The Eco-Cube: The World’s Smallest Home?

My city apartment is pretty small, but not quite this small. Still, through creative design, this net-energy positive “cube house” feels like it has just as much space.

This 10x10x10 foot house features a small lounge, dining area, kitchen, space for a washer and dryer, a closet, full shower, bathroom and full-sized bed. It proves that you can do a heck of a lot with a little. And with the solar panels on top, it’ll earn you $1,600 per year through the UK’s feed-in tariff.

Here’s a 6-minute video tour:

The designer, Dr. Mike Page, sees this project as psychological as much as it is environmental:

Dr Page has been looking at factors which affect behaviour change in relation to the environment. If we are to mitigate the problems of climate change, we are going to need to deal with problems that are as much psychological problems as they are technological problems. The Cube Project is an attempt to show that many of the technologies that we need are already commonly available and at an affordable price. The question is, why aren’t we using them? This is a psychological question.

In our McMansion-obsessed society, it may take a while for people to get comfortable with this type of concept. But if we’re going to build a world for 9 billion people, we’ll need to start thinking differently about how we craft our living spaces. With events like this fall’s Solar Decathlon exposing the public to smart, small, innovative design, we can only hope the groundwork is being laid.

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The Eco-Cube: The World’s Smallest Home?

By Stephen Lacey on Jul 6, 2011 at 8:38 am

830, 89, 172

Benoit Lauzon

Belle maison avec super design.

July 6 at 9:45am

Mike twotwo

Sometimes there is a breakthrough product. Air source heat pumps can be as efficient (even in very cold climates) as the much more expensive ground source heat pumps. systems like the Ecodan (​​e_house_solution) shown in the vid make hot water too for radiant floors and domestic use. Yes the cube is more of (continued).

July 6 at 10:14am

Mike twotwo

(continued) a thought piece than a complete home, but it will be warm and snug in the depths of winter, with very low energy use. Larger inefficient houses are quite expensive to retrofit (total refits in the 100$/sq ft range, ouch), but a core section (1000 sq ft?) of the mcmansion could be upgraded to cube standards for a lot less, and people live in the warm rooms in winter.

July 6 at 10:26am

Mike twotwo

(cont) Small air source units are key to enabling this strategy. The main HVAC systems can be left as is, just dialed way back. The air source heat pump heats a smaller zone, occupants are cozy, plenty of hot water. The alternatives aren’t good: a) keep pouring energy into mcmansions b) occupants freezing c) refits only a few can afford d) abandoment.

July 6 at 10:41am

Leif Erik Knutsen

My 1300 sq. ft. home @ 48 degrees N Lat. in the NW has an air source heat pump for heat and my largest heating bill for January last was $60. This year I expect to get most of that for free paid for mostly with a summer credit build up from my new solar PV. Needless to say, I love my Ductless air source heat pump.

July 6 at 11:32am

Mike twotwo

Leif, thanks for the updates on your near zero energy house makeover project. People need to hear how easy this can be for most of us. Some common sense conservation, some renewables, and some clever appliances.

July 6 at 12:56pm

Leif Erik Knutsen

My next appliance is an induction hot plate. I hear tell that they are about 3 times as efficient as a microwave. And are cheeper than a night on the town even in the back woods.

July 6 at 1:09pm

Mike Roddy

I hope he puts the plans out on the Net.

One problem with McMansions is that Americans now go straight from work to garage via the automatic door opener, and only go outside when they feel like playing golf or going shopping. This disconnect from the natural world is damaging us in many ways.

July 6 at 10:44am

SlabTzu DelFuego

This needs an extra floor for exercising. As of now, there is not a single place to do a pushup.

July 6 at 8:03pm

Brian T Hannan

I agree 100% percent on this. We need the sun and fresh air in our daily lives.

July 7 at 6:05pm

Peter S. Mizla

Interesting little house- and I think myself downsizing to 750 square feet is small.

July 6 at 10:57am

Ruth Harper

But where do you put the artists’ materials, books, art, camping kit, ornaments, winter jumpers and dressing-up box?

July 6 at 11:00am

Jerome Green

This is cool.

