Exclusive: Al Gore On His ‘Climate Realilty Project’ Launch: “It’s Urgent To Rendezvous With Reality To Save The Future Of Civilization As We Know It.”

Today, Former Vice President Gore launched The Climate Reality Project “to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis and mobilize citizens to help solve it.”

In an exclusive extended interview with Climate Progress, the Nobel-Prize winning champion of climate action discussed the “24 Hours of Reality” — a worldwide, live streamed event this September.  He explained to CP why he strongly disagrees with those who suggest we are talking about climate change too much and and why he is making the link between extreme weather and global warming a major focus of his effort.

Let’s start with why he launched The Climate Reality Project, and why he changed the name of his effort from Alliance for Climate Protection.  The short answer is that the goal of the group is  to explain that the impacts of human-caused climate change are reality now (much as the solutions to human-caused climate change are reality now):

Gore:  Well it really grew out of an extensive strategic review.  The change in the name is intended to reflect the organization’s new strategic focus and our new campaign to provide context to the ongoing disclosure of scientific information – to defend the scientists, to defend the science.  And to bring energy and focus to the climate issue by reaffirming the reality of the climate crisis and the urgency of the climate crisis.

We have a number of strategic moves coming up, the first of which I want to tell you about in this call.  And we wanted to introduce the new name of the organization before launching the new strategic initiative.

Of course as you know extremely well, the whole presentation by the deniers, and large carbon polluters and their ideological allies, has depended on their efforts to undermine the credibility of the science.  And toward that end they have slandered these scientists by implying and sometimes baldly stating the accusation that they are distorting and manufacturing science in order to win more research grants. Alternatively, the scientists are often accused of having a secret political agenda as some of the leaders in the denier community have argued – and the whole climate crisis is just a ruse to enact a political agenda.  And of course both of those overlapping accusations are absurd as well as insulting and fraudulent.

In any case, the reality of the climate crisis continues to unfold irrespective of what these attacks are, but as you also know extremely well, it’s urgent to rendezvous with reality in order to take the appropriate steps to save the future of civilization as we know it.  That sounds like an expansive goal, but that’s really now what we’re facing.  This crisis is very threatening, very urgent.  We know the solutions  require broad changes and we know it’s a fight that won’t be won overnight.  And the politics, the campaigns, the media cycle, will all ebb and flow on this issue.  But the reality of the crisis marches on.  If we keep focusing on that reality, it is only a matter of time before we reach a tipping point with the public, beyond which inaction is no longer an option.

Gore then went on to preview the series of global events that will take place September 14th and 15th, what they are calling “24 Hours of Reality.”  Details of the event are on the website here:

Gore:  It will cover a 24-hour period. And I’m preparing a brand new 30 minute multimedia presentation.  A keynote slideshow with video and other features that will focus in part on the connection between the extreme weather events all around the world and the climate crisis.  And it will begin on September 14th, in prime time, central time zone from Mexico City, and then it will move West to the next time zone over, and continue through all 24 time zones, ending the following evening, in  prime time, in New York City where I will give the last of the 24 presentations.

Each site where a presentation originates will have basically the same 30 minute slide show, but with slides used in each time zone that illustrate particular impacts and particular efforts towards solutions at the venue representing  than that time zone.  And then the second thirty minutes of each hour will include a panel discussion focused on the climate crisis and the solutions to it from the perspective of leaders and scientists and others  in that particular location.  So it will be a 24-hour event.

I’ll host it from New York City, but really all 23 of the other presenters and I will host our respective presentations. And we have a lot of work underway.  There will be 13 languages involved, and we have a lot of work that’s bearing fruit for the events in each of the locations.  And this will be designed to present the full truth, scope, and impact of the climate crisis and discuss the solutions to it and again it will be the first of a series of large events that we will hold multiple times a year to mobilize the public around actions to solve the climate crisis.  Each global event will focus on a different facet of the crisis and its solutions.  And we’re pretty excited about it.

Back in April, I interviewed the Vice President about his spectacular interactive digital book, “Our Choice,” on climate solutions.  There was one part of that interview  I  didn’t get around to posting, but which is relevant now:

CP:  There are people out there saying, “Well we should stop talking about climate change and we should be talking about other things like energy security.” And you have been consistent in talking about the climate.  And you write a lot in the book about behavior change and persuasion.  I’d be interested in your thoughts about people who think we’re  talking too much about climate change.

