Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO of Apple


Apple said that Steven P. Jobs, its co-founder and chief executive, would step down, but wanted to remain chairman. Tim Cook, the chief operating officer, will take over.

Not really directly relevant to energy and climate — but, hey, with an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Desktop Mac, I am gonna miss him!

And what with Republicans slashing funding for clean energy, who else is going to be the engine of innovation, efficiency, and dematerialization (see “Is the Apple iPad Green — and Does it Matter?“)?



10 Responses to Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO of Apple

  1. glen says:

    I wish him the best!
    I’ve used apple products since 1983 with the release of the Apple IIe.

  2. Joe Romm says:

    I had to go to PC in the late 1980s to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but I have been able to return to Apple now that they have MacDictate (which is the same system).

  3. Brooks Bridges says:

    He’s a genius. My daughter let me play around with her iPad. Can’t justify one but oh do I WANT one. Taps into some sub-conscious esthetic sense. Hope he can continue to guide them. Forced to get a Droid X last Fall and it “works” (awesome built in voice to text) but just doesn’t have that magical element that iPhone/iPad has.

    How sweet to have the old comment system back!

  4. Ziyu says:

    I wish Mr. Jobs well. I can’t say the same for Apple. Apple is on a patent crusade and suing other tech companies like mad with “design” patents that basically patent the whole idea and look of a tablet. Apple should be competing based on its own merits instead of using anti-competitive practices such as this.

  5. Prokaryotes says:

    I feel sad because of Steve stepping down and because someone recently stole my iPhone 4 = double sad

  6. Dr.A.Jagadeesh says:

    Perhaps Steve Jobs followed the dictum,” One Should Step Down when people begin to ask WHY rather than WHY NOT!?

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India

  7. johnny9 says:

    A true visionary, i really could not put down iCon from the word go. Describe him as a ecstatic, eccentric, hungry marketing genius. Only cant understand why he did not get along with Adobe in accommodating flash.

  8. Richard Brenne says:

    Joe, is that black-haired woman playing you in the Dragon ads when she said she’s blogged 3 million words and counting about climate?

    Any estimates on how many words you’ve written for CP? How do you keep all your Apple products from catching fire from sheer virtuosity?

    In contrast if my PC caught fire it’s because it burns coal in comparison.

  9. Eric says:

    Jobs is a great marketer. The only original thing they have come up with is their OS.

  10. Chris Winter says:

    As you might expect, here in Silicon Valley the news hit like a thunderclap. The San Jose Mercury News filled its front page above the fold with a picture of Jobs in a thoughtful pose, against a black background.

    The first paragraph of the story runs: “Steve Jobs, who built Apple into the world’s most valuable tech company by revolutionizing how people relate to technology, announced Wednesday he resigned as CEO, stunning the tech world while raising questions anew about his health and the future of the company he founded at age 21.”

    The story is slugged “JOBS’ EXIT ENDS AN ERA.”

    And so it does. There are undoubtedly other pioneers of the personal computer revolution still working in the industry, but none with the prominence or newsworthiness that Jobs has earned. Of course his genius was more in marketing and management than engineering; Steve Wozniak was the technical force behind Apple’s early success. But Jobs was vital throughout, steering the company through several crises when headlines proclaimed its possible demise.

    He had his flaws (as we all do) but he was vital to Apple. As you say, Joe, his presence at the helm will be missed.