July 6 at 12:01pm

Abigail Ross-Jackson

Not to mention FRIENDS?! Would make a good wardrobe, mind. I could do with some extra space – might get one for the garden…

July 6 at 12:02pm

Ruth Harper

Friends? This is the house of the FOOCHOR. We have no need of friends. We have a BIG TELLY…

July 6 at 12:18pm

Lucy Wimberley

which is eco friendly though. Though I hasten to add, if the roof is slanted, it’s not a cube. but generally awesome idea.

July 6 at 1:40pm

Ingrid Plum

My point EXACTLY!

July 6 at 2:22pm

Ruth Harper

I like the ‘generate your own electricity and sell it back to the grid’ness. And I like well-insulated houses which run on efficient technologies.

But seriously, there’s not enough room to entertain or have much of a private life (unless you have the kind of friends who are happy to spend all evening in your underfloor cupboards). Or very much stuff. Or hobbies which require enough room to swing a cat.

And also, if all the tech is on the roof, it’s not scaleable upwards (ie. you can’t turn that concept into a block of flats), which makes it perfectly useless for urban environments where infrastructure, transport and footprint space are all premium commodities. And given that human populations globally are moving towards cities, it just seems like a bit of a whimsical folly rather than something concrete and useful.

…is all.

I mean, you could plan around having bookable social space that can be truly private – or communal storage space – but without more infrastructure around it, that little cube would start to feel awfully small, very quickly.

And also, your bed’s above the cooker, so no curries unless you want to bask in the smell of cumin and chilli in your sleep. And the galley kitchen backs directly onto the stairs, so no sudden moves when you’re extracting hot roasties from that oven.

July 6 at 6:50pm

Joe Trela

In the half-acre shed out back. DUH.

July 6 at 11:29pm

Camryn Alyssa Narduzzo

July 7 at 1:46pm

Victoria E Henricksen

I don’t think that air source heat pumps work in northern Minnesota.

July 6 at 11:10am

Mike twotwo

Minnesota Power does, they have a good rebate program for air source, here​erofone/one_home/hvac/ashp​/index.htm

July 6 at 12:19pm

Mike twotwo

I should say that the air source units we have had in the US would not work well in very cold climates, and very poorly in northern Minn, if at all. However, some new designs are built to handle sub zero temps well, especially the small systems. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat are rated down to minus 17 deg F, and better products are on the way. The installed cost is around a tenth of a ground source unit.

July 6 at 12:44pm


Then you go for ground source heat pumps instead. They work in Canada.

July 9 at 2:11pm

Roger Lambert

Sorry – I hate this concept. It reminds of efforts to fit more cars on overcrowded highways by making the cars smaller, rather than reducing the number of people who drive those cars. I would rather spend our efforts to reduce global population than to reduce our humanity by adapting to sardine can-sized accommodations.

Besides, if energy consumption/carbon footprint is the issue, why not use a more humanely large space that is simply better insulated/superinsulated? This horrid little cell doesn’t even make use of its southern exposure!

July 6 at 11:52am


So, what you’re saying is, you would rather have us all go out, purchase Kalashnikovs and shoot each other to hell till the world looks right, huh? You sound a lot like a very popular man by the name of Adolf.. Bloody wanker. Dr. Page is brilliant. I hope they implement his idea everywhere for people without homes first.

July 6 at 4:57pm

Frang Frangible

Dude, chill. Where did you you get “Adolf” out of his post? He was talking about birth control, condoms, pills, implants, voluntary sterilization, the kind of things many poor people don’t have access to. Page’s idea might work in congested places like NYC or Tokyo, where people actually live in 300 sq ft apts. But its wide-spread applicability to the rest of us not in urban metroplexes is highly questionable. It’s also not very handicap accessible, is it? Hard to image an eighty-year-old disabled person trying to get around in the thing.

July 6 at 5:08pm


Reducing population – would require something like shooting each other to hell.

Reducing fertility rates would be something like birth control. That is very different than ‘reducing population’.

July 6 at 6:34pm

Aria Leonard

Er, If every couple on the planet had only 1 child the population would halve itself. I would certainly call that reducing the population.

July 6 at 7:24pm

Frang Frangible

Semantic nonsense. I’ll opt for calling a guy “Hitler” when he outright sez he wants to kill people. Most of us don’t operate on the basis of secret codewords only we can see. I’ll not waste more time on this.