Gore:  Well, I simply and strongly and vigorously disagree.  The scale and magnitude of the changes that are necessary to solve the climate crisis mean that all of the collateral reasons for taking these steps will not get us to where we need to go without a clear understanding of what we’re facing if we don’t act.  I think it’s a mistake to move that to the periphery of the conversation as so many have done.  I think it has to be the heart of the conversation.

And as you know, change is not always linear, the tipping point  metaphor  really does apply here.  The potential for change builds up unmanifested until it achieves enough critical mass to break through the barriers holding it back.  I am even more convinced that we are close to that tipping point. I worried in the past, Joe that the absorption of so much heat in the oceans, which  turn over so slowly, put the heat back in after a long time delay, would mean that we have a great danger of overshooting the window for solutions, before we get there, but the impact on the hydrological system with the large downpours and stronger storms, the deeper droughts and associated fires and food price increases and a number of other manifestations related to the impact on the hydrological system is accelerating the recognition by millions more people every month that we’ve got act on this.

This manifestation of climate change now is ultimately what lends urgency to Gore’s actions.  Human-caused climate change is harming people now —  and that’s with only a very small amount of warming to date.  We are poised to warm 10 times as much this century if we don’t act swiftly.

Yesterday, I asked him specifically about the extreme weather issue, one of the subjects I have covered the most at Climate Progress:

CP:  Obviously, we both talk a lot about the connection between global warming and climate change, making extreme events more likely, more water vapor in the atmosphere, but it gets a lot of pushback, you know, from the deniers and their allies in the media.  I’m just wondering how you plan to talk about this and get over this threshold of talking about a subject that is so rife with complexity.

Gore:  Well of course, and the truth is we’ve passed the threshold beyond which it’s any longer credible to say that the climate crisis is not a factor in a great many of these extreme weather events.  I have paid very careful attention to the way Jim Hansen and Kevin Trenberth and other leading climate scientists have shifted the way in which they frame this connection.  The old way of responding to questions about the linkage between the climate crisis and extreme weather events was to begin with the rote language of course every extreme weather event has many causes and you cannot say any one of them was caused by the climate crisis.  But both Jim and Kevin, as well as others, have gone to some lengths to reframe that characterization by saying, if you ask the question “would this have happened in this way without the climate crisis?” the answer is almost certainly no.

For more on Hansen’s thinking, see NASA’s Hansen: Would recent extreme “events have occurred if atmospheric carbon dioxide had remained at its pre-industrial level of 280 ppm?” The “appropriate answer” is “almost certainly not.”

The very fact that there’s 4% more water vapor in the atmosphere above the oceans and extra water vapor over land masses, though not quite in that percentage, the fact that these storms reach out 2000 miles, often, and use water vapor as fuel for the storms means that every event is affected.  There’s more water vapor, the shift upward in global temperatures also has an effect.  So the predictions made years ago are now consistent with what we’re seeing in reality.  And the predictions of what lies ahead, of these trends to become much much worse, unless we intervene in this pattern of adding  90 million tons of heat trapping  pollution every 24 hours.  And I think we’re at the point where we can’t tolerate the easy denial that there’s no connection between global warming pollution and global warming impacts in the form of more extreme weather events.

For more on Trenberth’s thinking, see “NCAR’s Trenberth on the link between global warming and extreme deluges.”

For all of the rhetoric and ideological arguments, many of them manufactured by the deniers, the crisis continues to worsen.  And the reality is clear to see right in front of our eyes.  And my home Nashville is one of the victims.  And the 12 months just ended have seen more extreme weather events than anyone can remember.  And Swiss Re , one of the largest re-insurance agencies is among one of those who is like “look, the science is consistent with what we are seeing happen  in the world.”  That’s not an ideologically motivated statement.  They’re not looking for research grants.  They’re looking at real world data – that’s their business.

Somewhere between  97 and 98 percent of all the climate scientists in the world agree with that consensus, every national academy of science in the world, every professional scientific association in every field connected to the study of climate. At what point do we conclude that that’s really enough to outweigh the eccentric arguments of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, I mean come on!

