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and California Air Resources Board.

— Tyce Herrman

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