July 6 at 7:32pm

SlabTzu DelFuego

Frang, its not nice to condemn us city folk to these boxes. Now add an extra floor for exercising and put the solar panels on the upper sides facing up allowing for a lounge and garden on the roof, then this would begin to get interesting. As it is now, I think it would be good for prisons and universities as a prisoner usually is allowed gym time and students usually have access to a university gym. Space for exercising is part of being human. As of now, this cube thing is unfit.

July 6 at 7:57pm

Theorj .

Fewer people driving doesn’t involve killing anyone, it means providing alternatives i.e. public transportation. I think Dr. Freud might have on opinion on your conclusion there sparky.

July 7 at 4:10am

Neil Coleman

Hahahahah. I’m sure thats exactly what he meant. Let’s not get hung up on semantics and focus on the idea! he is a professor of psychology with an interest in climate change and decided to focus on solving one aspect of over-population. I think he’s done a stirling job. a better job than Hitler would have done anyway… did you see that gas guzzling car he designed?! ;)

July 7 at 6:44am

J.D. Simpson

Over time, reducing fertility rates would lead to a reduction in birth rate and reduction in overall population. I don’t happen to agree with the overpopulation argument, but it certainly is not the same as “shooting each other to hell.”

July 7 at 12:48pm

Michael Piasecki

Some people enjoy enclosed spaces. This sort of home is not for everyone, but if they want to live in a highly populated area by themselves, this is a viable option. It’s not being ‘condemned’ to anything. It’s not a 100% fix to overpopulation. Nobody said it was. Nobody said anyone was going to reduce the population via genocide. Chillax, folks. Is it good for the environment? Sure. Is it something everyone would be willing to do? No.

July 7 at 4:08pm

Justin Tang

frang, the least estimate for the future is 9 billion people. even if we use contraceptives condoms etc.

July 7 at 7:32pm

William Haines

“Er, If every couple on the planet had only 1 child the population would halve itself. I would certainly call that reducing the population.”

Wow, You ever hear of a place called China?

July 8 at 2:09pm


Making it so small is just a religious quest. Compare the boringness of this depressing design to that of another highly efficient design by Bucky Fuller:​ch?v=tcB9JPlgaoM

If greens hadn’t scuttled the Atomic Age and thus stuck us with dangerous old reactor designs and a high CO2 world, living in shoe boxes would not be a necessary option.

July 6 at 12:56pm


Do you mean that we could have nuclear powered cars? I don’t think the fossil fuel industry would have favoured going nuclear.

July 9 at 2:10pm


When will Al Gore move into one of those instead of two of these?:


July 6 at 1:22pm

When will people like you get over Al Gore.
When you get a Nobel Peace prize?
When you get elected to office in a conservative State?
When you get a brain?

July 6 at 3:15pm

Natalia Merizalde Rubio


July 6 at 1:24pm


Nowhere to run if you stink up the bathroom.

July 6 at 2:57pm

Di Read

Land sakes and curly snakes! Never saw such a thing before. Interesting, though. One could buy a couple of these and put one’s college graduate kids in them when they come back home.

July 6 at 3:08pm

Carol Garner Mata

This looks a bit larger than Angela’s dorm room!

July 6 at 4:37pm

Kenneth Gallaher

I had a hotel room once with stairs like that. Potentially deadly.

July 6 at 3:10pm

Qathi Hart

I’d live in a place that small – if I had two, one to be an office/library and one to sleep in.

July 6 at 4:50pm

Lora Little Blankenship

It would make a nice playhouse for my cats.

July 6 at 3:28pm

Erik Bishoff

Great concept… some lovely design! 4′ bed? sorry but that’ just won’t do.

July 6 at 3:31pm

Jo ☆ Vaizey

I think he meant 4 foot WIDE – so, as he said, slightly larger than a normal single bed. :) (obvs, as the bed seems to span the whole of the width of the cube longways, it’ll be nearer 3 meters LONG – deffo over 7 foot. :)

July 6 at 6:22pm

Erik Bishoff

Judging from this animation, it does appear to be a 4′ wide bed… not a 4′ long bed! *oops*

July 6 at 6:44pm

Theorj .