Precisely.  The Vice President and I also talked about solutions, but I’ll leave that for another post.


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Ina Warren

Testify, brother. Testify.

July 12 at 11:58am

Leif Erik Knutsen

Good on V.P. Gore…
“Hay Obama, lead the Nation…
Give us Climate Education…”

July 12 at 11:59am

Frank A. Bovio

I never thought Al Gore would be my idol….but he is!

July 12 at 12:30pm

Frank A. Bovio

Al Gore has become my idol. He is trying to single handedly save our planet. If just the USA would listen and contribute the world will be a better place for our childeren!

July 12 at 12:34pm

Frank A. Bovio

The proof is in the pudding barbarrossa. Saying people are mindless is just being closed minded. I do green retrofitting for a living. The science shows that the numbers are correct. Who cares if he is not single handedly saving the planet, what have you done to help the planet on a larger scale besides putting your recycling on your curb every week? At least Gore is making an effort. It seems your problems are with the druids, not with Al Gore.

July 12 at 9:21pm

Colorado Bob

” OAKES, N.D. – Cleanup is ongoing here after Sunday night’s storm, which included 81-mph winds that caused a 10,000-gallon diesel spill near here.
“It’s just a mess,” Charles Russell, Dickey County director of emergency services, said Monday. “The (agricultural) damage alone is in the millions – elevators, grain bins, personal farm equipment.” –​nt/article/id/326619/group​/News/

July 12 at 12:51pm

Colorado Bob

Heavy June flooding in China has caused $5.4 billion in economic losses, while the Philippines and the US also face hefty damage bills following catastrophic events, according to research by reinsurance broker Aon Benfield.

Rains and floods across southern and central China last month had a direct impact on at least 37 million people, killing nearly 200 people and damaging or destroying more than 500,000 homes, Aon Benfield said in its monthly catastrophe risk report.

July 12 at 1:06pm

Joan Savage

Colorado Bob, I count on you rendezvous-ing with reality all the time!

July 12 at 4:11pm

Colorado Bob

Joan –
What I once saw , in the course of weeks, now comes by the hour. All of it is running throttle wide open. The tach-o-meter is red-lined. and to Al I say , what I said to the deniers 5 years ago at the Vine.
“Observed Events” boys “Observed Events”.

July 12 at 8:13pm

Colorado Bob

My point happened last night. West of Childress , Texas. They have been ground zero for this heat , their first 100F degree day this year came in April , they are into over 40 days above 100F.

I have the OKC radar from last night. 10.75 inches fell just west of them. In a very short period of time. The sky unzips, the water falls down.
2 inches just fell on the largest fire in Arizona history. Guess what black foam comes down the mountain first. Then rocks and water the size of your head. follows.

July 12 at 8:29pm

Colorado Bob

And now, I will make that screen grab out of OKC, because it is a big deal , and I am recording it.

July 12 at 8:33pm

Colorado Bob

It was 102F on April 3rd at Childress airport , the first of 3 such days that month. When the NYT’s writes of the heat coming early, that’s how early it came.

July 12 at 8:44pm

Colorado Bob

Childress has 46 days of these this season , today that rain broke a streak , it was 99F there.

July 12 at 8:47pm

Colorado Bob

It rained like hell West of them, but they didn’t get a drop. Completely normal for them. But now the big numbers are 117F and 10.75 inches, newer, bigger numbers.

July 12 at 8:55pm

Colorado Bob

Nobody has had their brains beat in this year ,like the radar out Paducah, Kentucky. Have a look tonight …..​adar.php?product=NTP&rid=V​WX&loop=yes
6 inches near Bowling Green. These doppler numbers are very good.
I now have several that match what’s being caught in rain gauges.

July 12 at 9:12pm

Colorado Bob

Since the rainy season started on June 22 in Seoul, the city has received more than 600 millimeters of rainfall, about four times the average and about half an average year’s total precipitation.
In Seoul, it has rained for 15 of the last 20 days.​r/www/news/nation/2011/07/​113_90747.html

July 12 at 1:15pm

Dominique Browning

This is fantastic. I’m ready to sign up to do whatever it takes. Totally agree that we have to stay on message–loud and clear. As you have, Joe. Climate Hawk is a great turn of phrase. Otherwise we give the opposition the chance to define the argument. Right on! (As we used to say).

