Coal River Mountain Protest Continues After One Sitter Arrested

Tree sit team Junior Walk, Becks Kolins, Elias Schewel, and Catherine Ann MacDougal.

The longest tree-sit in West Virginia history continues into its third week, as one protester remains perched near the mountaintop removal site at Coal River Mountain. Becks Kollins came down from her tree today and was immediately arrested by state police for trespassing:

Becks Kolins, who has been occupying a tree on the Bee Tree permit on Coal River Mountain for the last two weeks, descended the tree voluntarily and was arrested this afternoon by the West Virginia State Police. Kolins, along with Catherine-Ann MacDougal, had been sitting in a tree eighty feet above the ground since July 20th to protest the strip mining of Coal River Mountain. MacDougal remains in her tree, where she continues to stop work on the portion of the Bee Tree surface mine within Bee Tree hollow; she has stated no plans to come down.

Alpha Natural Resources senior management and residents of coal-impacted communities are meeting today at Alpha’s regional headquarters in Madison, WV.

Kolins and MacDougal are part of a nationwide movement of people willing to engage in civil disobedience to stop the immoral destruction of their future by the fossil fuel industry

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