Claustrophobics are elitists!


July 7 at 3:55am

Robert Adlington

Does it come with a garage for my two Range Rovesr, 3 motorbikes and my Merc Sports Car (only for Sunday afternoons)……lol.

July 6 at 3:44pm

Sam Vilain

Hey, that’s small enough to not need planning permission in NZ IIRC :-)

July 6 at 3:55pm

Kenneth Crawford

Ten square meters falls outside of regular Building Code requirements as well. Though those requirements are things like fire separation, structural stability and the requirement to install smoke detectors.

July 6 at 4:39pm

Jacob Lister

Ok, so it’s a little bigger than a prison cell (just)

July 6 at 6:19pm

Peter Kelly

Prison cells are shared, aren’t they? Anyhow, I think that if you have running water and electricity the NZ building rules apply even to something this small.

July 7 at 12:37am

Carla Bulmer

Hmmm, it’d be a perfect guest/nanny house – wouldn’t it?

July 7 at 4:44am

Sam Vilain

@Peter I don’t think you get cellmates here in NZ – not yet anyway. And there was a Radar show recently where he erected a little hut on a shoestring, only to have to pull it down because it didn’t meet the building code, despite not needing consent.

July 7 at 7:47pm

Carrie Crawford

As a former nanny, allow me to speak for all of us and say absolutely not. We’re human too. We’d like some elbow room.

July 7 at 8:55pm


A 3 or 4,000 sq. ft. house is a prison, too. Think of the first four letters of mortgage. “Mort” means death. People don’t stop to think about the cost of being enslaved to their property. Mortgage payments, utility bills, hours spent endlessly cleaning and mowing things that get dirty or grow again, maintaining it, re-roofing it, furnishing it, etc. A smaller place translates into less enslavement, getting some of your life back, and doing a favour to the Earth as well because small spaces consume fewer natural resources.

July 9 at 1:31pm

Lesley Longhurst

It would be okay for emergency accommodation, but you couldn’t actually have a life and live in it.

July 23 at 4:51am

Kiaya Sabolovic

I think the cube is a great idea but personally I would get cabin fever being in there by myself. hehe. I agree with Mr. Lambert, we should be reducing the people but at the same time making a conscious effort to live more eco-friendly is still important.

July 6 at 4:20pm

Zach Visger

reducing the people. That sounds like a good excuse to be very violent.

July 6 at 4:27pm

Bree’ann Buttelo

Haha. And no one would be able to have kids. But it is super cute.

July 6 at 4:38pm

Kiaya Sabolovic

It’s not that you have to be violent, Zach, it’s just that some people could do to have less children. The house is super cute?

July 6 at 4:58pm

Cam Startzman

this is awesome, but it would be tight living.

July 6 at 7:28pm

Kiaya Sabolovic

Well Bree’ann, we could come up with all kinds of rules like that but no one will ever listen. I think though that you could have kids you’d just have to move to a bigger cube. But you keep the concept of 3X3X3 meters per person.

July 6 at 7:32pm

Bree’ann Buttelo

Oh! I just watched a little. But there really is no need for everyone to have so much space. If you need to do something go outside and burn your energy.

July 6 at 10:56pm

Kiaya Sabolovic

Haha. I can’t believe you just watched what the whole thing was. Silly.

July 7 at 12:00am


No space for kids. A new kind of birth control?

July 9 at 1:21pm

Sam Breaker Bumpas

Oh god… it’s terrible. I feel claustrophobic just looking at it. I think I’ll just keep saving for my mansion instead.

July 6 at 4:21pm

Chris Vigil

I like this stuff. I’m a little too much of a packrat for it, but I think it’s smart and cool. Me likey.

July 6 at 4:34pm

Patrick Strong

This home from the land of the Hobbits will not fit fat drunks. Those stairs and a bottle of whiskey would be the death of me. Cool concept though. If they could just make it a tad bigger, it could work.

July 6 at 4:58pm

Jim Holden

Being 6′ 4″ I second the motion for an XL version. Awesome that it’s net-energy positive.

July 6 at 5:04pm

Rene Rodriguez

Like a bull in a china shop.

