Fred Upton And Blanche Lincoln Do Corporate Bidding, Attack EPA

Now that we’re off the debt-ceiling austerity agenda, corporate mouthpieces are back to bashing the Environmental Protection Agency with everything they’ve got: “Millions of American jobs are in jeopardy because of the costly rules proposed or under development by the EPA, and that’s just one agency,” Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), the Koch-funded chair of the House energy committee, said in a statement. “If this administration is serious about job creation and not just paying lip service, it should begin by putting the brakes on this regulatory train wreck.”

Former senator and current corporate lobbyist Blanche Lincoln echoed the anti-EPA refrain in the National Journal: “In a struggling economy, wouldn’t the American people be better served with regulators enforcing regulations currently on the books instead of initiating a flood of costly new rules and requirements?”

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