July 12 at 1:24pm

Jeff McLeod

Kevin Trenberth*.

I am really excited for 9/14!

July 12 at 1:24pm

Dominique Browning

ps your twitter link isn’t working properly you have to shorten the address! d

July 12 at 1:25pm


This is exactly the right message. Climate change is happening now – and it is affecting you and everyone else alive today. It is a fight for our lives.

July 12 at 1:55pm

Maria Brewer


July 12 at 2:11pm

Peter S. Mizla

I see some call Gore a Hypocrite. And ask why they should believe in Climate.

Why take Gore’s word? Look at the science- is Gore a climate scientist- or is does he have a message as a private citizen?

Look to Dr. Mann, Dr. Alley, Dr. Oppenheimer. Dr. Masters, Dr. Trenberth and Dr. Hansen- all highly trained physicists/climate /atmospheric scientists who say the same thing Gore is saying.

Do some have a political agenda? Or do they look at the science- or the personality- of Gore?

July 12 at 2:12pm


Extreme Heat Bakes Much of the U.S.

July 12 at 2:22pm


U.N. Security Council to Take Up Climate Change.

July 12 at 2:22pm


Publication of deliberately false climate change data literally ought — i.e., MUST — be treated, not as a peccadillo, but as a Crime Against Humanity. My remark here is not an expression of an emotion, but of an intellectual and humanitarian reaction of a scientist to falsification of data that could be as bad in its effect as long-term global warming itself, by permitting the latter to thrive, and acquire an egregious and panhumanly disastrous momentum. If this were World War III such people would be shot, and with far, far greater warrant than even those human catastrophes.

A scientist is a kind of Protective Angel for Humanity. Why? Simply because he lives and breathes for Truth.

——— * ———.

As for the falsifiers of data, or criminal social parasites, let me switch from the second to the first of my scientific careers, long ago at M.I.T., where I was — a then VERY rare! — theorist in neuroscience, trying to make sense of the human brain as a whole and all the astonishing behavior and abilities it gives rise to. A SIDE interest of mine, then and later, was the queer and baffling, and decidedly chilling, phenomenon of the psychopath, a.k.a. sociopath. The essential trait of such people is that have little or no conscience, and yet they can be at the same time profoundly convincing to the layman — i.e., virtually all of us.

The incidence of these curious and horrific people in the body of the whole of humanity is estimated to be of the order of 1/200. This is misleading, however, because the pathology is a matter of degree, or properly illustrated by an intensity-frequency curve. To put it simply, a psychopath can and does lie without a blink, either external or internal. And often does so for profit or simply out of total indifference to the harm he works upon the innocent and the virtuous. I have little doubt that the purveyors of purposefully, and dangerously, falsified Global Warming data ARE in many instances psychopaths, whose falsifications tend to put ALL of us at risk. Even heads of great corporations can be, in various ways and degrees, psychopathic. (Psychopathy probably had some partly useful — personal OR social — function in the long-ago past of Homo sapiens. It is certainly common enough in our politicians nowadays!)


Two decades ago I was neutral, but skeptical, about global warming. Later I realized that we simply could not tolerate the risks it potentially posed.

One does not play games, or take chances, when essentially the whole of civilization and humanity MAY be in peril. None of us can escape from the need for such caution, and where even the very survival of our species over Eternity may just be confronted with the possibility of extinction through carelessness or ignorance, or a shallow and selfish morality, or ideology or skepticism, or a universal involvement in petty and personal disputes between men fighting in diapers. (Phenomena we have seen often enough in World Wars and in Wars Ancient, but no less pathetic and mindless.) In short, All of the Future hangs by a single tenuous thread from each and ever Present. — Patrick Michael Gunkel (Princeton, NJ).
Is climate science disinformation a crime against humanity?

Deeply irresponsible corporate-sponsored programmes of disinformation have potentially harsh effects upon tens of millions of people.

July 12 at 2:50pm


Our body temperature is about 37 degrees. If you increase it by two degrees, 39, you have fever. If you have add four degrees, it is 41 – you are dead – Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber PIK Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research

July 12 at 9:02pm

John G Mason

This is a battle for science, for the future of our civilization, for the future of the planet that we all must join.