July 6 at 5:18pm

Eric Torres

i did that and smaller for years w/no electric now iam likin a little space

July 6 at 5:42pm

Gabrielle Symmes

Wish I could be this minimalist sometimes. It is very cool. We have solar panels on our home. We’re not off the grid, but we do run our meter backwards!

July 7 at 1:27am

Justin Tang


July 7 at 7:34pm

Megan VanKempema

I have one of those! Only its got wheels and an engine! Or maybe wheels and I can pull it behind my big American truck. COME ON PEOPLE its not a new idea.

July 6 at 4:34pm

Steve Ahlquist

I like this kind of thinking, but I’m not sure I could live there.

July 6 at 4:37pm

Daniel Ciora

With computers you pretty much do not need a library.

July 6 at 6:57pm

Deborah Hirshfield

I’d break my neck getting up to pee in the middle of the night unless I had already rolled off the bed and broken my neck. The composting toilet, do I have to remove the “solid” waste? Ew.

July 6 at 4:41pm


No, you don’t have to remove the “solid” waste; at least, not how you may think. A lot of houses in Stockholm have composting toilets. Have you ever thought of what happens to the liquid and solid waste you flush down the loo? Even from cities in developed countries – including North America – some is piped directly into the sea and rivers affecting aquatic and marine life and maybe even ending up on your dinner plate. The solids (often euphemistically called “bio-solids”) from many sewage systems are spread on farmland as a fertilizer, which is contaminated with everything (old medications, solvents, etc.) people flush down drains, so it could have been used to grow your veggies. Definitely “ew” in this case. ·

July 9 at 2:03pm

Deborah Hirshfield

Thanks. What happens to the waste with the compost toilet? One of my friends in Mexico has one, but I haven’t visited her yet.

July 9 at 7:21pm

Sustainability the Musical

I lived quite happily in an eight foot cube for nine months at Arcosanti in Arizona (, and I think you may be surprised how comfortable a tiny space can be. IMHO, small spaces like this work particularly well when a number of them share access to some larger common use areas. Build a circle of these around a central hall with some shared amenities and you won’t miss your big box home!

July 6 at 4:51pm

Jerilynn Haddow

nothing says “comfort” like wool and nettle fibers.

July 6 at 4:54pm

Jonathan Ley

How is this any different than an RV without an engine? (or for that matter, an RV up on blocks). Plenty of people live in those (which are often smaller than 10×10). So why is this news?

July 6 at 5:41pm

Timothy Nye

This appears to be a dastardly plan by Elmer Fudd to lure that wascally wabbit into a trap. When I was a kid I think he used a crate held up with a stick that had a string tied to it.

July 6 at 7:29pm

SlabTzu DelFuego

You can do a pushup on an RV …. here you can not.

July 6 at 8:05pm

Margo Nielsen

I was thinking the same thing only RV’s are much better designed as far as storage goes. I think this would work well as a vacation cabin in the wilderness where one would be self-sufficient but want to spend most of the time outdoors… and it would be more resistant to storms.

July 6 at 8:13pm

Dianne Cox

Ugh, I’d rather live in a motor home in a WalMart parking lot. The cube is ugly.

July 6 at 5:46pm

Cynthia Starr


July 6 at 8:02pm


Really, really ugh! WalMart is the one place on this planet that I would most like to be furthest away from!

July 9 at 2:06pm

Kelly Fisher

Very roomy! LOL

July 15 at 11:27am

Heather Jones

Poor folks have been living in tiny spaces for years. Why not just buy a yurt or build a hut? Same result, we just wouldn’t call it trendy.

July 6 at 5:58pm

Morgan Sheridan

It is a nifty idea if one is young, fit and moderately short. But if one is tall or is older or disabled, then there are too many disadvantages. Smaller families, a return to multi-generational housing and retrofitting can also help.

July 6 at 6:07pm

Mike Motley

If I wanted to live in a treehouse, I’d build one.

July 6 at 6:26pm

Steven Pierce

This is old news. they call ’em storage units where I come from.

July 6 at 8:59pm

Alisa Faye

I’m down with this ^_^.

July 6 at 6:30pm

Rochelle Sandie

What a very nice ice house.

