NYT Stories On ‘Hard To Imagine,’ ‘Extra Hot And Extra Early’ Drought And ‘Scorching Temperatures’ Ignore Global Warming

In an act of journalistic malfeasance, the New York Times published a pair of stories on the record drought and heat wave scouring the American south that ignore the influence of greenhouse pollution. In “100-Degree Heat Is This Summer’s Norm in Central U.S.,” Timothy Williams writes that “among the reasons for the scorching temperatures was a high-pressure pattern that had stubbornly stayed over much of the country’s midsection.” In “Drought Spreads Its Pain Across 14 States,” Kim Severson and Kirk Johnson cite a “strong La Niña.”

This meteorological myopia is, as renowned climatologist Kevin Trenberth said of similar coverage, “irresponsible.” At Climate Progress, Joe Romm discusses what scientists know about how global warming pollution is reshaping the American south.

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