July 12 at 3:18pm

Colorado Bob

This would be easier if Al had bought Dennis Weaver’s Earth Ship.

July 12 at 3:18pm

Colorado Bob

Better yet, build his own in Tenn.

July 12 at 3:20pm

Colorado Bob

One thing about Al , ” Optics” zoomed way over his head. I don’t ding him here, it’s just something he never saw as a kid. Many things I missed as well.

July 12 at 9:24pm


And don’t forget those tinfoil hats, kiddies! This is going to be one heck of a ride …… :P

July 13 at 1:30am

Richard Brenne

“Rendezvous with Reality” is a great term. Most think this is a choice those on the Greed-Worshipping Right might consider making, but I absolutely, positively guaran-friggin’-tee you that if they don’t move to reality, reality will move to them, flooding their basement, then house, first with water, then with many less desirable things.

And to those geniuses who invalidate Gore’s position and statements due to the size of his house, visit the homes of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, which were far larger relative to the average home of their day than Gore’s is. Does the size of their homes invalidate their contributions? Do you really care about climate change, energy or anything but throwing sand in the machinery of legitimate and meaningful discussion? Did you get such a good deal on your Faustian Bargain that you need to crow about it here?

July 12 at 3:27pm

Richard Brenne

By the way, whatever you think about Al Gore politically, his understanding of climate change is absolutely immense, incredibly accurate, current and impressive, and his ability to communicate it is also superlative. The only other popularizer who understands as much and communicates complex issues as well is Joe Romm. Both also understand the energy, policy, politics and media sides as well as anyone, and come to think of it I’ve never seen them together. . .

July 16 at 4:38am


This company does one thing and one thing only “to Lie”.

Montana Questions Exxon Estimate of Spilled Crude.

July 12 at 3:51pm


So it begins. Join the fight for survival and real action. STOP THE TAR SANDS!

Demonstrators shake up Capitol in Helena.

July 12 at 3:53pm

Jim Haley

I am willing to bet this new 24 hr fear fest is a complete bust and that in many places the “Gore Effect” will come into play i.e. record cold temps/snow wherever he is. Yea, Al I guess a giant swiss insurance company is not ideologically motivated by the prospect of collecting higher premiums that they will never have to pay out on this scam. Didn’t Algore get a D in science in college before failing out of divinity and then law school? Real smart guy….

July 12 at 4:09pm


Translation from Haley-speak to English:

“I am too lazy and/or incompetent to comprehend the scientific evidence linking human CO2 emissions to global-warming/climate-cha​nge. So instead, I’ll parrot wingnut talking-points about Al Gore and hope that nobody notices how incompetent and ignorant I am.”

July 12 at 10:46pm


So according to the internet, you’re a VP at an energy services company out of Potomac, Maryland (1,2). So what’s your deal? What’s in it for you to diss Al Gore?


July 12 at 10:50pm


It is very illuminating that none of the detractors wish to discuss the science of climate change, extreme weather, disruption to the hydrologic system, or what that will mean for our food supply. They will never be impressed by reality. They have constructed an alternate reality based on belief outside the realm of rational discussion.

July 12 at 5:18pm

kermit X

chsavage24 – It’s Joe’s blog, he can do what he wants on it. I lurk here everyday and read the articles and comments, and often follow the links and read those papers or articles. I am tired of open comment blogs and newsgroups, where the noise to signal ratio is so high that nothing substantial can be said.

“These things” are never “discussed by the detractors”. Instead, we hear unsubstantiated claims by the same handful of tame scientists, without science to back them up; political conspiracy “theories” by bots and loons; and gossip about celebrities, as though Al Gore was responsible for the existence of an entire field of science, and science was somehow magically negated by somebody’s character flaws.

July 13 at 11:05am

David McMahon

I’m more than willing to discuss the science. The fact is the data doesn’t support any notion of a climate crisis.

July 13 at 3:36pm

Gary Herstein

The factS ARE that the data overwhelmingly demonstrates the reality of the climate crisis. One does not even have to be especially literate in the peer-review literature to realize as much. One only has to be literate.

July 13 at 10:33pm

Dill Weed

Talk.. Talk.. Talk.. debate and argue…. There has been enough talking, debating and arguing FOR A THOUSAND YEARS.