July 6 at 6:51pm

John McCormick

These are the kinds of exotic, boutique, goofy ideas that make us sound ridiculous. Why not do away with the whole design and live in an old refrigerator box. A few people do and their electric bill is lower. This reminds me of that other great suggestion that we limit ourselves to two squares of toilet paper per visit to the commode. That idea got flushed real fast. Looks like we are not even close to a plan, strategy. Oh, maybe that 10 cubic foot domicile is a plan…for a few hermits.

July 6 at 6:54pm

Norris McDonald

I like the house. Don’t like the false solar money claim though.

July 6 at 7:47pm

Mike twotwo

Looks accurate​.uk/feed-in-tariff.html

July 7 at 2:29pm

Kenneth Gallaher

Like most in the world you would meet others elsewhere.

July 6 at 7:32pm

Nikki Cassel

Well I stumbled upon this, how about you?

July 6 at 8:29pm

Speshul VanillaNight Wise

I would not mind living there at all actually. My only problem would be having to leave my bike outside and lock it up… and my bike is rather expensive, so I really would not like that idea. I think I would build an external shed, not heated, just a locked up shelter, for belongings that I don’t need everyday or can’t fit inside. Other than that, I actually would be perfectly fine living there. I’m kind of anti social anyway… xD

July 6 at 8:30pm

Sue Gnahz

YAY! anit-clausterphobic house :D

July 6 at 10:59pm

Danny Wise

loox great … just move out all that furniture stuffso i kin put all my BIKES in it :)

July 7 at 12:23am

David Alexander VonRiesen

That’s awesome.

July 7 at 9:09pm

Laurel Grove

wierd…but interesting not big enough for me….. maybe as a bachelor pad for someone?

July 6 at 8:44pm

Nikki Cassel

It’s as small as the trailer I used to live in with Chris. Remember that?

July 6 at 8:48pm

Laurel Grove

yep i do remember….and like i said not enough room for me/angel and my junk lol

July 6 at 8:50pm

Nikki Cassel

lol Same here. Never living in a tiny place again.

July 6 at 8:52pm

Sandra Lara

easy to clean, but if you get drunk, older, dislocated body-wise, how the heck do you climb stairs – needs a slide.

July 6 at 9:03pm

Katelyn Nicole

I couldn’t handle this.

July 6 at 9:53pm

Scott Hatch

I had a tree house bigger when I was 10…maybe someday but not today. Where would I?

July 6 at 10:28pm

volthar7b (signed in using Yahoo)

I don’t see why the composting toilet has to be indoors. Also, no room for desk, books, and papers.

July 6 at 10:37pm

Limore Shur

a great link to a variety of small/tiny houses.​contemporary/tiny_houses.h​tml

July 6 at 10:38pm

Limore Shur

my personal favorite:​weblog/cat/9/view/11832/on​e-modular-homes.html

July 6 at 11:41pm

Wink Edelman

12x12x12 makes a helluva lot more sense and a helluva lot more room without a much bigger “footprint.”

July 6 at 10:45pm

Jonathan Seefeldt

I thought the stairs were a very clever solution, definitely not handicap accessible though. Our 2009 Solar Decathlon home was about 8 times as big (roughly 20×40 feet) and even then it was a challenge to make every inch of space serve a useful purpose. Like George Carlin once said, people love their stuff, I’d bet most “living” space in American homes is actually taken up by stuff people really don’t need anyway. I think every urban apartment dweller knows you can live just fine in a reasonably small space, the trouble is the rural (and that includes suburban) areas just keep building bigger and bigger houses that waste huge amounts of energy.

July 6 at 10:49pm


Great post! Some people spend some of their precious lives every year working to pay for off-site, climate-controlled storage boxes that are almost the size of this living unit for all the stuff they don’t need (or cannot fit into their homes) and will never need ever again. To fit more stuff into these storage boxes, they even buy vacuum packers so that they can squeeze in more of the clothing items that will never be in fashion ever again in their lifetime. Not only the “living” spaces in American homes are taken up by stuff people don’t need, but also their “garage” spaces – so much so that the car often sits in the driveway while unneeded stuff clogs the garage. How absurd it is to waste your life buying a large living space and all the stuff one is compelled to buy to more than fill it!

