Reid Preview: “We Need to Build on Our Clean Energy Achievements, Not Surrender Leadership to Other Countries.”

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Reid, Chu and Biden Kick Off the Day, Climate Progress Will Have Exclusive Interterviews

Politico opens its Morning Energy briefing:

TODAY’S MAIN EVENT: The big happening in energy this week is the fourth annual Clean Energy Summit today in Las Vegas, where Vice President Joe Biden, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, California Gov. Jerry Brown and Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire are headlining.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid released highlights from his opening remarks:

“Advanced energy technology — from new vehicles and smarter appliances to more efficient electric grids and cleaner power plants — have the power to change the way we live for the better. It offers us a pathway to a more secure and independent America — one that isn’t dependent on oil from unstable regions of the world but rather embraces the American spirit of innovation. It offers manufacturing and construction workers who have struggled to find jobs during these tough economic times a chance to get back to work building solar panels, transmission grids and high-speed trains.

“This summit gives each of us a glimpse of our clean energy future. It will also help us see why we need to build on our clean energy achievements, not surrender our leadership to other countries who have also made clean energy a top priority.”

Climate Progress clean energy reporter Stephen Lacey is on the scene, and he will have exclusive interviews with many of the speakers, which we will post today and  tomorrow.

Details on the event are here.

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