From The Chamber-Doesn’t-Speak-For-Me Files: ‘I’m Not In Favor Of Smog’

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institute — meeting with the White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley today — got about 170 other businesses and business groups to sign a letter urging President Obama to delay his administration’s plans to tighten standards on smog-forming ozone pollution. The signatories include companies like drug stores that don’t even produce ozone. One signatory, Lana Terry, owns a machine shop in Los Angeles County. “I’m just tired of big brother telling us you have to do all these things that are going to cost you more money,” she told the Wall Street Journal. But when a reporter told Terry that the regulation was related to smog, she began to reconsider. “I’m not in favor of smog,” she said. “I’ll have to pull that letter back up.”

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