July 9 at 1:48pm

Franco Leopold

I want to invest in lots of these…stack them next to each other up a hill… create my own mini-san francisco…call it cube park, next to my cube car, ice cubes, and cubed cheese.

July 6 at 11:05pm

Katy Orr

I like it, it’s a neat little space. I think some of the people in this post are taking things a little too seriously. Sometimes projects like this are done as experiments, building blocks to other projects, sort of a model of living but it’s not for everyone. It’s just pushing how far we can go to be comfortable but reduce footprint, just like we push how tiny we can make cameras or memory chips. It is a showing of human innovation and even if you don’t care for it, respect the innovation elements.

July 6 at 11:51pm

Theorj .

Excellent post. I wouldn’t call this little domicile practical but I’ll admit it’s very clever.

July 7 at 4:06am

Jeff Koerber

This would be great! All I need is an 600 square foot addition to store my books (on compact shelving, of course).

July 7 at 12:57am

Sanjay Merchant

I can’t even read the article. The very idea gives me claustrophobia. I’ll just invite my extended family to live in something big with me.

July 8 at 2:04am

Robbert Carr

Very cool

July 7 at 3:25am


You could install thousands of these at the factory and have the worker’s monthly salary equal exactly the rent needed to lo live in one. Please don’t let the Koch brothers find out about this!

July 7 at 3:52am


Unless all the materials used to build it were reclaimed then it is not nor will it ever be carbon neutral so PPFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT to living in a closet.

July 7 at 3:58am

Ellen Rees

I could totally live in this one but for one thing: no oven for baking. But all in all one of the most interesting microhouse designs I’ve seen…

July 7 at 6:23am

Troy Storfjell

How cool! I was so intrigued I had to go to their web site (http://www.cubeproject.or​ This is how we all should be living (perhaps adding an additional 50 percent of space for a second person, and additional (but proportionate) space for children. We can run around outside.

I wonder how many of these we could fit in your average McMansion?

July 7 at 6:55pm


It did have an oven! Brits call them “cookers”, not ovens.

July 9 at 2:04pm

Ellen Rees

I’m pretty sure that an “induction hob” is just the cooktop in the UK (Brits, help me out?). Reference Appliance World’s net store: http://www.appliance-world​​l

July 9 at 2:45pm

Ellen Rees

Oh, also, if you go back and look at the video at about the 3 minute mark you’ll see that there is a refridgerator under the cooktop. He didn’t mention an oven anywhere else.

July 9 at 2:47pm

Heather Peoples

no oven?

July 7 at 6:57am


Give them away to the homeless, stupid!

July 7 at 7:23am

Jayne Conway

Well it’s a great idea instead of those ghastly bedsits and studio flats and I think it is time we stopped thinking about having to have loads of living space just to keep our ‘stuff’. The only think I’d have real misgivings about is the stairs, they look to easy to fall down.

July 7 at 8:46am

J.D. Simpson

What a delightfully dehumanizing concept. I think we all should live in boxes — like chickens bred for the fast-food industry :)

July 7 at 11:11am

Amanda Stout

Modern Day Walden? Think like Thoreau

July 7 at 1:42pm

Andrea J Southard

Lovin’ this idea!

July 7 at 1:56pm

Dani St-Onge

I would so totally live in that XD.

July 7 at 2:43pm

Jason Iscariot

I would live in this house.

July 7 at 3:01pm

Kent Ogaard

I could get the house work done by noon if I tried hard enough. Could work as a small over night cabin at my mountain property though.

July 7 at 4:29pm

Paula Wilson

Mr. Ogaard, this would be good for if someone came to visit and you dint want them to stay in the main house..

July 7 at 7:51pm

Constance Anita Chambers

id buy one for my first appartment.

July 7 at 4:29pm

Callie Danielle

its so small! imagin how much more space wed have if everyone lived in one!!

July 7 at 5:27pm

Hunter Johnson

atleast there is a porch to party on!

July 7 at 5:30pm

Stephanie Moore

is this really all about the price of real estate or the lack of land now in large cities. kinda makes you wonder.

