Plants And Animals Are Fleeing Global Warming

“Across the globe, plants and animals are creeping, crawling, slithering and winging to higher altitudes and latitudes as temperatures climb,” a new report in Science finds. “Moreover, the greater the warming in any given region, the farther its plants and animals have migrated,” according to Rapid Range Shifts of Species Associated with High Levels of Climate Warming, a meta-analysis of research done on the rapidly shifting ranges of species in Europe, North America, Chile and Malaysia. The rate of migration is two to three times that estimated by the last major migration analysis, published in 2003. “These changes are equivalent to animals and plants shifting away from the equator at around 20 cm per hour, for every hour of the day, for every day of the year. This has been going on for the last 40 years and is set to continue for at least the rest of this century,” stated project leader Chris Thomas, professor of conservation biology at York.

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