Deniers will keep on denying. No one will ever change their minds (and we don’t need too).

Forget about them. Don’t waste time and energy on them or others who won’t or can’t make a difference.

Do something.

Words, words, words. Millions of them. What difference are most of them really making?

I’D BE MUCH MORE IMPRESSED if Al Gore was announcing that he was helping a thousand people in say Arizona get solar panels installed on their roofs. That he was financing it up front and allowiing them to pay him back back wthout interest.

Do something. Inspire somebody. Make a difference. (I’m not talking about individual effort here, but the efforts of individuals with the power and resources to help many more than just themselves – and not necessarily for profit.)

Germany IS making a difference. Google IS making a difference. Spain, UK, and others too. All making a differenc through action.

Deniers won’t be convinced with water around thier ankles, with water around their knees, or with water around their waists.

Actions persuade. Action inspires.

And when the action is self sacrificing, it inspires more still.

( I am not talking about an ordinary individual’s efforts here so don’t ask me what I’m doing.)

July 12 at 5:23pm


That’s what I’m doing. I’m financing solar panels and allowing people to pay for them based on the electricity they use.

I have also started a 20% by 2020 campaign in our town to reduce the energy used by all buildings in town – residential, commercial and municipal by 20% over the next 10 years.

Individual efforts matter. They are the seeds around which larger efforts can grow.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work. There is plenty of work to do for everyone.

July 12 at 6:04pm

Leif Erik Knutsen

We do not have to worry about people changing their minds, what we need to worry about is the thousands that have not made up their mind and make sure that they understand the dilemma and respond rationally.

July 12 at 10:56pm

Mike twotwo

VP Gore “it will be the first of a series of large events that we will hold multiple times a year to mobilize the public around actions to solve the climate crisis”.
Is 2011 the year this finally goes mainstream? At long last? Its late, but not too late.

July 12 at 5:25pm

Climate Hawk

I find this a very encouraging development and one I intend to support vigorously.

July 12 at 6:18pm

Larry Logan

Will the slide show be factually incorrect as in the movie? Showing photographs of rain/drought/hurricanes/to​ rnadoes is hardly correlation, much less CO2 causation. All Gore emotional drivel from the guy who’s making tens of millions telling us to cut back. Great images, but low on facts. Past 4 years is lowest hurricane activity than past 40 years. “But, it’s raining in China!” Yes, it typically does, somewhere. Normal cycles. We’re now entering into a solar minimum with temperatures cooling off. Better to worry about coming cold!

July 12 at 6:23pm


I personally believe that the expected future cooling is the main reason that Gore (and other alarmists) are making one final push with their agenda. They know that in a few more years when the temps start to drop they will be S.O.L as the saying goes.

July 12 at 10:04pm

Gary Herstein

“Expected future cooling” — more fact free drivel from a ranting idealogue. The *FACT* that there is no such expectation is scarcely the sort of thing that will interrupt your snivelling. Even in the event of a “super” solar minimum, the actual difference to the climate will be measured in a few tenths of a degree, which vanishes in insignificance to the many degrees of warming already in the pipeline. But of course, it would actually require some scintilla of integrity to go to all the bother of learning an actual fact.

July 12 at 10:57pm

Larry Logan

UK Met Office in FT Magaine: “We now believe that [the solar cycle] accounts for 50 per cent of the variability from year to year,” says Scaife. With solar physicists predicting a long-term reduction in the intensity of the solar cycle – and possibly its complete disappearance for a few decades, as happened during the so-called Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1715 – this could be an ominous signal for icy winters ahead, despite global warming.

July 13 at 2:13am

Patrick Linsley

Wow Larry you ever learn to read the article you’re quoting? Here lemme give you THE PARAGRAPH BEFORE IT:

Third, scientists at the Met Office and elsewhere are beginning to understand the effect of the 11-year solar cycle on climate. When sunspots and other solar activity are at a minimum, the effect is similar to that of El Niño: more easterly winds and cold winter weather for Britain.

Now he is A) Talking about the UK and B) El Nño years are the hot years compared to cooler La Niña years for global average temperatures. Also the IPCC has already said that if we went into another grand minimum it would be overwhelmed by our release of greenhouse gases in seven years.

