Huntsman Mocks Bachmann $2 Gas Promise As Not From ‘The Real World’

Last week, GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said she could get gas prices below $2 a gallon.  Experts said the only way that would happen is if we went back into a deep recession, which of course might well happen if the Tea Party extremist became president and enforced her slash and burn policies.

Yesterday, Jon Huntsman, who continues to play the role of truth teller in the race, mocked Bachmann for her voodoo economics on ABC’s This Week:


I just don’t know what — what world that comment would come from, you know? We live in the real world. It’s grounded in reality. And gas prices just aren’t going to rebound like that.

“But just as we are in a static world, that is completely unrealistic.  And, again, it’s talking about things that, you know, may pander to a particular group or sound good at the time, but it just simply is not founded in reality.”

Explaining that the Tea Party’s economics is not founded in reality wins Hunstman big points for honesty, but whether it is a winning political strategy in the hotly contested race remains to be seen.


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I almost choked! A member of the Fascist Party that actually has a grasp of reality?

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Peter S. Mizla · Top Commenter · Vernon, Connecticut

Despite Huntsman’s admitting that ‘humans play a role in climate change’ the rest of his views are only ‘less fascist’ then the rest of the republican party.

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Tracy Schario · GWU

He could be the dark horse candidate. But he’s eloquent, cultured and sensible.

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Mark Jewett · Top Commenter · Northern Illinois University

It’s unfortunate that this delusional guy actually thinks he has a chance. Eloquent, cultured and sensible are 3 adjectives that are not usually something that gets you elected in the Fascist Party. Those with those qualities are, as far as I can see, are looked upon with disdain in that Party. Adjectives that come to mind for a successful Fascist candidate are : Mono-Syllabic, brutish, racist, backward, stupid…you get the point.

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Marie Harris · Top Commenter

Huntsman really doesn’t stand a chance – the teabaggers would never vote for him as the moderate GOP are overwhelmed by the etremists.
But, I enjoy hearing a GOP disparage his own party members for their ignorance, their record, their statements and their belligerence.

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Peter S. Mizla · Top Commenter · Vernon, Connecticut

The arrogance of just about all republicans is suffocating.

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Jim Vijay · University of Florida

Wow! If Bachmann knows of a way to reduce the price of gas to $2/gallon, but refuses to reveal how unless she is elected President, she is costing the entire USA hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Most of those dollars go abroad – adding to our trade deficit.

What hootspa! What a hoot, ya?

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Craig Edward

I like Huntsman but he might as well be a Communist in the current Republican party he has no chance of winning any primary. That’s how far right they have gone.

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Neal J. King

I don’t know if it would help, but it would be fair to throw some support in Huntsman’s direction. Wouldn’t it be preferable if all candidates in the general election were, at least, sane?

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Peter S. Mizla · Top Commenter · Vernon, Connecticut

Huntsman has views now in the 21st century that are hopelessly out of date- by 30 years.

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Neal J. King

And the views of the other GOP candidates are from what era? They seem to be a recipe for a lead-in to the second great depression. Economics as if Keynes had never wrote …

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Christopher Winter · University of Iowa

Links to a good video from /Hardball/.

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Mike twotwo · Top Commenter (signed in using Hotmail)

A real pleasure to see that Huntsman isn’t following the script. Now Perry and Bachman will have to waste time defending their lunacies, Huntsman gets to lob more facts at them, and the reporters will love it. (btw, the log in here to comment is getting more and more difficult).

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tom baker · Top Commenter (signed in using Hotmail)

it’s so much fun seeing R’s take these brutal reality-checks from one of their own for a change.

maybe mr. huntsman will inspire some of the press corps to go ahead and do their job, rather than cower in fear of R reprisal.

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Arne Perschel · Friends with Joseph Romm

Is their strategy to pave the way for a more ‘moderate’ Republican? Maybe Sarah Palin? Compared to these goofball candidates, Palin actually looks intelligent!

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SoundMusic, Inc.

Huntsman’s doing the work Obama should be doing in dismantling the GOP’s slate of perverts, racists, idiot fundies, nutbags, sociopaths and liars.

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