‘Phony’ Hurricane Irene Knocks Out Power For Millions Of Americans

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"‘Phony’ Hurricane Irene Knocks Out Power For Millions Of Americans"

Hurricane Irene, dubbed “Hurricane Hype” by conservatives who question climate change and want to eliminate the National Weather Service, has knocked out power for over two million Americans along the East Coast with extreme winds and record-shattering rainfall.


More than four million homes and businesses were without power Sunday morning.


Meteorologist and climate-change denier Joe Bastardi castigated conservatives for their denial of the danger of Irene, which is now responsible for at least 16 deaths, 14 in the United States: “I am astounded at some of the things I saw on Drudge, distorting the ‘weakness’ of this storm. Already deaths/damage. So what did they want”:

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