GOP Rep. Jack Kingston: ‘We Should Be Worried About Environmental Standards Worldwide’

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA)

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) appeared on a local TV show this week to talk about a variety of issues. At one point, he got into a conversation with host Mark Tate about the environment and at what level it makes sense to be concerned about pollution and environmental degradation.

While Kingston was not sympathetic to many of Tate’s environmental arguments, he did say that it makes sense to look at issues like dirty oil’s environmental impact from a global perspective rather than simply looking at their domestic effects:

KINGSTON: For us to be putting oil in the gas tank whether it be a Prius or F-150 and then pretending we’re not being hypocritical because we don’t drill our own oil, that’s silly. Do we really believe Dubai is going to be more environmentally friendly than the EPA? […] Since oil is fungible we should be worried about environmental standards worldwide.

HOST: No, no, I think we absolutely should. I’m glad that you’re a fan of the environment, I’m glad you’ve come around.

KINGSTON: Nobody likes dirty water, dirty air, we’ve got to get, we’ve got to get beyond that.

Watch it:

Kingston is absolutely right that we should be addressing environmental issues in a global way. He should back up his words with his votes and public leadership and support national and international efforts to move us away from fossil fuels.

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