Also lemme give you another paragraph from the article:

However, some of the recent antagonism is linked to the Met Office’s deserved reputation as a champion of research into climate change- and its scientists’ unrepentant calls for urgent action against man-made global warming. Some climate-change sceptics seem to attack the Met Office weather forecasts as a way of undermining its climate predictions. Still senior staff insist that, judging from their personal experiences of talking to non-meteorologists and from it’s surveys of public trust, the reputation of the Met Office is higher than ever. “Our trust scores are about 82 per cent which is phenomenal for any organisation,” says Varley. “I find it heart-warming that, when it comes to the crunch, people trust the Met Office.”

Weird how that little snippet doesn’t get into the word vomit by climate denier literature that they put out there. Climate sceptics will say how awful the Met Office is at predicting the weather…..until they can use the same organisation to lampoon the idea of anthropogenic climate change. Maybe they should have Anthony Watts look whats up with that while he’s out pretending to be a credible scientist.

July 13 at 11:32am

Gary Herstein​/index.php/archives/2011/0​6/what-if-the-sun-went-int​o-a-new-grand-minimum/

“According to these results, a 21st-century Maunder Minimum would only slightly diminish future warming. Moreover, it would be only a temporary effect since all known grand solar minima have only lasted for a few decades. Critics of this result might argue that the solar forcing in these experiments is only based on the estimated change in total irradiance, which might be an underestimate, or that does not include potential indirect amplifying effects (via an ozone response to UV changes, or galactic cosmic rays affecting clouds). However, our model reproduces the historic Maunder minimum with these estimates of solar irradiance. Furthermore, even if one multiplied the solar effects by a huge factor of 5 (which is unrealistic), no absolute cooling would take place (the temperatures would be temporarily cooler than the base scenario, but the trends would still be warming).”

Also, if you’re going to post what are purported to be quotations, then post the *exact* citation as well, not a fragmentary “maybe it was in this magazine” thing. Deniers’ well established habit of cherry-picking when they are not just bald-faced lying is far too well established for an uncited/uncontextualized quote to be taken at its face value.

July 13 at 11:38am

Ronal W. Larson

Joe – I like your last sentence – that you have talked with Mr. Gore about solutions. Maybe those who don’t see the problem, will find something to like about the solutions (my favorite is Biochar). Hope you can relate this part of your interesting dialog sooner rather than later.

July 12 at 6:31pm


July 12 at 9:03pm

John Tucker

Climate Change is probably the most important issue facing us now. On all fronts simultaneously.

One in 10 Species Could Face Extinction: Decline in Species Shows Climate Change Warnings Not Exaggerated, Research Finds.​m/releases/2011/07/1107111​51457.htm

Recent ecological responses to climate change support predictions of high extinction risk.​t/early/2011/07/06/1017352​108.abstract?sid=1c67ca1f-​e4bd-414e-be82-ca43816a064​7

July 12 at 6:32pm

Harriet Shugarman

Thanks Joe..Great interview..

July 12 at 7:19pm

Gary Williams

This farce will fail just as all his other scam attempts have. We just aren’t stupid enought to buy this nonsense any more… Well some morons are, but the rest of us can read. Gore has his followers are simply a dying religious cult.

July 12 at 8:39pm

Patrick Linsley

Both Steven Hawking and Carl Sagan have talked about the severe repercussions of continued releases of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by man. Are they both part of the ‘cult’ you denigrate too?

July 13 at 10:55am

Gary Williams

Apparently. Even smart people can be wrong. Specially what a political organization like the UN gets involved in it to puch an agenda. Besides, it all seemed plausable 20 years ago. Real scientists have moved on but the cult remains loyal to the doctrins of the religion.

July 14 at 11:04am

Patrick Linsley

How is it not plausible now? What has changed? If anything the people who were advocating global warming 20 years ago are now being vindicated.

July 14 at 11:36am

Gary Williams

Here is the merest tast of all the problems eith the failed AGW hypothesis:​obalWarming/IPCC1995_Fail.​htm
The only thing holding this scheme togeher now is shere hubris and religious faith.

July 14 at 10:56pm

Patrick Linsley

So how does this disprove anthropogenic climate change?

July 15 at 2:05am


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