July 7 at 5:41pm

Brian T Hannan

The real problem is that everyone wants to live in their own houses rather than sharing them with their extended families. We need to restore the family life, that’s all! Easier said than done b/c once someone gets a freedom they don’t want to lose it.

July 7 at 5:55pm

Debbie Williams

how much would this cost? it might be a great idea for someone in college or a single person. I mean, if your starting out in the working world, how much are you really home anyway?

July 7 at 8:34pm

Thor Haugen

I’m 6’4″. I wouldn’t fit. Also, how much does it cost (I suspect more than a small conventional home)?

July 7 at 9:20pm

Morgan Buehlmann

I think the house is cute and would be good for younger people that live on there own and don’t want or need alot of space.

July 7 at 10:58pm

Bill Valente

What the hell kind of crap did I just stumble upon? 10x10x10 house, seriously? You can keep your “progress”, thank you.

July 8 at 12:29am

Dan Harlen

It would be like living in a caravan but more sophisticated, then again there are some pretty nice caravans out there….how much did it cost to make? any one know?

July 8 at 11:55am

Gail Warnock

But is it as good as your Penthouse lol have fun moving in today Son xx

July 9 at 6:20pm

Victoria E Henricksen

Have you looked at The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Even smaller footprint. Traditional look with a ladder to a sleeping loft.

July 8 at 1:10pm

Victoria E Henricksen

Thank you Mike. I’ll look into it.

July 8 at 1:11pm

Becky Kludt Davis

I finally have an answer to or dilemma! Jazz wants to live on her own so I thought we wold build her one of these cube houses on our land! Big enough just for her and nobody else! Problem soved :-)

July 8 at 1:14pm

Laquan Davis

three words…awesome.incredible​.perfect.

July 8 at 1:26pm

Laquan Davis

for Jazz….lol

July 8 at 1:26pm

Micki Kludt Cox

That would be perfect for her!!! Wish I had one just to escape! I wonder how much they are?

July 8 at 1:38pm

Becky Kludt Davis

Let me know if you find out!

July 24 at 7:33pm

Victoria E Henricksen

Looks like only fall and spring for a heat pump here. Our temperature will drop to -25 F on an annual basis; has gone to -45 F for a record. My husband wants to move.

July 9 at 9:35am


SO much better than a monstrous suburban McMansion! Just think of all the cleaning you don’t have to do that people living in those absurd houses with thousands of square feet have to do – not to mention all the empty space that needs heating and cooling and furnishing – AND all the work one has to do to buy and maintain them. Talk about allowing your house to control you! There is an interesting collection of cube houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where people really know how to live small and in a way that causes less damage to the Earth. Just Google “cube houses, Rotterdam” or copy and paste this into your browser:​h?q=cube+houses,+Rotterdam​&hl=en&prmd=ivns&tbm=isch&​tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=​L4oYTr6vJqbw0gGO-5WYBQ&ved​=0CCsQsAQ&biw=1025&bih=875​.

July 9 at 1:14pm

Todd Boyle

Small shelters are *the key* to accomplishing one of life’s most important transitions, namely, quitting the money economy and achieving freedom and a moral life. At some point usually in middle age, most people realize that you cannot experience love or satisfaction while participating in the totalitarian suicide economy, supporting war and killing with each dollar you spend on things like gas, utilities, insurance, etc. or “owning” things.

July 9 at 3:18pm

Gail Finfrock

Abbie Finfrock says call Fitzpatrick & Sons of Hanging Cover Cottage Hertsfordshire Mic &Matt can build anything! Call me Cuz 760-9749306.

July 9 at 4:44pm

Gail Finfrock

Sir Patrick Fitzpatrick How quickly you forget us commoners…is that it? Build a spaceship operative word is SPACE on earth people like spaciousness.

July 9 at 4:51pm

Eugene Shorter

It makes a nice little hide away.

July 9 at 11:58pm

Jeff Kennedy

I like this as a building element. I could be truly sucessful if connected to other cubes (via a deck), to increase a sense of community and lessen the isolation of the individual.

July 11 at 7:13am

Kathy Iman

What does this cube cost?

July 13 at 9:18pm

Jim Bullis

Better than living under a bridge.

July 16 at 4:55pm

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